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By jamie wills

By jamie wills. a Dot is a line That Went For a Walk.

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By jamie wills

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  1. By jamie wills

  2. a Dot is a line That Went For a Walk I interpreted Paul Klee’s quote, ‘a line is a dot that went for a walk,’ and I thought of anger and frustration as I tried to figure out ideas to convey an emotion through my doodle image. So I channelled the frustration into big, messy lines that looked very disconnected and messy, which is also how my life can be sometimes. So I used my frustration with particular things in life such as school and family and I closed my eyes and just drew random doodle pictures such as the circles and lines that expressed my feelings. I then opened up Photoshop and drew the circle and lines and added textures over the lines to add more colour to the image.

  3. I drew the quote with a pre-set brush tool to give a messy and agitated look. I then created a new layer and drew the doodles (circle and line) and then added the above two textures and set them to overlay so that they would add to the white doodles. textures

  4. after-thoughts I love the end result of my doodle image. I also think when looking at the end result, that the doodle looked like it was written on a chalkboard and I thought that was really unique and added to the image. The scribble lines and circles really brought across an agitated, messy look and that’s what I wanted to convey, and it turned out great. Textures from myruso.deviantart.com And http://aeiryn.deviantart.com

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