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Chapter 13. Room service. Room Service. Serving Breakfast in the Room. DND Sign. Part I Dialogues Part II Vocabulary Study Part III Listening and Speaking Part IV Practical Writing Part V Feature Reading. Dialogue 1 Doorknob Menu Service.

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chapter 13

Chapter 13

Room service

Part I Dialogues
  • Part II Vocabulary Study
  • Part III Listening and Speaking
  • Part IV Practical Writing
  • Part V Feature Reading
dialogue 1 doorknob menu service
Dialogue 1 Doorknob Menu Service
  • Context: Mr. White want to have breakfast in his room tomorrow, so he telephones the Reception and talks to the clerk about it .Li Fei’s answering the phone.
  • Pre-listening questions:
  • How do you give the orders by using doorknob menu?
  • What is the alternative way to have room service?

Staff: Good morning. Reception. May I help you ?

Guest: Good morning. It’s Mr. White in Room 489.

Can I have breakfast in my room tomorrow morning?


Staff: Certainly, Mr. White. Breakfast can be served in your

room from seven 0’clock to ten. Our hotel has very

good room service.

Guest: When shall I order that?

Staff: You can use our doorknob menu if you’d like. Please

check the items you would like to have for breakfast

.mark down the time ,and hang it outside your door

before you go to bed.

Guest: Is there any other way to have room service?

Staff: Yes, Mr. White. You may have breakfast arranged on

the phone. The extension number for room service

Is 6.

Guest: Thank you for your information. By the way, what

shall I do with the plates when we finish eating.


Staff: You may just leave them in the room or put them

outside your door. We’ll take care of it.

Guest: Thank you very much.

Staff: You’re welcome. Have a pleasant stay with


dialogue 2 taking telephone orders for breakfast
Dialogue 2 Taking Telephone Orders for Breakfast
  • Context: Mr. White calls Room Service for his breakfast
  • tomorrow
  • Pre-listening questions:
  • What are the orders givens by Mr. White?
  • 2)What other information should the clerk get when taking orders?

Guest: Hello, Room Service. This is Room 489.We’d

like to order breakfast for tomorrow.

Staff:Yes, sir. What would you like?

Guest: We’d like to start with fruit juice, orange for me

and grapefruit for my wife. Fresh juice, please.

Not canned or frozen.

Staff: Right, sir. One fresh orange and one fresh


Guest: Good. And then bacon, egg and tomato for me

,two soft-boiled eggs for my wife. And toast,


butter, and marmalades. Do you have different


Staff: Yes, sir. We’ll put a selection of preserves on

your tray. And is it tea or coffee?

Guest: One coffee, with mil and one hot chocolate,

unsweetened, please.

Staff: Certainly, sir. And when is it for, please?

Guest: Oh, about 8:30a.m.Would be fine?

Staff: Fine, and could I have your name and room

number, please?

Guest: It’s Mr. and Mrs. White, Room 489.

Staff: Thank you ,Mr. White.

dialogue 3 taking telephone orders for supper
Dialogue 3 Taking Telephone Orders for Supper
  • Context: Mr. White calls Room Service. LiFei ,the clerk, is taking the order on the phone.
  • Pre-listening questions:
  • What are the dishes ordered by Mr. White?
  • What is his room number?

Staff: Room Service. Li Fei’s speaking .How can I help you ?

Guest: Yes, my family and I would like to have supper in my

rooms. We’d like, let’s see, two tomato soups.

Staff: Two tomato soups, sir.

Guest: And two consommes.

Staff: Two consommes.


Guest: Then for the children, the grilled sausage and

one veal salmon.

Staff: One grilled sausage and one veal steak.

Guest: And for us, the wild duck with green salad and

one smoked Scottish salmon.

Staff: Anything to drink, sir?.

Guest: No, thank you .That’s all.

Staff:. Thank you sir ,What room number is it?


Staff:489.It’ll be in about ten minutes.

