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My Favorites! PowerPoint Presentation
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My Favorites!

My Favorites!

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My Favorites!

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  1. Meredith Morton, M.Ed., CAPE Hanover County Public Schools Christina Luntzer, M.Ed., CAPE Williamsburg James City County My Favorites!

  2. 1. Games, Activities, & Equipment • SMART Board/Computer for switch games • ‘Switch in Time’ Accessible Software (also make Switch Jam/Music) • Can be done with 1 student or a small group • Various ages and abilities • Good website for switch games:

  3. Switch Lanes Bowling • Suitable for all ages/abilities • Different play modes (easy, auto scan, 2 switch step scan) • Audio and visual target guides • Ball spin options • Shorter alley

  4. Super Switch Hitter Baseball • Suitable for all ages/abilities • Students can play on opposing or same team • Different play modes (single, multiple, auto scan, 2 switch step scan) • Customizable ball size/speed • “Hover Ball” feature • Auto fielding

  5. Bowling Ramp

  6. Poss-I Bowl Bowling Ramp

  7. Adapted Kicker Student pulls the red string and the shoe swings forward, the angle of the bar that holds the shoe up can be adjusted based on students pulling strength/ability

  8. Other equipment: scooters, scoops, tee/bat, balloons, racquets, punch balloons, beach balls, hula hoops, portable mat, speedstack cups, bubbles

  9. DuraBeep Ball,Sensation Bell Ball

  10. Warm Up and Cool Down Tools

  11. Cool Down Tools Continued Pizza Stretch

  12. 2. Schedules & Token Boards • Good to use with students that need a consistent, predictable routine and structure (i.e. autism) • Token boards can help with motivation and overall participation

  13. See Sheets in Word Task Sheet for Bowling Push Up Schedule Cardio Task Sheet Volleyball Task Sheet

  14. Sample script/instructions: “This is my P.E. schedule. I follow this schedule when I am with Mrs. Morton. When I finish a task I put a check mark in the box next to it and move on to the next task. If I don’t know what to do next I look at what boxes have not been checked on the schedule. When I have checked all the boxes I ask Mrs. Morton if I earned 5 minutes of computer time.”

  15. Schedules & Video Modeling using QR codes Visual Schedule Video Modeling

  16. 3. Consult Services • Create exercise routines to be done with their SPED teacher, P.E. teacher, or instructional assistant and monitored monthly/quarterly by the APE teacher • Give equipment to P.E. teacher or instructional assistant • Send monthly/quarterly reports home with what they have been doing in P.E. (i.e. units/lessons, warm up, main activity, any modifications/accommodations needed)

  17. Exercise bands (3 levels, straight/circular), weighted ball, hand weights (2 kinds)

  18. Dr. Seuss

  19. Dr. Seuss & Gymnastics

  20. Dr. Seuss & Gymnastics Cont.

  21. Modified Field Day

  22. Adapted Bike

  23. 4. Lesson Plans • Structure- walk laps, stretch (have students lead), ball play in group, then 1-2 activities • Use peer helpers from P.E. class, grade level, clubs, etc. • CBI trip to bowling alley • Use bases- kickball, tee-ball • Volleyball-balloons and paddles/hands in circle, hit balloon over the net

  24. 5. Assessments • Adapted Physical Education Assessment Scale II (APEAS II) • Sample Volleyball Assessment (see handouts) • APE Teacher Assessment (pre/post) • Student self-assessment (pre/post) • Video the student performing the skill before/after and show student their form

  25. MOVE Program • MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education/Experience) program provides opportunities for children with severe disabilities to improve skills (and independence) to sit, stand, walk and transition while participating in everyday activities • Work with P.T. to get them into equipment (gait trainer, advancement chair, walker, seated/standing supported, etc)

  26. Incorporate sports skills, examples include: Student is in a gait trainer (or standing supported) and kicks a ball while walking or knocks over pins with feet/gait trainer Student is seated (in regular chair/advancement chair) at a table and they push a ball to partner/target or push a ball down a bowling ramp Student is either seated or in upright position and they hit a balloon or hold bat and knock ball off a tee (or knock ball off using hand)

  27. Why We Are Compassionate About What We Do…..

  28. Meredith Morton, M.Ed., CAPE Hanover County Public Schools Office 804-365-4651 Cell 703-408-7110 Christina Luntzer, M.Ed., CAPE Williamsburg James City County Public Schools Office 757-565-4615 Ext 11114 Cell 757-254-8944