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Math journals

Math journals. By: Kaley 1st period. What is a Math Journal?.

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Math journals

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  1. Math journals By: Kaley1st period

  2. What is a Math Journal? In the Math Workshop, we don’t use textbooks with someone else’s strategies. We create our own “textbook” by building our journals throughout the year. Our journals contain our notes from opening, vocabulary, and reflections. The problems that we solve during work period are worked out in our journals too. We also trade journals and respond to our peers’ work by writing our observations about their thinking and challenge their strategies.

  3. How is the Math Journal Organized? Table of Contents: Without the Table of Contents in our journal nothing would be organized. At the beginning of each workshop, we put an entry into the Table of Contents with the title, date, and page number. The Table of Contents helps us find what we’re looking for fast and easy. The entries: We start our entry by writing the title at the top, then the objective for the day. This gives us a clear picture of our goal for the lesson.

  4. How are Math Journals Used in Opening? • In the opening, we use our journals to: • take notes • record new vocabulary • draw models • record examples that will lead us through work time.

  5. How are Math Journals Used in Work Time? • In work time, we use our journals to: • work out different strategies in our journals • refer to when we are stuck • If you don’t remember a concept during work period that relates to something from the beginning of the year, just flip through your math journal. It has everything written in it.

  6. How are Math Journals Used in Closing? • In closing, we use our journals to: • Record the strategies of the presenters • Correct our work when we were on the wrong track • Write a reflection in our own words that explains how to solve the kind of problem that we worked on in work time

  7. Without math journals I would not understand half of what we learn. The reason why Chisholm is a great school is because we have notes and helpful resources. Journals really help us grow in our learning.

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