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Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five PowerPoint Presentation
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Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five

Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five

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Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five

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  1. If You Could Go To Antarctica • Day One • Day Two • Day Three • Day Four • Day Five • Daily Practice • Leveled Readers • Phonics Lesson • Websites Mrs.Whitinger Miller Perry Elementary

  2. What would it be liketo take an adventureto the Antarctic?

  3. Daily Fix-It it is cold

  4. Daily Fix-It It is cold.

  5. Classify and Categorize • In the story, there are many animals. Some live only in the water, some live on the land, and some live in both. • We can remember information about the animals if we remember the ways they are the same. We can put animals that are alike together. This is called classify and categorize.

  6. Classify and Categorize In the book, all the animals live in a cold climate, but not all of the animals can go onto the land. Penguins and seals can go on land and in water. Why would whales not belong in that group?

  7. /ĕ/ elbow egg elephant

  8. Listen for /e/ Five Little Elephants Five little elephants are at the water pool.Evelyn said, "The water is cool."Elbert said, "The water is deep."Ellen said, "I want to sleep."Eldon said, "I'll just put my trunk in."Ester yelled, "Watch out! Ed's going to jump in."Ed came running along the path.Splash! Five little elephants took a shower and bath!

  9. Word Practice m p n s et b g l

  10. Word Practice four one two

  11. High Frequency Words

  12. Word Practice G i l

  13. Word Practice g o t

  14. Word Practice s a d

  15. Word Practice p o p

  16. Word Practice M o m

  17. Word Practice h a d

  18. Word Practice pl a n

  19. Word Practice fl a g

  20. Word Practice n o t

  21. Handwriting

  22. Upper Case Letters and Periods • A complete sentence must start with an uppercase letter and end with a period. i sat in my seat I sat in my seat.

  23. Grammar Practice

  24. How can you go from Antarctica to here?

  25. Daily Fix-It can ken get a pet

  26. Daily Fix-It Can Ken get a pet?

  27. Classify and Categorize

  28. Classify and Categorize The book tells us what it is like on the coldest place on Earth, Antarctica. Which animals live in Antarctica? What is the land like in Antarctica? Who are the only people living in Antarctica? If we made a group of Things in Antarctica, we could write whales, penguins, seals, icebergs, ice, ocean, and scientists. Could trees be a part of that group? Could cows and horses be a part of that group? Trees, cows, and horses do not belong in the group Things in Antarctica because they cannot live in Antarctica

  29. Find eon a keyboard

  30. Word Practice n p e

  31. Word Practice n h e

  32. Word Practice t p e

  33. Word Practice ll b e

  34. Word Practice n c a

  35. Word Practice t f a

  36. Word Practice d r e

  37. Word Practice see

  38. Word Practice do

  39. Word Practice have

  40. Word Practice my

  41. Word Practice you

  42. Telling Sentences A lemon is yellow.

  43. Let’s Write! If I could go to Antarctica, I would see many things. I would see different kinds of animals and a lot of ice. I might also see a few people. I would like to see penguins the most. Write a sentence about what you would see: