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  1. Journals

  2. What is a journal? • Journals are also known as serials or periodicals • Journals are published by academic institutions, organisations and commercial publishers on a regular basis. • Some are published weekly, most are published monthly or bi-monthly, others quarterly or even just once a year. • Journals can be in print or electronic format and some are available as both.

  3. What is a journal article? • If you think of a journal as a 'book', then a journal article is a 'chapter' within that book. • The articles are written by experts in a particular field of study, based on research that they have a personal involvement with. • The research might include case studies or primary source research. • An understanding of the vocabulary and knowledge of the field is assumed.

  4. Recognise a journal reference Author(s) / editor(s) Year Article Title • Broadbridge, A. and Swanson, V. 2005. Earning and learning: how termtime employment impacts on students adjustment to university life. Journal of education and Work18 (2) pp235-249 Volume Issue page no. Journal title

  5. Why are journals useful sources of information? • They allow you to find the most recent research, long before they get into books. • The articles are often on very specific topics. • You have to test the reliability of all information including in journals, but as they are peer reviewed they should be authorative. • The reference can lead you additional information

  6. What is the best way to find journal articles? • If you know the journal is taken available electronically, you can search the individual publication, check the library catalogue. • Using an appropriate database where the indexing has been done for you. • If you draw a blank try: • Internet: eg Google Scholar with speech marks around the title or phrase

  7. How do I search for journal articles on my topic ? • Learn where to look for articles for your assignments by knowing what journals, magazines and databases are subscribed to. • Databases will list thousands of articles (some will be full text, others just an abstract)

  8. Which journal / database? • Some magazines are available as print or an electronic version over the Internet. • There are a selection of databases available to Wiltshire College students from which articles can be searched for and retrieved. You can find them linked from Signpost and eStudy E-Journal link Databases link

  9. How can I search more effectively? 1. Define the topic and break it down into concepts2. Choose your keywords/phrases to describe concepts3. Combine the keywords 4. Consider using truncation and/or wildcards.5. Try out the search and evaluate the results.6. Refine the search if necessary.

  10. Journals held at another Wiltshire College campus • If the library catalogue indicates that the journal you are looking for, is held at one of the other site libraries, you can request a photocopy (or scan) of the specific article. • Please allow a couple of days for delivery.

  11. How can I get articles I find? • If the journal in which the article you have located is not taken by Wiltshire College or your partner university. • If not found full text in any of the databases available from the college or your partner university. • Provide the full bibliographic details to the LRC desk and we will try and get it from the British Library as an interlibrary loan.

  12. If you need help locating journal articles please ask.