Guest: That’s fine.

dialogue 4 serving breakfast in the room
Dialogue 4 Serving Breakfast in the Room
  • Context: At 8:00 a. m. the next morning, there is a light tap at Mr. White’s door. Ma Hong, the waitress is serving the breakfast to the room.
  • Pre-listening questions:
  • What does the waitress say to the guest when sending food to the room?
  • What does the waitress ask the guest to do before leaving the room?

Staff: Room Service. May I coming in?

Guest: Yes, come in, please.

Staff: Thank you, Mr. White. I’ve brought you your breakfast ordered. Where shall I put in?

Guest: Oh yes, thank you. Could you put them on the desk over there, please?

Staff: Shall I pour two cup of coffee straight away,

sir and madam?

Guest: No, thanks.


Staff: Mr. and Mrs. White, if you need anything else,

please dial 6 or press the button over there.

We’re always at your service.

Guest: Thank you .

Staff: Could you please sign your name here,

Mr. White?.

Guest: OK

Staff: Thank you ,Mr. White. Please enjoy your

breakfast and have a nice day.

vocabulary study
Knob n.

Can v.

Prapefruit n.

Freeze v.

Bacon n.

Toast n.

Marmalade n.

Selection n.

Sweeten v.

Unsweeten v.











Vocabulary Study

Preserve n.

Tray n.

Consermme n.

Grill v.

Sausage n.

Veal n.

Smoke v.

Scottish adj.

Pour v.

Button n.












Button n.

Room Service

Doorknob Menu

Mark Down

Canned or Frozen

Soft-boiled egg

A selection

Straight away










Exercise 1:

Match the expressions on the left with the best meaning

on the right.

  • -----freeze a. a type of jam made with orange, lemon, etc.
  • 2-----marmalade b. marmalades and jams
  • 3. -----canned c. preserved by putting in closed metal
  • container without air
  • 4. -----preserve d. to preserve or be preserved by means of
  • very low temperatures
  • 5. -----sausage e. a thin edible tube of animal skin filled with
  • meat, bread, spices, etc.

Exercise 2:

Complete the following sentences with appropriate words and expression given.

  • Selection Mark down Consomme Grilled
  • Room service
  • Why don’t you try the ____,madam? It’s really very good.
  • We have a good ____of juice for you to choose, orange juice, grapefruit juice, apple juice and so on.
  • What would you prefer, _____ sausage or steak?

4. ______ is always provide by Food and Beverage Department instead of Housekeeping Department in the hotel.

5. Remember to ____the time immediately when the guest tells you when he would like his breakfast in his room tomorrow morning.

1 functional sentences
1. Functional Sentences


Room Service. Can I be of your assistance?

Room Service. May I help you ?

Room Service. Li Hong’s speaking. Can I help you?

Room Service. What can I do for you ?



May I take you order now, sir?

Could you tell me your order now, sir?

What would you like, madam?

What would you prefer, Mr. White?

What would you like, sir?

What kind of breakfast would you like?

What kind of juice would you like?

What kind of chicken would you like, grilled or fried?


Tea or coffee, please?

Is it bacon, sausage or ham?

Is it orange juice or grapefruit juice?

Is it soft-boiled egg or hard-boiled egg?



It will take ten minutes to prepare.

It will take ten minutes to send to your room.

It will take only five minutes to send to your room.

It will be set up to your room immediately.

We’ll bring it up right away.

The dish will be sent to your room within 15 minutes.



Where shall I put your breakfast, sir?

Where would you like me to put your dish, sir.

May I put it here, madam?


May I have your room number/name, sir?

Could you tell me your room number, madam?

Your room number, please?



May I have your signature, sir?

Could you please sign your name here, Mrs. Smith?

Could you please sign your bill, Mr. Smith?


Is there anything else I can do for you, sir?

Please let us know if you need any help.

What else can I do for you, Mr. Smith?

