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JOURNALS. Entry #1. Completed KQL – at the beginning you complete the K & Q – at the end of the unit, the L. 2 nd Journal Entry.

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  2. Entry #1 • Completed KQL – at the beginning you complete the K & Q – at the end of the unit, the L.

  3. 2nd Journal Entry • What have you learned so far? Write a paragraph explaining not only what you may have learned, but also how it makes you feel. Is there some over-arching message you’re learning in this unit so far? • When you are done, go back to your KQL – Have you answered any questions? Do you have more questions to add to your chart?

  4. 3rd Entry • Choose a side and complete the following sentence with a paragraph of explanation: • Danger tends to unify/divide people because…

  5. Journal 4 • After Act I, scene ii: Anne’s father tells her to remember, “There are no walls, there are no bolts, no locks that anyone can put on your mind” (868). What does he mean? If you were to go into hiding, how would you respond to that statement?

  6. Journal 5 • After Act I, scene iii: Pick two character and compare and contrast their response to go into hiding. Cite dialogue to prove your comparison.

  7. Journal #6 • After Act I: Explain how each gift Anne creates for Hanukkah fits the recipient. Identify two of your own family members and explain how you would create a fitting gift for each. Make sure you explain how the gift fits them.

  8. Journal # 7 • Act II, scene i: How is living in hiding affecting the characters? Pick two characters and explain their responses and reactions in the last scene.

  9. Journal #8 • Explain Otto’s last line.

  10. Journal # 9 • CHOOSE ONE: • Reflect on the end of the play. Do you think the ending was effective? What message is the play trying to convey? • Go back to your third journal entry – If you’ve changed your mind based on the play, explain.

  11. Journal #10 • Why do you think Anne’s story attracts so much attention? • Consider the fact that Anne’s diary has been translated into over 50 languages. It is the 2nd most widely read book of nonfiction in the world – just behind the King James Bible.

  12. JOURNAL • 100 Points • Make sure you have a cover with your name, period, title, and a graphic. • Make sure your entries are dated! • Make sure you have all your entries typed or written in ink with a graphic. • Proofread for grammatical errors! • Neatly bind your entries! • Remember – you can always write a few extra reflective entries for extra credit points!

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