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Amazon Fire Stick Tv Troubleshoot PowerPoint Presentation
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Amazon Fire Stick Tv Troubleshoot

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Amazon Fire Stick Tv Troubleshoot

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Amazon Fire Stick Tv Troubleshoot

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  1. Amazon Fire Stick Tv Troubleshoot Amazon FireStick is a powerful streaming media device which plugs into HDTV and you can access thousands of movies, TV Shows, apps, and games. Maybe Amazon Fire Stick Tv Troubleshoot, there can be a issue of remote not working. Go through them, one by one and your remote will start working. 1. Check the Fire TV Stick Remote batteries : There a chance the batteries have run out of charge. They drained without any warning. If your remote stopped working, all of sudden, then you have to change the old batteries with the new one. Remote consumes

  2. much battery maybe because it uses the Alexa, the voice recognition. 2. Have you paired the Fire Stick Remote already? If you tried the brand new batteries out of pocket and still the Amazon Fire Tv Stick Remote not working, then there may be an issue with the pairing of the remote. Using the new batteries, try the following guide to pairing your remote. ● To turn on your Fire TV/ Stick, unplug stick and then plug in it again in your device. ●When Fire Stick boots up, hold down the “Home Button” on the remote for at least 10-20 seconds. ● A message will prompt up in the bottom of the screen showing “Pairing is completed”. ● This will pair your Amazon Fire Stick Remote and it will start working. In case, if you can’t pair the remote, then do the above steps again and you can try the same process 10 times. But in case if you are still looking to resolve the issue of Amazon Fire Tv Stick Troubleshoot, please feel free to contact Amazon Fire Stick Support. Read our Amazon Fire Stick Support series to solve the similar issues.