2 answer the following questions
2. Answer the following questions
  • How would you introduce room service to your guest?
  • What would you say to tell your guest how to use the doorknob menu in the hotel?
  • You’re working in the room service section. When the telephone rings, what would you say ?
  • When the guest tell you you’d like to have some food and drinks in his room, what would you say then?
  • If you want to know when the guest would you like his breakfast ,what would you say?

f.When taking orders on the phone =,you have to write down the guest’s room number, what would you say?

g. You’ve brought the food to the room and have to ask the guest where to put it. What would you say?

h. You have to ask your guest to sign his ill before you leave the room. What would you say?

exercise 1 listen to the short dialogues fill in the blanks then practice with your partner
Exercise 1: Listen to the short dialogues. Fill in the blanks. Then practice with your partner.

Dialogue 1

Staff: Good afternoon. Room Service. _____?

Guest: Could you send up some fried chicken

fries and.

Staff: Certainly, sir.________? Please.

Guest: Room404


Dialogue 2

Staff: Good morning. Room Service. Laura’s speaking.

Can I ______service?

Guest: This is room 200,We’d like two roast beef salads, please, and one hamburger.

Staff: _________, please?

Guest: A bottle of red wine, your house wine, to go with


Dialogue 3

Staff: May I ________now, please?

Guest: A bottle of wine, one grilled sausage and two

chef’s salads, please..

Staff:_________, please?

Guest: About 6 o’clock this afternoon.


Dialogue 4

Staff: ___________.please?

Guest: I’d like the tomato soup, followed by the roast

duck, please.

Staff: ___________20 minutes to prepare.

Guest: Then can I have it in half an hour.

Staff: That’s fine.


Dialogue 5

Guest: Good evening. I’d like you to get me some hard

boiled egg and a glass of milk.

Staff: Certainly, sir________,_______?

Guest: No, thanks.

Staff: We’ll _______ to your room right away.

Dialogue 6

Staff: Good morning, sir. Here’s the breakfast you’ve

ordered. _______ here?

Guest: Oh, yes, just put it on the desk.

Staff: Would you please_________?.

Guest: Yes, of course.

exercise 3 listen and fill in the blanks
Exercise 3:Listen and fill in the blanks.

Staff: Good morning. Room Service._________?

Guest: Good morning. __________.I would like to have an

American breakfast in our room.

Staff: Certainly, madam__________________? Guest: Oh, I think the grapefruit, please. .

Staff: _________________?

Guest: Fried , I think.

Staff: _____________________________? .

Guest: sausage, please. Oh, and tea.

Staff: ______________________? ,.

Guest: No, I think the toasted bread.


Guest: How long will it take?



Guest: That’ll be fine, thank you .

Staff: _________________. ..

exercise 4 complete the dialogue orally with the chinese prompts
Exercise 4: Complete the dialogue orally with the Chinese prompts.

Staff: _____________________? (早上好. 房内用膳,能为您效


Guest: Will you please send breakfast to my room?.

Staff: ___________________? (当然可以 ,请问哪个房间?)

Guest: It’s 120

Staff: __________? ( 请问想吃点什么?)

Guest: I’ll have fresh orange juice and some oatmeal, please.

Staff: _____________. (还要点别的吗?)

Guest: And coffee.


Staff: ______________( 就来一份吗 ?)

Guest: Yes. How long do I have to wait?

Staff:__________.(我们马上 送到您房间)

exercise 5 role play
Exercise 5: Role Play

Smith先生住218房间,他打电话到房内用膳部,要订一份大陆式早餐(Continental breakfast).他想要喝一杯橙汁、一份蔬菜沙拉、一杯咖啡、一份奶酪蛋卷(a cheese omelet)及酸奶(yoghurt),你是当班服务员,接到这个电话该如何处理?请和你的搭档准备这个对话,并在班上表演.


你是餐饮部服务员王丽,你将客人预定的饮料送进客房,其中有两份加冰块的威士忌(two whiskies on the rocks)、一份朗姆酒(one rum)及一杯橙汁,客人名叫John Smith,临走请客人签单.请和你的搭档准备这个对话,并在班上表演.


