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Sanbros Spares Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur welcomes you… PowerPoint Presentation
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Sanbros Spares Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur welcomes you…

Sanbros Spares Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur welcomes you…

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Sanbros Spares Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur welcomes you…

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  1. Sanbros Spares Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur welcomes you… Electrical Maintenance Solutions June 22 2011 Prashant Kabra 09370470914 

  2. 3M Today Health Care Industrial Consumer Display & & Graphics Office Safety, Electro & Security & Communications Protection Transportation

  3. EMI shielding gaskets Polymeric resin Magnetic flake particles

  4. EMI shielding gaskets and tapes • Single side cu foil with non conductive adhesive : Code 1194 • EMI tapes and gaskets : Flexible , Can be used as gasket , Double sided adhesive gaskets can be used to hold as well as provide EMI shielding. *Both conductive and non conductive adhesives are available

  5. Electrically and thermally conductive tape • Lead foil : Code 420 linered • Lead foil : Code 421 • Applications are as under : • Electroplating • • Radiation barrier • • Moisture barrier • • Chemical milling • • X-ray plate masking • • Maskant during paint stripping • • Add weight (balance) to equipment parts

  6. Transformer oil compatible tape Transformer oil with saturable backing : Code 1276 Description: Stable adhesive even after long exposure to transformer fluids . 1276 Tape : Oil compatible adhesive ( will not react with oil) backing is saturable hence oil penetration takes place. The penetration of oil ensures that no air is entrapped and hence ensures highest possible dielectric. · Diamond paper insulation thermal bonding compatibility with back side of tape.

  7. 3M Rubber splicing tape code 2155 Product Description 2155 rubber splicing tape : We have self fusing tape and also 2229 as mastic with EPR. This can cover the nut bolt areas and uneven areas and provide good insulation properties. Scotch 31 mining tape : Mastic plus hypolon combination. Can be used to repair  damaged armour of cables , protect the hose pipes and cables below the locomotive from external damage due to pebbles etc. Also can be applied to ensure fire retardency. 3M Temflex™ 2155 Rubber Splicing Tape is a conformable self-fusing rubber electrical insulating tape. It is designed for low voltage electrical insulating and moisture sealing applications. Temflex 2155 is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed for use up to 600 volts. • UL listed, File E129200 • Compatible with solid dielectric cable insulations • Self-fusing tape • Flexible over a wide temperature range

  8. 3M Rubber splicing tape code 2155 Applications (600 volt maximum) • Bolted connections • Service drops • Lightning connections • Ground rod connections • Motor leads * For Low Tension

  9. Mastics for Sealing and Insulation Scotch Heavy Duty Mining Tape 31 Highest abrasion resistance Moisture proof with built-in mastic Noncorrosive, synthetic rubber Self healing flame retardant mastic Excellent aging properties MSHA approved Application On-site quick cable jacket repair Protective layer for trailing cable to abrasion proof Repaired joints to be flexible

  10. Cable protection tape : 3M Scotch 31 tape for areas prone to abrasion. Insulates and protects cable jackets under coach body which may be subject to pebbles etc. Flame retardant and self healing. Good adhesion to cable jacket materials Excellent abrasion resistance Resistant to heat, oil, ozone, UV and other environmental effects Maintains flexibility to -22°F (-30°C) to +80 degrees

  11. 3M : Cladwrap 37 : Aluminium with Glass cloth and Silicon adhesive. Aluminium foil with reflect heat due to radiation. Glass cloth shall prevent heat to pass thru to the base. Silicon adhesive can withstand continuous temperatures upto 180 degrees. Applications : 1) To hold woolen cladding on heater / chiller pipes 2) To prevent radiation heat to damage surface / cables

  12. 3M low static polyimide tape code 5419 Product Description A translucent polyimide film backed silicone adhesive tape with unique and extremely low electrostatic discharge properties for gold edge protection during wave soldering of printed circuit boards. Applications : Mask for printed circuit boards during wave solder or solder dip process. Used as release surface in fabrication of parts cured at elevated temperatures.

