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Daphne Wills, CEO & Founder PowerPoint Presentation
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Daphne Wills, CEO & Founder

Daphne Wills, CEO & Founder

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Daphne Wills, CEO & Founder

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  1. Because we are creations of nature, products of synthetic and chemical origins are not compatible with our bodies. Mother Nature has the best answers for human nature. Many of them are found in~H e r b a l N a t u r e~ Daphne Wills, CEO & Founder

  2. HerbalNature’s Mission Statement: • To seek Divine Guidance in all aspects of our products • To offer natural products that are safe for mankind and never tested on animals although safe for both • To remain committed to product integrity and building trusting relationships with our customers by offering all natural, quality herbal products • To educate mankind about the riches of the earth that nature has provided for healing and comfort • To support environmental issues that protect and respect the Earth and her inhabitants

  3. About HerbalNature What is “The HerbalNature Way” The HerbalNature Way is an approach to hair and body care that embraces the wisdom and processes of our ancestors. It recognizes the Divine Nature of every herb and plant with respect to the transforming and healing powers held within each to nurture our body, mind and spirit. The HerbalNature Way is a lifestyle rooted in practice and principal that adheres to Universal Laws and embodies this Source. It respects the rights of all living things - man and animal, plant and planet, galaxy and universe, and all living things as equal and One. Being present to this higher awareness is the prerequisite that raises the vibration of our products from excellent to exceptional.

  4. About HerbalNature, con’t Our ingredients come from suppliers who: • Support sustainable agriculture • Certified Organic Processors • Select ingredients from natural renewable sources • Share our mission and responsibility to mankind, animal-kind and all aspects of nature • HerbalNature excludes the use of: • Petroleum, mineral oil, silicone, parabens, sulfates artificial colors, preservatives or fragrances • Metal or plastic packaging which can alter the delicate properties of organic compounds • Animal Testing We make every effort to use recycled paper and packaging material, and we constantly look for new ways to decrease our carbon imprint on the Earth and make a greater contribution toward a cleaner-greener environment.

  5. Product Integrity The integrity of HerbalNature™ products resides in its ingredients and the process by which their medicinal essence is extracted. Small, hand-made batches are inspected for quality, texture and color which insures a fresh, consistent and superior product every time. Our products not only include organic and all natural ingredients, they are processed using time proven, ancient processes to retain the integrity of each botanical from start to final product.

  6. Our Ingredients HerbalNature™ uses food-based, natural oils like grape seed, hazelnut and jojoba that contain high nutritional values for hair and skin. The molecular structures of these oils are small enough to penetrate deeply beneath the scalp's surface. Our transdermal approach is intended to carry the healing properties of herbs and essential oils from jar to hair and scalp. HerbalNature™ leaves hair feeling smooth, textured and revitalized, never greasy or oily. Our proprietary blend can naturally enhance the absorption of the vital nutrients it contains while encouraging regrowth, accelerated growth and healthy, beautiful hair.* • Our products contain: • More than 93% organic & wild crafted ingredients • Eco-conscious labels and packaging • Divine guidance, spiritual light and prayer • A high vibration of love, integrity and kindness in spirit *This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

  7. HerbalNature Organic Hair & Body Products • Our current line of Hair and Body Care include: • HerbalNature™ Hair Oil • HerbalNature™ Hair Tea • HerbalNature™ Styling Pomade • HerbalNature™ Skin Balancing Tea • Hair and Skin Tea Kits to make the perfect organic brew • Color-Me-Natural™ All Natural Hair Color by HerbalNature™

  8. HerbalNature Organic Hair Products Hair loss, damaged hair and many other hair, scalp and skin conditions can be indicators of nutritional deficiencies, over processing or stress. The use of chemical and synthetic based products can be harmful to the hair and scalp and excessive heat can strip the hair and scalp of vital nutrients it needs to grow healthy hair.* HerbalNature Organic Hair and Body Products™ are the natural choice to synthetic and chemically based hair and body products. They naturally complement the human body chemistry because it is 100% natural in its origin and process. It contains only the highest quality herbs and oils that are known in nature as the best for the skin, hair and scalp.* *This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

  9. HerbalNature Organic Hair Products *This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

  10. HerbalNature Hair Oil Our hair follicles are closer to the surface of our scalp as opposed to our digestive track. HerbalNature™ Hair Oil may be the alternative for anyone who has been unsuccessful with attempts to restore hair health through oral vitamins and supplements. HerbalNature™ Hair Oil penetrates the scalp to reach the hair follicle and stimulate circulation while providing nutrients the hair and scalp need to grow healthy, beautiful hair.* To encourage growth, apply oil to scalp 3 times per week. For styling, apply to hair or scalp as needed. Below are some suggestions to begin incorporating HerbalNature™Hair Oil into your hair care regimen. HerbalNature Hair Oil is Great for ALL Hairstyles and Textures Perm and Natural - Control frizz, add body and luster to enhance your hair style. Blow-dried, wrapped and set hair becomes smooth, textured and tame. Oil scalp lightly. If needed apply small amount to hair.Press or flat iron- Experience longer holding, silky, healthier hair.  Apply product to sectioned hair in very small, even amounts while pressing, flat ironing or curling.Experiment! - HerbalNature works with all hair types and with regular use, you'll find the right method that works best for your hair style. *This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

