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The Jungle Book PowerPoint Presentation
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The Jungle Book

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The Jungle Book - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Jungle Book. Rudyard Kipling. CHARACTERS. Who is Shere Khan?. A lame tiger who wants to kill the man cub. Who is Mowgli?. The man cub that Shere Khan wanted to kill and who was adopted into the Seeonee Wolf Pack. Raksha the Demon is another name for who?. Mother Wolf.

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The Jungle Book

Rudyard Kipling


Who is Shere Khan?

A lame tiger who wants to kill the man cub.


Who is Mowgli?

The man cub that Shere Khan wanted to kill and who was adopted into the Seeonee Wolf Pack.


Bagheera is who?

The black panther that bought Mowgli’s way into the wolf pack.


Who is Baloo?

The old brown bearthat teachesthe wolf cubs thelaw ofthejungle.


Who is Kaa?

The rock python that helps Baloo and Bagheera rescue Mowgli from the Bandor-log.


What is Bagheera’s secret?

He was born and raised in captivity.


How did Mowgli come to live with the Seeonee Wolf Pack?

Shere Khan tried to eat him but he got away and ended upoutsidea wolf den.


Explain Mowgli’s acceptance by the wolf pack.

Bagheera bought Mowgli’s way into the wolf pack with a freshly killed bullock.


Why did Bagheera feel Mowglineeded the Red Flower?

For protection from Shere Khan and the wolves that were following him when Akela is no longer the leader of the pack.


Why do the jungle people hate Mowgli?

Because they can not look him in the eyes.


What is the Law of the Jungle?

The rules that the jungle animals live by.


Why is Mowgli forbidden to have anything to do with the Bandor-log?

The Bandor-log haveno laws, noleaders, and nospeech of their own.They are evil, dirty, and shameless.


What did the Bandor-logdo thatupset Baloo andBagheera?

Theykidnapped Mowgliand took offwith him through the trees.


Why does Baloo think Kaa may be of help?

He is the only creature in the jungle the Bandor-log are afraid of.


What are the Cold Lairs?

A ruinedIndiancity that themonkeyshavetaken over astheir own.


What does the Law of the Jungle require when someone’s actions cause harm to another?

That the creature whocausedthe harm be punished.




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