Rocket powered man
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Rocket powered man 1/5/09 by Z ach Gusho - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rocket powered man 1/5/09 by Z ach Gusho

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Rocket powered man

1/5/09 by Zach Gusho

My super hero is Rocket powered man. He wears a red costume. His symbol is a fire ball. The every day problem he will fix is when kids are bored. He makes kids have fun on him. He will transform into a jet pack, a rocket powered surf board or anything else that is rocket powered.

For example you invite your best friends to your birthday party. Then you just forgot the games. But then you say I’m bored! Then Rocket Powered Man comes with his rocket powers. Then he turns into jetpacks, rocket powered surfboards or anything else rocket powered. Then your friends say that was the best party ever thanks to Rocket Powered Man he saved kids from boredom.

Rocket Powered Man lives on the sun but he gets to your house in one second. He comes when you say I’m bored! He gets there by turning into something rocket powered. He doesn’t have any gadgets so he uses his powers. He became a hero because people thought he was a hero. That is about Rocket Powered Man.