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Web 2.0 Favorites PowerPoint Presentation
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Web 2.0 Favorites

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Web 2.0 Favorites

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Web 2.0 Favorites

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  1. Web 2.0 Favorites Wikis, Diigo, Ning, and Jing

  2. Things to remember when working with and discovering new technologies … • Do not be overwhelmed with the amount of information and resources you discover • Start small and continue to build!

  3. web2point0wiki.pbworks.com

  4. Diigo • Online bookmarking site, like delicious.com • Already have a delicious account? You can easily import your bookmarks into diigo! • Why should you create ANOTHER online bookmarking account? • Diigo’s unique, helpful, time saving features! • Highlighting • Social Networking (PLN)/Groups • Sticky Notes/annotations • Create a snapshot of a page

  5. Diigo • Create account • Transfer bookmarks from other accounts • Tagging bookmarks • Important in order to find them again • Highlighting and/or Sticky Notes • Important to Identify why you saved the site to begin with • Groups/PLN • Keeps you updated with information without having to go search for it yourself

  6. Wiki • What is it? • Website that you and others can add to in order to share information • Why use a wiki? • Serves as a class website • Upload documents so when students lose it they can get another one • Save paper by posting assignments rather than making copies • Students can collaborate on assignments within the wiki or simply post their work for all to see • Use to collaborate with fellow educators/co-teachers

  7. Wiki • How does it save me time? • Stores information • Saves assignments; you can clear the main page each year but keep the page and files of assignments on the wiki to quickly link to when you need to the following year or semester

  8. Wiki PBWorks Wikispaces

  9. Wiki PBWorks Wikispaces Discussion forum on each page makes it easy for students to ask questions or participate in a discussion Good for student use to create their own page for projects • Easy to organize and navigate • Folders to store files • Has feel and set up of a webpage more so than wikispaces • Easy to add gadgets to add variety and interest • Student accounts created without needing email addresses • History tracking; easy to revert • Easy to upload and link to files

  10. Ning • A website for you to create your own social network • Uses in classroom: • Discussion forum (like a Moodle, but a bit more user friendly) • Professional use: • Join Ning networks to connect with others in your field • Find ideas for lesson plans • Keep up with news and technology in education and your specific field • CHANGES WITH NING – free “mini” network for educators

  11. Jing • Free software that allows you to create screenshots or video of what you are doing online • Uses in education: • Share a snapshot of a document you want students or colleagues to see • Create tutorials for students so that after showing the class how to do something students can go back and watch it again – very helpful for students learning to use online technologies (i.e. create a video tutorial about how students can set up and use diigo) • Comment verbally on student homework and send them the video

  12. Other Web 2.0 sites of interest • Edmodo.com • Schoology.com • LearnCentral.org • Freetech4teachers.com – a great blog to follow! There is a lot out there! Remember to start small and use what works for you; don’t feel like you have to use everything!