Recommendation of Food and Drinks

  • 准备菜单,推出餐厅“今日特选”及宴会菜单确认时,我们 常常需要向客人书面推荐餐厅的特色菜肴及饮品。推荐主要包含以下内容:
  • Name of dish 菜名
  • Ingredients 主配料
  • Method of cooking 烹饪方法
  • Flavor 口味
  • How to serve 如何装盘,上菜

Style (Cuisine) 菜系

  • Difference from other (when needed) 特别之处,特色

Peking roast duck

Peking duck gourmets are unanimous that this dish is best in Beijing. The raising of duck is called “tianya”(tian means stuffing). Specially prepared feed is provided at regular intervals so that they will gain more flesh and fat. Ducks are roasted whole, preferably cooked over a fire of Chinese palm wood. The ducks are roasted in such a way that the skin becomes crispy brown and the flesh juicy and tender. Peking Roast Duck is the most famous dish in China and also one of the exceptional delicacies in the world. We’re sure you’ll find it delicious.


Shuang Yang Rou

Since it is a Mongalian dish, only small lambs from inner Mongolia are used. Mutton is sliced wafer thin and is cooked in a pot of boiling water. The mutton is then dipped into a delicious sauce containing soy sauce, pepper, ginger, red pepper oil, sesame seed oil, sesame seed paste, preserved bean curd and spring onion, and tastes tender and juicy. This month the chef recommends this dish. It’s our speciality.

room service
Room Service

Pre-reading questions:

1) Which department in Room Service Section responsible to?

2) What is the procedure for taking a room service order?


Room service is the service of food or beverages in guests’ room in hotel or order accommodation establishments, such as motels or serviced apartments. In all-suite hotels it is often referred to as “in-suite service”.

In establishments of any size there is usually a specialist Room Serviced Department responsible to the Food and Beverage manager. Room Service Department must work closely with the Kitchen, Front Office and Housekeeping departments to make sure that the standard of service satisfies, or more than satisfies, guests’ expectations. Hotels are often judged, as much as anything else, by the standard of the


room service they provide. A five-star property will be expected to provide room service for at least 18 hours of the day, if not all hours of the day and night, and that service must at all times be friendly, quick and efficient.

Most room service orders are given by telephone. The telephone is therefore the first point of contact with room service staff and good telephone technique is vital in creating that all important favorable first impression.

The person answering the telephone must have a good knowledge of the menu and a professional telephone manner .

The telephone must be answered quickly. The


benchmark for a five-star hotel is no more than three rings before it is answered. Then pay special attention to the greeting, introduction department and self, use of the guest’s name. These can be achieved by an answer on these lines:

“Good morning. Mr. Stephens. This is Room Service Mark speaking. May I help you ?”

The use of guest’s name has the advantage of ensuring that the items requested are delivered to the right guest and charged to the right account as well as making the guest feel known and valued. Continue to use the guest’s sure name at all stages of room service.

After greeting the guest and confirming his or her name, continue as follows:


Write the order down carefully on an order docket as you

speak to the guest. Don’t forget to record the room number----

-often forgotten!

  • Always seek opportunities to “up-sell”,that is to use

suggestive selling techniques to increase the value of the


  • Be flexible and helpful is the guest requests items not on the


  • Repeat the order to the guest, clarifying and doubtful details.

Tell the guest approximately how long it will take for the order to be delivered. It Should not be more than 30 minutes.

  • Check that all the details (including the room number) are correctly recorded on the docket. Include the time that the order was taken.
  • Enter the order in POS.
  • Promptly distribute the order to the appropriate personnel both in room service department and in other departments if necessary, most obviously the kitchen.
exercise 2 answer the following questions briefly
Exercise 2: Answer the following questions briefly.
  • What is room service?
  • What’s the relationship between room service section and other departments?
  • Why should room service staff use guests’ names when speaking to them?