teacher name room number n.
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Teacher Name: ________ Room Number: ________ PowerPoint Presentation
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Teacher Name: ________ Room Number: ________

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Teacher Name: ________ Room Number: ________ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teacher Name: ________ Room Number: ________
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  1. Subject Teacher Name: ________ Room Number: ________

  2. Student Schedule How to read your…

  3. Items to be Returned Earn Hawk Eyes! Receive a Red Hawk Eye (worth 5 Hawk Eyes) for returning all items below by August 22nd. Emergency Medical Information Form Horizon Academy Title I/School Compact Student Code of Conduct Signature Page Important!

  4. Arrive on Time All the Time Earn Hawk Eyes! Receive a Red Hawk Eye (worth 5 Hawk Eyes) for being on time to all of your classes… Be on time to all of your classes for the first two weeks of school! Important!

  5. Have your schedule on your desk. Locate the course titled “Hawk Hour” Circle the name of the teacher you are assigned to for Hawk Hour. Bell Work

  6. A little about your teacher!

  7. How to Enter the Classroom Procedures Review Enter the classroom quietly. Remove materials from your backpack and place your backpack in the appropriate location. Without talking - begin your bell work.

  8. Tardy Policy Procedures Review “On time” means that you are in your seat when the bell rings. For each unexcused tardy to a class you will meet with the teacher to discuss why you were tardy. Your parents will also be called the 2nd and 3rd time this happens. Upon the 4th tardy you will receive a referral. After the 4th tardy, you will receive a referral EVERY TIME you are tardy to that class for the rest of the quarter.

  9. Group Alert Procedures Review When the teacher raises his/her hand, students come to attention by being quiet and focused on the teacher. Raise your hand to help alert other students to also be quiet. Wait for the teacher’s instructions.

  10. School-Wide Expectations Now, can you find the Hawk Expectations poster in your room? The Big 3 Definition of The Big 3 The Big 3 applied to School Areas

  11. Planner and Student Code of Conduct School policies and procedures will be reviewed throughout the week. You are to bring your Horizon Academy Planner and your Student Code of Conduct to school EVERY DAY!

  12. Horizon Academy Planner Standards For Success - Page 5 Each period you will go over a different section of the Standards of Success on page 5 • 2nd Period • Intro and numbers 1-3 • 3rd Period • Numbers 4-6 • 4th Period • Numbers 7-9 • 5th Period • Numbers 10-11 • 6th Period • Numbers 12-13

  13. Horizon Academy Planner Dress Code – Pages 6-9 • 2nd Period • Dress Code Benefits • Daily Dress Code • 3rd Period • General Uniform Dress Code Rules • 4th Period • Winter/Cold Weather Wear • 5th Period • Physical Education Uniform • Uniform Dress Code Exchange • 6th Period • Breach of Conduct Each period you will go over a different section of the Dress Code

  14. Lunch Schedule 4th Period Review lunch schedule Students to report directly to the cafeteria according to Hawk Hour schedule Students to fill cafeteria seating as instructed Students to report directly to class at the end of lunch

  15. Dismissal Procedures 5th and 6th Periods • First Bell Dismissal (2:20 pm) • 5th and 6th Grades, Exceptional Education classes • Second Bell Dismissal (2:23 pm) • 7thand 8th Grades • Elective classes and Reading classes Students will walk with their teacher to the car line/bus area.

  16. Dismissal Procedures 5th and 6th Periods How do you get home?

  17. Dismissal Procedures 5th Period • Bus Riders • If you ride the bus, you must do so all week long • If you receive a wristband from your bus driver, you MUST wear it all week long! • Review Bus Procedures in planner on pages10 - 11

  18. This Class… Discuss class expectations. Discuss class procedures. Discuss use of the Horizon Planner for this class.

  19. Do what’s right. • Do your best. • Treat others the way you want to be treated. Always Remember… The Big 3