  13. 3M : Hi – Temp Tape Product Description : Hi-Temp Tape is a high temperature withstanding tape designed to protect all types of electrical cables. This tape acts as a heat shield and a flame barrier, thus protecting the cables and accessories. The cables beneath this tape are protected from flame and high temperature shocks. The tape is flexible, clean and easy to apply over the cables. This tape can withstand continuous temperature of 600 degree centigrade and can withstand thermal shocks of 1000 to 1200 degree centigrade for few minutes. The tape is non-hygroscopic in nature and also is resistant to mild acids and alkali. Hi-temp tape is noncarcinogenic in nature.

  14. 3M : Hi – Temp Tape Application areas : To fire and arc proof high–energy power cables. To provide additional thermal insulation to reduce possibilities of fire propagation. To protect cables & hose near the areas prone to excessive heat. To be used as a Thermal blanket (Non-Adhesive) for use as curtains.

  15. 3M Neo Gasket Tape : Replacement of rubber gaskets Closed cell foam structure provides durability , flexibility , weather resistance and seals against dust and moisture. Provides gasketing , cushioning and insulation properties. Prevents moisture and other contaminants from going inside the panel box.

  16. Si – 200 6kV , 8 KV , 12 KV from -75 deg to 200 deg SILICONE RUBBER COATED BRAIDED FIBREGLASS SLEEVING Si 200 sleeves for 3 , 6,8,12 KV application. : These can work upto 200 degrees and are expandable , flexible. These can be used extensively for terminal insulation and inside junction box of motors leads, wire harness protection from extreme environments as well as oil filled transformer applications. 2000 electrician duct tape : This tape has high mechanical strength on one side and tearable on the other side. Can be used for cable bundling applications etc. 3M Si-200 is 200 degree centigrade rated, fiberglass braided sleeve is specially formulated high temp silicone rubber elastomer, pressure bonded to heat stabilized fiberglass braid. It is extremely resistant to abrasion with high heat / flex capacity. It is highly flexible and has the facility to expand on the irregular shape, making it an ideal choice for high stress application. Application : 3M Si-200 is used extensively for terminal insulation and protection, wire harness protection from extreme environments as well as oil filled transformer applications.

  17. Duct Tape Electrician Duct Tape 2000 PVC weather resistant, no fabric layer Used for holding and bundling Minimal adhesive residue on removal Easy tear in one direction Application Sealing of switch, terminal boxes for indoor / outdoor Prevent entry of water, insects, foreign objects

  18. Glass Cloth Tape Scotch 27 Glass cloth with rubber adhesive For 600V dry application upto 150oC UL listed component Scotch 27 and 69 tapes : Glass cloth tape self adhesive for temperatures upto 200 degrees. Very high mechanical strength and abrasion resistance as well as conformability. Application Insulating electric and induction-type furnace power supply leads Securing systems requiring high mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures Insulating motor lead connectors, switchers and controls for furnaces and ovens Insulation in coil wrapping outerwrap Provides heat stable insulation for hot spot applications

  19. Glass Cloth Tape Scotch 69 Glass cloth with High Temp Silicone adhesive For 600V dry application upto 200oC UL listed component Application Insulating electric and induction-type furnace power supply leads Securing systems requiring high mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures Insulating motor lead connectors, switchers and controls for furnaces and ovens Insulation in coil wrapping outerwrap Provides heat stable insulation for hot spot applications

