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Digital Story Telling

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Digital Story Telling. Who are today’s story tellers? What do they have to say? Stories told by teachers

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digital story telling

Digital Story Telling

Who are today’s story tellers?

What do they have to say?

Stories told by teachers

Take Show and Tell to a whole new level for a new generation


Digital storytelling

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Digital Storytelling

refers to using new digital tools to help ordinary people to tell their own real-life stories.


Educational Objectives of Digital Storytelling

Create a digital story for use as an anticipatory set or hook for a lesson.

Enhance current lesson plans with the use of a digital story within a unit.

Assign student-created stories which requires students to research a topic from a particular point of view.


  • for Teachers:
  • Appeal to the diverse learning styles of the students by using Digital Storytelling as a presentation media
  • Generate interest, attention and motivation for the "digital generation" kids in our classrooms.
  • Capitalize on the creative talents of your own students as they begin to research and tell stories of their own.
  • Publish student work on the Internet for viewing and critiquing by others.

  • for Students
  • Learn to use the Internet to research rich, deep content while analyzing and synthesizing a wide range of content.
  • Develop communications skills by learning to ask questions, express opinions, construct narratives and write for an audience.
  • Increase computer skills using software that combines a variety of multimedia  including: text, still images, audio, video and web publishing

For Example

The Story About a Place in My Life

Up until this century, 90% of the world’s population was born, lived, and died with with-out ever leaving a ten-mile radius of their homes. While this is difficult for us to imagine, our sense of place is the basis of many profound stories. One of the earliest inter-active storytelling Web sites was a German project, 1,000 Rooms, that invited people to send a single image of their room at home, and to tell a story about their relationship to their room. Hundreds of people responded with their own intimate stories. You may have a story about your home, an ancestral home, a town, a park, mountain, or forest you love, a restaurant, store, or gathering place. Your insights into place give us insight into your sense of values and connection to community.

-How would you describe the place?

-With whom did you share this place?

-What general experiences do you relate to this place?

-Was there a defining experience at the place?

-What lessons about yourself do you draw from your relationship to this place?

-If you have returned to this place, how has it changed?

Digital Storytelling Cookbook


7 Elements of Digital Stories

Audience - Stories have a particluar audience in mind.Purpose - Stories are trying to accomplish a task (inform, educate, entertain, scare, etc.)Content - Content must be meaningful. Digital content adds to the story.Voice - Stories are told from a specific perspective(s) and uses the tellers voice to enrich the story.Technology - Technology is used to extend the story.Connections - Good stories connect with the participants.Economy - Stories tell enough to get the point across and no more.

Adapted from the Center for Digital Storytelling

Planning Steps

1) Brainstorm an idea for your story. Consider audience and purpose.2) Develop a narrative script.3) Create a simple storyboard to determine the sequence of the story. 3) Collect or create images for the story 5) Identify music for soundtrack

tools for creating digital stories

Tools for Creating Digital Stories

The How to…


Example of a story board

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