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SDOB District G

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SDOB District G - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SDOB District G
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  1. SDOB District G Facebook Email :

  2. Who we are • Student District Operating Board –Just like the District Operating Board each District has a SDOB team • Purpose is to support and govern the activities and program of Student sections. • Promote growth, activity and participation of student sections and their members. • Consists of elected student representatives from India, Pakistan ,Hongkong , Taiwan and Philippines at present. • Headed by Chair –Hardik Tiwari, Final Year Student at BITS Pilani – India

  3. What We Do-Purpose • Improve student resources • Unify student sections within each district • Increase interaction of Student sectionswith • District Operating Board • Senior sections • ASME headquarters in NY • Increase interaction: Student  Senior Section Student  Industry • Organize student events such as the SPDC which was held at Dubai this month and had participation from 4 countries and also the SPDC Pakistan and SPDC India

  4. Student Members • Total of 4113 members 60% from India and 30 % from Pakistan and the rest 10% from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore ,Malaysia , Philippines and Korea.The largest across all Districts • 65 student sections in all and we are growing. • Apart from huge growth In India and Pakistan,the membership has grown exceptionally in Hongkong, Taiwan and Phillipines

  5. Student sections  Senior Section Interaction

  6. Why Is it important? • Certainly important for the student members. They get to learn and gain from your experience ,knowledge and your expertise. Senior Section can help students connect with the industry and the academia • For Senior members • You will enjoy working with students. Their enthusiasm would be unmatched. • They provide a strong volunteer base for your section activities • Once they Graduate, they will be a part of the senior section. • Connecting with students would also let you connect with their faculty who could become a part of the Senior section in your country.

  7. How Can You help • Check if your country has a student section or not. If you don’t know ,please contact me. • Meet your country student Vice Chair and understand how things are shaping up. Invite him/her to your section executive meeting. • Help students in planning any activity such as an industrial tour or a design event or even a guest lecture by a prominent speaker from the senior section. • You can also help them getting an internship or even a job referral • Or you could even sponsor a few of their events and include it in your MBF form • If you are hosting a local conference, invite some student delegates

  8. Current Objectives-How you can help • We are working on expanding ASME student sections beyond the existing regions. • Countries where we are exploring the possibility of ASME student sections: • Japan • Indonesia • Malaysia • South Korea • Australia • Sri Lanka If your country is any one of the above .Please contact me or Prof. Vic so that we may get started.

  9. Also, we are currently developing the first student newsletter for the district. So if you have any article or news related to ASME or Mechanical engineering and would like to share with the students .Please mail it to the SDOB team • We will soon be electing our new SDOB chair, who will represent the district students at ASME meetings. I request you to help in choosing the right candidate. I will forward all of you the nominations .

  10. Contact : • Hardik Tiwari • Email : • Voice : +91-9610109054 • Website: