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Terra Australis by K ate

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Terra Australis by K ate. Contents. .First Australians .Aboriginal Culture .18 th Century England .The First Fleet .Bound for Botany Bay. First Australians. The first Australians are the Aboriginals, before Captain cook discovered Australia .Then the white people took over. .

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.First Australians

.Aboriginal Culture

.18thCentury England

.The First Fleet

.Bound for Botany Bay

first australians
First Australians

The first Australians are the

Aboriginals, before Captain cook discovered Australia .Then the white people took over.

aboriginal culture
Aboriginal Culture

My story is about an emu getting a drink at the water hole. But an Aboriginal man went to go and hunt the emu but 4 dingoes wanted to hunt too so they attacked! The emu saw the dingoes and the man and the emu ran away.

the origin of water
The Origin of water

Prediction: one day the Rainbow serpent was sliding along making dints in the ground.

Then suddenly when he wasn’t

looking he slid into a tree.

He had lost a fang so he spat. But instead of spitting out his fang he spat out water.


The Origin of water

Summarise: One day there was no water and all the animals thought that Bangarra the Blue tongue lizard was hiding it all . So all the animals

had a meeting and they decided to send out bilby to go and follow him around. But Bangarra saw him and he ran away. Then the animals had another meeting and decided to send wily wage tale out to spy on Bangarra. So she followed him around but she couldn’t stop waging her tale and she got spotted and she ran away. The animals had another meeting and rat said let me have a try all the animals laughed and but the rat was determined to prove them wrong so the rat want out and followed him around and he turned left the rat turned right then he turned left the rat turned right so when Bangarra lifted up the rock that had a secret spring underneath it rat jumped out and scaeredBangarra and he ran away.

18 th century england
18thCentury England

In the 18th Century it was horrible because their was two sides 1 was being pore and the other was being mean and rich . The poor had to go through terrible conditions like they had to steel to survive and if you got caught you would be punished.

the first fleet
The First Fleet

Hi I am Henry Burton I am a male and I am 43 years of age I got sent to the new country called Australia I got sent there because I stole a parcel. I went to Australia for 7 years. I went on the boat called the Alexander to get there.

bound for botany bay
Bound for Botany Bay
  • Who is singing this song? The Convicts on the boat
  • Why are they singing it? Because they want to express there feelings
  • Why are they saying ‘farewell to Old England forever ?’ Because the rich people don’t care about the convicts so they sent them to Australia
  • Where were they going? Why? Australia because they committed a crime.
captain cook s voyage
Captain Cook’s Voyage


13 May 1787


3 June 1787

Rio de Janeiro

7 Aug 1787ust 1787

Cape Town

13 October 1787

Botany Bay

18 January 1788

Van Diemen’s

1 January 1788