Terra australis by h ayden s
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Terra Australis by H ayden S. Contents. First A ustralians Aboriginal Culture 18 th C entury England The F irst Fleet Bound for Botany B ay [ 2 slides. The first A ustralians .

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Terra australis by h ayden s

Terra Australis by Hayden S.


  • First Australians

  • Aboriginal Culture

  • 18thCentury England

  • The First Fleet

  • Bound for Botany Bay [ 2 slides

The first a ustralians
The first Australians

  • The first Australians were dark skinned people who roamed the land they were called aboriginals they had a different style of living than we do now. They have been around for 40,000 years they made tools out of rocks sticks and things you could find out side.

Aboriginal culture
Aboriginal culture

  • Australian Aboriginal culture varies throughout the continent and people from different regions have different Ancestral Beings, different tools, weapons, basketry and different art styles.

My aboriginal art
My aboriginal art

  • My aboriginal art represents a group

    of kangaroos hopping past two aboriginal

    camp sites.

Aboriginal culture t he o rigin of w ater
Aboriginal Culturethe Origin of Water

  • Prediction:

    I predict that there

    Was no water in the land then

    a very clever

    lizard who dug a hole

    and found


    Once upon a time there was no water left in the land. All the animals were dehydrating until the emu saw the bilby drying of and asked him if he had any water

18 th century england
18th Century England

  • In the 18th Century some people didn’t have much money so they Stoll food to survive and if they were caught they were hung even little children.

  • People were forced to steal.

  • People died from disease.

  • Children died.

  • Poor people didn’t have much food.

  • There were more bad people in England

The first fleet
The first fleet

The First Fleet is the name given to the eleven ships thatleft Great Britain, bound for Australia, on 13 May 1787. The first ship arrived at Botany Bay on 18 January 1788; then the fleet moved on to the more suitable Port Jackson on 26 January. The journey took between 250 and 258 days, from first to last ship arrival: the route taken was via Tenerife, Rio de Janeiro and the Cape of Good Hope. There were 504 male convicts and 192 female convicts, plus infants born along the way.

Terra australis by h ayden s

13 May 1787 sailed from Portsmouth England

Tenerife 3 June 1787

Cape town 13 October 1787

Botany bay 18 jan 1787

This is the of the voyage in rio de janeiro 7 August

Tasmania 1 jan 1787