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Presented By: Dr . Banaras Khan Awan Complied By: Dr . Zubi Khalid PowerPoint Presentation
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Presented By: Dr . Banaras Khan Awan Complied By: Dr . Zubi Khalid

Presented By: Dr . Banaras Khan Awan Complied By: Dr . Zubi Khalid

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Presented By: Dr . Banaras Khan Awan Complied By: Dr . Zubi Khalid

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  1. Natrum.mur (Personality Traits) Presented By: Dr. Banaras Khan Awan Complied By: Dr. Zubi Khalid

  2. From my experience as a homeopath, I would estimate that about two thirds of all the people in civilized countries are Natrums.

  3. The emotional pain that is at the centre of Natrum's pathology originates early in childhood,

  4. Natrum Mur is an extremely intense personality with a very strong will & commitments

  5. Natrums tend to stage-manage their lives. They like to leave nothing to chance,

  6. Society produces Natrum characteristics, and Natrum people run society

  7. Natrum is a constitution that is a direct result of civilization.

  8. Oppression produces Natrum people, and Natrums, unlike Aurum, will not give up hope.

  9. The house of a highly controlled Natrum is so clean that there is often a clinical feel to it.

  10. Keep aloof with a determined avoidance of eye contact

  11. They have strong, intense and deep emotions and are usually guided by them

  12. When sad or hurt, they do not want consolation or pity Sepia, Silecia

  13. A Nat mur Child will be reserved and silent

  14. And they get sick from such imagined offences Ailments from: Insults, offences, from Ailments from: Scorn, being scorned

  15. The response of a depressed Natrum to the remedy in high potency is one of the most dramatic and satisfying responses

  16. Nat mur cannot discard memories of their grievances, right from childhood

  17. Nat. mur have many such imagined and exaggerated grievances

  18. Awkward, hasty, drops things from nervous weakness (Apis, Bov.).

  19. Great emaciation; losing flesh while living well (Abrot., Iod.);

  20. The hair falls out when touched, in nursing women (Sep.)

  21. Headache: anemic, of school girls (Cal. p.)

  22. Headaches affected by the cycle of the sun

  23. Headache during catamenia, Kali sulph. when metrorrhagic symptoms preponderate.

  24. Nat.mur is very profoundly affected by breaking up of relationship Such as a love affair

  25. They develop strong bond of faith & would go out of the way to help people whom they love

  26. Unable to control their affections Often fall in love with a wrong person

  27. They live life tastefully

  28. Natrum characteristics Sad and enjoys the sadness.

  29. Fear of expressing emotion, of losing loved ones, of rejection

  30. Fear of losing control, of spiders and/or snakes

  31. Aversion to affection, sympathy,

  32. Tendency to Depression And grief

  33. Controlled speech and actions

  34. Need to please people

  35. Longing for salt, salt-fish, bitter things.

  36. Child is slow in learning to talk

  37. face oily, shiny, as if greased (Plb., Thuja)

  38. Neck is very thin and shrunken

  39. Hangnails are prevalent

  40. Lips and corners of the mouth are dry and cracked

  41. A crack in the middle of the lower lip

  42. Tongue mapped. (Ars.; Rhus.; Tarax).

  43. Aversion to bread, fats, or rich foods

  44. Thirsty for cold drinks even though constantly chilly and suffering from a lack of vital heat

  45. BETTER Open air Cold bathing Fasting Lying on right side Pressure against back Tight clothing

  46. Worse from warmth or heat

  47. A guiding symptom of Nat- mur is - commencement of menstruation only in the late teens

  48. A Nat mur is greatly affected by her menstrual cycle

  49. Extremely irritable before menses (Sepia and Lachesis)