welcome to amazon fire stick support number usa n.
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Amazon Fire Stick Support Number USA 1-855-521-2666 PowerPoint Presentation
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Amazon Fire Stick Support Number USA 1-855-521-2666

Amazon Fire Stick Support Number USA 1-855-521-2666

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Amazon Fire Stick Support Number USA 1-855-521-2666

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  1. Welcome to Amazon Fire Stick Support Number USA

  2. Amazon Fire TV Review: 11 Reasons You Should Buy One - And 11 More Why You should not • With the latest Amazon Fire TV, Amazon has been kicking it out of the park. The e-commerce giant’s media-streaming devices have been performing marvelously, and that is not for the lack of good reason. The devices are uniquely designed for distinct use and cover a majority of the public’s requirements.

  3. • There are many reasons to buy the product and many reasons not to. Don’t get me wrong, the devices are a catch for any user. However, there are always some limitations to what a product can and cannot do. That is why, we will go over 11 reasons why you should but the product and 11 reasons why you should not.

  4. 11reasons why you should but it • 1.Cheap – For a cutting edge piece of technology that includes the advance voice-recognition virtual assistant Alexa, $70 is not an unreasonable price. It will cost you less than a Smartphone but will turn your normal television into a smart media-streaming hub. It comes with a 1.5 GHZ processor, 2 GB RAM and 8 GB memory for internal storage. Not to mention the 4K video compatibility. • 2.Invisible – Amazon has effectively made their products so small that it can practically hang out of the HDMI it is plugged in. The device is extremely lightweight, not to mention it uses RF instead of IR technology. This means there is no need for a line of sight to use the remote, you can use the remote even if the device is hidden behind the TV.

  5. • 3.Uses right dynamic range – While it may seem not worth mentioning, but the fact that the device doesn’t force non-HDR shows to play in HDR is appreciable. If a movie or TV Show is only available in SDR, Fire TV will play it in SDR. • 4.Alexa – Although I may have already used Alexa in one of the reasons above, it is worthy of a reason in and of itself. Alexa is one of Amazon’s cornerstone services. The cutting edge voice-recognition and virtual assistant is incomparable to anything else.

  6. • 5.Make your TV smarter – With Amazon Fire TV, you can turn our normal TV into a smart media-streaming hub. You can watch movies, download applications, play games or browse the internet on your TV. • 6. YouTube 4K HDR – Unlike many of its competitions, Amazon Fire TV supports YouTube 4K and HDR videos. Not to mention, it can also stream4K and HDR videos from Amazon Video and Netflix as well. • 7. User friendly – Amazon Fire TV is easy to use and has features that make the advanced features available, even to those not adept with technology. Especially for Android users, who find the interface similar to that of the former.

  7. 8. Picture quality – With HDR available, Amazon Fire TV’s video streaming capabilities have transformed for the better. HDR allows greater brightness range and wider color spectrums, which makes the videos much more dynamic than SDR. • 9. Dolby Atoms– Although Amazon Fire TV only supports low quality Dolby Digital Plus version instead of Dolby’s ultra detailed version, it is still a plus over others who don’t have either. It however is hard to find any content Amazon supported service that can play it. • 10. Accessible Music – You can easily access all your music on Amazon Fire TV. Even the one on CDs. Yes, if you are one of the people who like to physically own your music, Amazon has a unique feature that other competing brands do not.

  8. 11. Streaming TV Support – You can also watch live TV on your Amazon Fire TV. You can download Amazon’s TV Player application and start streaming live TV on the go. Therefore, it can also be a potential replacement for your traditional cable or satellite TV

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