  11. HerbalNture Hair Tea HerbalNature Hair Tea HerbalNature™ Hair Tea is a herbal leave-in conditioner that's great for all hair types and excellent for severely damaged hair due to heat, chemicals and other harmful processes.* Experience results after the first use! HerbalNature™ Hair Tea complements your hair color! Make this loose herb hair tea just like regular tea, except it's poured over the hair to add strength & elasticity to weak, brittle hair. * Detangle hair with a good cream conditioner before applying the hair tea HerbalNature™ Hair Tea is PERFECT for damaged  hair due to braiding, weaving and bonding! HerbalNature™ Hair Tea can dramatically reduce breakage from braids, weaves and bonds. Used along with HerbalNature™ Hair Oil, it may also assist regrowth in areas where hair has been lost due to these processes. HerbalNature™ Hair Tea may also reduce excessive shedding due to medications and stress.* HerbalNature™ Hair Tea is for external use only. Do Not Drink. *This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

  12. HerbalNature Styling Pomade HerbalNature™ Styling Pomade’s non-greasy formula is excellent for dry or hard to manage hair. Jojoba, hazelnut and grape seed oils are infused with rosemary and lemongrass to create a blend that nourishes and controls natural, wavy and curly hair without the sticky, gooey texture of typical pomades. It makes hair healthy, beautiful and manageable. Create beautiful, natural styles with HerbalNature™ Styling Pomade • Adds texture & control to natural, wavy and curly hair without greasiness.   • An alternative to gels and mousse which can dry and harden hair. • Trains natural or short hair styles that desire a smooth, natural wave without chemicals • Perfect as an everyday hair combing regimen for children and adults with virgin hair. • Gives a sleek and tame texture to cornrow styles or thick and dry hair. • Longer holding, silky straight styles for flat ironed and pressed hairAll without leaving a greasy, heavy residue!

  13. HerbalNature Skin Balancing Tea Applied to face and body, our skin tea can gently: HerbalNature™ Skin Balancing Tea with Essential Oils is a combination of our Original HerbalNature™ Skin Balancing Tea plus a unique blend of essential oils combined to create a maximum strength yet gentle brew that has proven to improve the way skin looks, feels and heals! An organic brew for skin applied from the outside to within! Organic herbs like comfrey, chamomile and juniper berry combined with a unique blend of essential oils create a chemical-free, all natural face and body tea that firm, tone and support cell rejuvenation for healthy, younger looking skin. HerbalNature™ Skin Balancing Tea with Essential Oils and HerbalNature™ Original Skin Balancing Tea are for external use only. Do Not Drink. *This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

  14. Color-Me-Natural by HerbalNature For years, HerbalNature™ has been blending 100% pure plant-based hair colors for its clients. In the past they were available only through special order. We are now processing and packaging our 100 % natural plant powders for distribution. We are excited to expand your natural hair care regimen to include safe, chemical-free, all natural hair colors Using our plant colors yield different results and require a gentler process than chemically color treating hair. Here are some important differences and what you can expect when using our color products: We use henna, indigo, cassia, walnut, rhubarb, chamomile and many other powdered plants. These plants not only ‘stain’ the hair but deep condition it as well. Using these plant ingredients can actually make the scalp healthier and the hair shinier and stronger. All our products can be used safely over color and chemically treated hair.* We always recommend testing a small area of hair BEFORE applying a full application to check for color expectations and possible allergic reactions

  15. HerbalNature Hair & Skin Tea Kits We at HerbalNature™ provide more than natural and organic hair and body products. We represent a lifestyle rooted in the practice of conscious thinking and doing to create the greatest experience and Highest Truth in everything we do. Our web address honors this principle,, since its name is indicative of our products, our manufacturing process and our promise to you. The care we take to handle our products does not stop once they are passed on to you. We make available to our customers pre-assembled hair and skin tea kits. Since metal can alter the delicate and organic compounds in our teas, most standard cookware is not the best choice for preparation. Used correctly, our tea kits are the safest surfaces to brew your teas. It is the same materials we use to manufacture our products. We feel an obligation to encourage our customers to choose an HerbalNature™ Starter Kit with their first tea purchase. HerbalNature™ Starter Kits Recommended for new customers purchasing hair or skin tea HerbalNature™ Tea Accessories Recommended for existing hair and skin tea customers Enamel pot, glass jar w/filters and spray bottle for hair tea Choice of any hair tea, enamel pot, glass jar w/filters and spray bottle. Skin tea w/essential oil (optional), enamel pot, glass jar w/filters and spray mister. Enamel pot, glass jar w/filters and spray mister for skin tea Enamel pot and fine spray mister (sold separately) Everything you need to brew your hair & body teas TheHerbalNatureWay!