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Fire stick technical support PowerPoint Presentation
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Fire stick technical support

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Fire stick technical support
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Fire stick technical support

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  1. W Wel elco T TE ECH CH SE come me T To o SER RVIC VICE E US US Tech Service US is a third party technical support company that is handling Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Support effectively.

  2. What to Do If You Find Your Fire TV Remote Not Working The possible reason for a Fire TV remote not working can be the batteries. You might already have changed the batteries of your device. Well, your Fire TV remote needs the completely charged batteries prior to connecting it to the Fire TV box. Usually, the brand new batteries are required for this power-needy remote. What Will You Do When Your Fire TV Remote Doesn’t Switch On? Fortunately, Amazon has an application named Amazon Fire TV Remote which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Then the Fire TV can be controlled with the use of this application and you can proceed to the further steps which are mentioned below.

  3. How Will You Know Whether Your Fire TV Remote Is Connected To The Fire TV? In order to check whether your Fire TV remote is getting connected to the dongle or your Fire TV box, you require going directly to the Settings menu.  Settings -> Controllers and Bluetooth Devices  Amazon Fire TV Remote This process will showcase the already paired devices and from there you can find out whether the remote has been connected. If everything else fails and you still find your Amazon Fire TV remote not working, you can apply for a replacement of Fire TV remote.

  4. What are the Solutions to This Issue? Try new batteries – Often batteries lose their charge if they have been placed for long. In case you have new batteries, insert at least 2 new AAA batteries into your remote. Ensure to put the batteries in their precise orientations if you insert them into your remote. Pair the remote again – Try pairing the fire TV remote once again to your Fire TV box. Restart your device – If everything else mentioned above fails, you will have to restart your device.

  5. CONTACT US Address: - 31 San Antonio, Texas 78201 Tel: - 1-855-551-2666 Email: - Website: -