  20. Thread Sealant Tape Scotch 48 Milky white unfused PTFE film Chemically inert, stable, conformable Stable thru temp -2680C to +2600C Scotch 48 : PTFE tape , wide temperatures from -268 to +260 degrees. Can be used as insulation on cables , cyrogenic applications ( sub zero) and thread sealant. Heat shrink : What is available in market is for temp of 120 deg , Shrink ratio 1:2 or max 1:3., no inner adhesive lines , low wall thickness , low mechanical strength. 3M MDT and HDT’s have following advantages: Heavy duty and highly abrasion resistant , temperatures upto 175 degrees , adhesive lined ensures no moisture ingress and shrink ration upto 4:1. Cold shrink : Opposite of heat shrink. Insulating material given in preexpanded form on collaspable base. Does not shrink abruptly , does not requires special skills , No fire needed, and very high life. For cable joints and terminations upto 180 degrees. Application Thread sealing and locking for pipes carrying fluids Also used on oxygen lines or other gas lines

  21. Heat Shrink Sleeves MDT-A Medium wall Adhesive lined • Medium-wall polyolefin tubing with hot melt adhesive • Excellent sealing properties, due to smooth, constant adhesive layer applied during extrusion • Shrink ratio up to 4.5:1 • Provides tough and flexible insulation; ideal for protection of cable joints/terminations • Flame-retardant version for offshore/naval applications available (MDT-A-F471) • Halogen free and RoHS compliant • Sizes: from 12/3mm to 120/40mm • Wall thickness (recovered): 2.5 – 3.3mm • Standard packaging: 1m pieces in bulk-, standard-, display-pack. • Certificates / Approvals: • Lloyd’s Register of Shipping Certificate 95/30032 • Germanischer Lloyd Certificate 93863-86HH • IEC 60684-3-247:draft 2008 ed. 1.0

  22. Heat Shrink Sleeves HDT-A Thick wall Adhesive lined • Thick-wall polyolefin tubing for heavy-duty applications • Excellent sealing properties • Toughness and weatherability makes HDT-A well suited for exposed applications • Flame-retardant • Shrink-ratio up to 4:1 • Sizes: from 12/3mm to 128/38mm • Wall thickness (recovered): 3.2 - 4.8 mm • Standard packaging: 1m pieces in bulk-, standard-, display-pack. • Certificates / Approvals: • Lloyd’s Register of Shipping Certificate 95/30032 • Germanische Lloyd Certificate 93863-86HH • Bureau Veritas Certificate 04899/DOBV • IEC 60684-3-214 • SAE-AMS-DTL 23056/15 class 1 • Waterproof according to VDE 0278 P3

  23. Heat Shrink Sleeves BBI-A Busbar Sleeves Specially formulated cross-linked polyolefin Excellent physical properties & dielectric strength Excellent tracking & chemical resistance Good thermal endurance Flame retardant; self extinguishing Flexible; conforms to bends Application For insulating electrical bus bars per ANSI/IEEE Standard C37.20: For 5, 8, 15, 25 and 35 kV voltage ratings For rectangular, square and round bus bars For inline bolted connections of rectangular bus bars For copper or aluminum bus bars For use in metal-clad switchgear For use on metal-enclosed bus bar For use with substation switchgear

  24. Cold Applied Insulation and Protection Cold Shrink products 40+ years experience EPDM or Silicone rubber options No heat or expensive tools needed Ideal for cable joints and terminations 1.1KV to 69+ KV voltage class “Living Seal” .. Keeps water away Application To insulate and protect LV or MV cable joints Best to use in Hazard areas Silicone rubber option – best for outdoor Less skill needed to install

  25. Electrical Resins Scotchcast 2130 2 part Polyurethane in self mixing poly bag Gel time less than 20 minutes Flame retardant Bonds to all modern cable jackets Bonds to itself Tough yet flexible, operate upto 1300 C Excellent multipurpose moisture sealing resin MSHA rated Resins 2130 :- Two part , room curing , optimum curing time and multi applications can be covered. Application To replace or repair the jacket on both single and multi-core power cables and particularly where flexibility is required. To insulate between the conductors of multi-core splices operating at 1000 volts or less. To seal the crotch or sheath when terminating multi-core cables.

