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Impact of ICT

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Impact of ICT - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Impact of ICT. On society. This presentation covers. How the world of ICT has impacted on society. Introduction. We’ve looked at how ICT has impacted on both individuals and organisations.

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impact of ict

Impact of ICT

On society

this presentation covers
This presentation covers
  • How the world of ICT has impacted on society.
  • We’ve looked at how ICT has impacted on both individuals and organisations.
  • Now we will look at how ICT impacts on society in general…some of the things we’ll discuss you might realise you might take for granted.
  • Develops in medical sector are having dramatic effects on patient care – both in terms of treatment and administration.
  • The use of ICT has helped to develop new cures and treatments to help patients suffering from a range of illnesses.

Click here to view this BBC News article.

  • Even some of the more farfetched ideas are starting to become true.
  • People used to think that cybernetic implants were just pure science fiction.
  • Ideas from the Star Trek series have been used to help develop new technology – like the hypo spray injector.

Click here to view this BBC News article.

  • Patient information is more easily accessible for doctors now that data is stored electronically.
  • If you are in an accident doctors can access your information far more quickly and easily which could mean the difference between life and death.
  • There is no doubt that ICT has changed the way people work in schools – both students and teachers.
  • Teachers are able to prepare dynamic lessons using various multimedia tools to aid in student learning.
  • They can use ICT to help them record and monitor student progress to support them in their development at school also.
  • Students have access to a richer information source and they are no longer limited to books but can make use of videos, animations, games etc.
  • Basically…it has made student life more interesting and fun…ICT RULZ OK.
public safety
Public Safety
  • Services such as the police and fire fighters now have specialist equipment to help people stay safer.
  • Police are now able to use technologies which help them catch criminals quicker. Face recognition software is currently being used to identify criminals in towns and cities. Once identified they are tracked.
public safety1
Public Safety
  • Fire crews make use of specialist camera equipment to enter burning buildings to check for survivors…this saves them from having to enter the building themselves!
national security
National Security
  • A lot of modern technology has appeared thanks to technological advancements in the military.
  • During periods of war technological advancements is significant.

Click here to view this Telegraph News article.

national security1
National Security
  • You can see examples of developments in military technology in cars, aeroplanes, at home…it’s kind of scary that advancements are a result of people fighting.
  • There is even talk of a new type of plane which will make Concorde look like a snail – imagine flying from England to Australia in 30 minutes.
  • Currently there is a plane called the Boeing X-43 which flies at about 7000mph.
change in language
Change in language
  • Mobile phones and Internet Chat.
  • New words are entering the English Dictionary and many of them are a result of the language we now use in things like text messages and instant messaging rooms.
  • There have been calls from people who say children need to be educated better in order to stop the decay of the British language…
  • Truth is though…English has been developing and this could be the next logical step in it’s development…whether these developments are useful or not you must decide.




Take the red pill: you write an essay, two sides long, on how ICT has impacted on society. You’ll have to choose an area and focus on it as this topic can be very expansive.

Take the blue pill: you write an essay, two sides long, on how developments in ICT have changed the way in which the military now conducts its campaigns. You will need to look at past and modern warfare and look at how they have changed over time and how ICT has brought about these changes.