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Total Quality Management

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Total Quality Management. Implementation. Implementation Chart.

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What is Total Quality Management?Total Quality Management is based on systems thinking. A system is a group of components within an organization that work together for the aim of the organization. For an organization to achieve its aim it must be managed. Management's responsibility is to strive to optimize a system and to keep it optimized. A key element of optimization is to assure that the output of the system meets the requirements of the customer. Quality, then, is defined as meeting valid customer requirements. A system must have an aim, and everyone involved with the system must understand and share this common aim. Every process within an organization must be optimized to achieve the aim of the system and to satisfy valid customer requirements. Thus, Total Quality Management is an all-encompassing approach of managing an organization in an optimal way so that the goods or services it produces meet the needs of the organization's customers. These are all elements of the Deming approach to TQM and it is upon these concepts that ITD's TQM program is based.What skills are needed in the qualityimprovement process?The focus of the quality improvement process is external--upon the customer. As the people within an organization try to continually improve their service to the customer, they will need to employ people skills and analytical skills. People skills include team-building techniques, brainstorming, nominal group techniques, focus groups,coaching, and mentoring. Analytical skills include flowcharting,checklists, histograms, Pareto analyses, fishbone diagrams, run charts,scatter diagrams, and so forth. The process of migrating from the current management culture to the new management culture will rest upon these tools.


The Six Principles of TQM1 Customer Focus2 A focus on the process as well as results3 Prevention versus inspection4 Mobilize expertise of workforce5 Fact-based decision making6 Feedback