  26. Electrical Resins Scotchcast 2123 2123 is re-enterable. Portable wire printer labels and heat shrink tube printer : For wire marking application. No need to keep inventory for various cable sizes, can be custom build, suitable for low and high temperature applications. Can print on heat shrink tubes also. Contact less temperature guns : Can take temperatures from a distance ( safe) , can be used upto 850 degrees, can be clubbed with computer for fast and accurate data transfer. Twopart Polybutadiene resin in self mixing poly bag RE-ENTERABLE & SOFT Excellent wetting and low viscosity Bonds to all modern cable jackets Bonds to itself Continues operation 900C short term rated upto 1300 C Excellent multipurpose moisture sealing resin Application Cable junction boxes which need easy access for repair / inspection Blocking moisture in motor termination boxes To seal the crotch or sheath when terminating multi-core cables.

  27. Identification and Marking Portable label printers Print labels instatnly for use on panels, Wires, tag blocks, terminals Accept Vinyl, Nylon, Polyester, Heat shrink, non-adhesive, self laminating labels stocks One touch key for most common formatting Rechargeable batteries Create highly visible, durable identification Application On-site marking on equipment / wires / Panels, Terminal Blocks

  28. Infrared Thermometers Contactless IR thermometers Easy and fast measurement of temperature From distance Temp range -32 to +8700C (various models) Memory and computer interface Backlit LCD display Distance to object upto 60:1 Application Locate over-temperature conditions caused by defective circuit breakers, overload conditions or poor electrical connections Monitor electric motors Locate loose wire connections Diagnose nuisance tripping of circuit breakers Locate defective ballasts within fluorescent fixtures

  29. Wire Connectors (Spring Connector) • Application: • Electrically connect two or more conductors ends • in pigtail application and insulate the connection, or • insulate a single conductor end. • Wire connectors /IDC : Joining of 2-6 wires together • in indoor and outdoor application. • Type:Wire Range (SQ MM): • Y (yellow) 0.75 thru 2.5 sol/str • R (red) 1.0 thru 6.0 sol/str • G (gray) 2.5 thru 8.0 sol/str • B (blue) 4.0 thru 16.0 sol/str • Construction: • Spring : Spring steel, Corrosion res. coating • Shell : Steel, Corrosion res. Coating • Insulator : Flame Retardant, flexible PVC For Copper Wires Only

  30. IDC Wire Connectors Quick and Reliable wire joints are just snap and squeeze No wire insulation removal needed Butt joint or Tap-off options Wide range of conductor (0.5 to 4.0 sq-mm) and wire insulation dia range 2.8mm to 4.8mm Moisture resistant and flame retardant options Many models have UL / CSA certifications Operating tempearture 75 deg C to 105 deg C Application Distribution wiring for lights, control circuits Industrial electronic equipment Automobiles to add after market accessories For Copper Wires Only NO STRIP… NO TWIST…JUST SQUEEZE…… UNIQUE “U” CONTACT PROVIDES FAST, DEPENDABLE ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS …WITHOUT WIRE STRIPPING...

  31. Electrical Joint Compound EJC compound is recommended for providing effi cient and trouble free service on aluminum to aluminum and aluminum to copper connections. Application Terminal to dead end connections for applications under 93º C (200º F). Flat to flat surfaces such as bus to bus, aluminum to aluminum and aluminum to copper.

  32. Electrical Joint Compound – Features EJC compound : Paste with and without electrical fillers. This removes oxides and prevents corrosion and help to make joint stress free. Unlimited application life and compatible with AL to AL and AL to CU dissimilar metals. Lowest Electrical Resistance on Flat Surfaces No. 2 EJC has the lowest electrical resistance on fl-at surfaces because it is a grease type. Medium that dissolves the oxide on connectors. The nature of the oxide removal is not harmful. No. 2 EJC creates a light surface etch with no deep, localized attack. It only attacks the oxide.

  33. Wire Pulling Lubricants Translucent gel For smooth low tension wire / cable pulling Colorless and non-staining Compatible with most cable jacket materials Non-flammable and UL listed Low solid content and hence no blocking of conduit

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