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Sustainability. Implementing Sustainable Practices for Productivity Enhancement. Presented by Ryte Byte, Inc. Defining Core Challenges. Identifying Solutions. Core Challenges. Identifying the Key Areas that Restrict Sustainable Practices.

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  • Implementing Sustainable Practices
  • for Productivity Enhancement

Presented by Ryte Byte, Inc.

defining core challenges
Defining Core Challenges
  • Identifying Solutions
core challenges
Core Challenges

Identifying the Key Areas that Restrict Sustainable Practices

  • Compliance with Federal, State and Local Regulations
  • Life Expectancy Planning (budgeting)
  • Managing Asset and Maintenance Information
  • Communications
  • Maximizing Useful Life of Assets
  • Accountability
  • Documents, e.g. manuals, pictures, scans, etc.
  • Documenting Periodic and Corrective Work Orders
  • Getting documentation from your system
  • Managing asset documents, e.g. manuals, checklists, etc.
  • Working with The Joint Commission, CMS, OSHA, etc.
life expectancy planning
Life Expectancy Planning
  • Determining Useful Life of Existing Assets
  • ROI Trend Reporting
  • Budgeting for Replacement
Managing Assets and

Maintenance Information

  • Periodic Maintenance Scheduling
  • Notification of a Corrective Maintenance Request
  • Managing Corrective Maintenance Work Orders
  • Access to Periodic & Corrective Maintenance History
  • Technician Training and Certifications
  • End-user corrective maintenance
  • Technician work orders
  • Administrative reporting
maximizing useful life of assets
Maximizing Useful Life of Assets
  • Proper periodic maintenance
  • Timely corrective maintenance procedures
  • Are technicians being notified of preventative and corrective maintenance issues?
  • Are end-users being notified of completed maintenance issues?
  • Is management able to track work load status?
  • Can management determine whether a vendor's products are living up to expectations?
  • Asset manuals
  • Recommended maintenance practices
  • Applicable regulations
identifying solutions
Identifying Solutions

What are your options?

  • Hope
  • Pen and Paper
  • In-house, i.e. spreadsheet, database
  • Professionally developed system

A Professionally Developed Solution

  • (Periodic and Corrective Maintenance)
how can pacm help you
How Can PaCM Help You?
  • Gives you a partner that builds a solution around your needs and helps you implement and maintain it
  • Handles the flow of information between end-users, technicians, management and administration
  • Provides useful information for important decision making
  • Replaces rooms of filing cabinets with a modern, simple to use digital filing system available to any user, anytime.
  • Makes inspections less painful
  • Helps maintain policies for effective sustainable practices
  • Provides a way to document all maintenance
  • Improve communication i.e. TJC
  • Prep for TJC inspections
  • Ensures proper maintenance is performed
  • Record keeping
  • Ease of communication with regulators
  • Allows for the storage, retrieval and management of regulations pertaining each asset
life expectancy planning1
Life Expectancy Planning

Effective Planning for Replacement of Your Assets

  • Provides you with ability to "set it and forget it"
  • Numerous reports for validating, qualifying, and quantifying the purchase of new equipment.
  • Helps determine your asset’s performance
managing asset and maintenance information
Managing Asset and Maintenance Information
  • Automatically creates PM work orders
  • Streamlines corrective maintenance work orders
  • Manages employee training and certifications
  • Ensures technicians receive work orders for performing PMs on time
  • Provides users throughout the facility with an easy to use and access web submission form for corrective maintenance with confirmations of receipt and completion of work orders
  • Provides administration with on-the-spot reporting for current work order activities and budgeting
  • Reduces time spent on your daily method of operations (DMO)
  • True multi-user system reduces wasted time calling others for information.
maximizing useful life of assets1
Maximizing Useful Life of Assets
  • Ensures periodic maintenance is performed
  • Tracks corrective maintenance issues
  • Plants Ops is notified by end-users of corrective maintenance requests through internal PaCM website
  • Management can track work load status of techs
  • End-users are notified of completed maintenance requests
  • Management can determine whether a vendor's products are living up to expectations
  • Manages “keyed” assets, e.g. who has what key checked out
  • Store any type of electronic document
  • Owner’s Manuals
  • Recommended maintenance practices
  • Applicable regulations
additional pacm features
Additional PaCM Features
  • Inventory management
  • Tracking of “keyed” assets, e.g. what resources are locked and who has keys to them
  • Facility wide paint management
  • Maintenance contract management
  • Delivery systems management, e.g. what equipment would be affected by a natural gas outage? What are the startup procedures when the power goes out for a particular item?
  • Lockout/Tagout procedures
customer quotes
Customer Quotes
  • “ I wanted to thank you for all of the work that has gone in to the PaCM system - it looks fantastic!!! I know this is due to a collaborative effort between you & Tim, and I just want you to know how it’s appreciated. This is going to be such a useful tool for us, and the on-line work order portion is a HUGE customer satisfier for us! Thanks Again! “Kelly LappPlant Operations, Security Services & Environment of Care AssistantSt. Clare Hospital & Health Services
  • "PaCM saves us so much time and money.  At a glance I can see what's getting done.This software kicks @#$..."Tony Lewis, Plant Operations
  • Tivoli Extended Care Facility
  • "PaCM is awesome.  It just takes the guess work out of what we have to do"Jeff Wetzel, Plant Operations
  • Divine Savior Hospital

Thank You!

Presented by Ryte Byte, Inc.