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Total Quality Management

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Total Quality Management. Standard Operating Procedure Of Weight Loss Coupon Pit Depth Lisa Hamilton December 4, 2007. Baker Petrolite.

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total quality management

Total Quality Management

Standard Operating Procedure


Weight Loss Coupon Pit Depth

Lisa Hamilton

December 4, 2007

baker petrolite
Baker Petrolite

Baker Petrolite supplies products to enhance oil and gas production. These sales evolve around chemicals designed to protect tubing, pumps, casing, etc. all which are used in the oil and gas industry.

laboratory analysis
Laboratory Analysis

As a lab technician, I run analysis’ on samples to determine the makeup of the material in order to gain the knowledge needed to introduce chemical to solve various problems.

weight loss coupon
Weight Loss Coupon

One type of analysis done to monitor corrosion is a weight loss coupon, this is a mild steel rod placed in the flow line of fluid for at least thirty days to determine the metal loss per year. This analysis simulates the damage of corrosion on the tubing.

pitting in the coupon
Pitting in the Coupon

Small pits can form in the coupon when exposed to the fluid in the flow line. Usually bacteria, either Sulfate reducing or Acid producing bacteria, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, oxygen or acid corrosion are causes of corrosion.

using the pit depth gauge
Using the Pit Depth Gauge

The needle of the gauge is placed in the largest pit on the coupon. The gauge will point to the depth. You take this reading and plug it into this formula:

Pitting MPY=depth of deepest pit (in) X 1000 X 365

Time of exposure (in days)