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Traveling With Students:

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Traveling With Students:. Adventures in Studying Real Live Art Liz Ashworth, Nipissing University. Why Take Students Out of the School?. because you’re crazy because they can learn outside of the classroom walls (sometimes better)

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Traveling With Students:

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traveling with students

Traveling With Students:

Adventures in Studying

Real Live Art

Liz Ashworth, Nipissing University

why take students out of the school
Why Take Students Out of the School?
  • because you’re crazy
  • because they can learn outside of the classroom walls (sometimes better)
  • because they need to expand their real-life experiences
  • because they need to see art in its real form (as opposed to slides and photos)
how to get started
How To Get Started…
  • start small (local sketching trips, galleries)
  • work up to out-of-town day trips and overnight ones
  • don’t be afraid to leave the country
  • work with professional student travel companies
  • customize the trip to fit your students’ needs
you ve chosen a destination now what do you do
You’ve chosen a destination, now what do you do?
  • write a proposal (why important for students)
  • get administration approval
  • advertise to students and parents
  • plan a information meeting
  • check the “undesirable list” in the office
  • create a list of students and have a waiting list as well
  • keep numbers smaller for international trips
  • have a meeting with both students and parents
what about money
What About Money?
  • fundraise well in advance to ensure all students can go
  • do not fundraise alone; get students and parents involved
  • be aware of hidden costs (e.g. tips, uncovered meals, taxes, etc.)
  • set due dates for installments well before you really need the money
tips for bus trips
Tips for Bus Trips:
  • Try to fill the bus (to defray costs)
  • May have to share with another school
  • Book something appropriate and comfortable
  • Bring videos/DVDs
  • Take attendance after each stop
  • When you reach the destination, do not let students off bus without a map and your cell number!
tips for airplane trips
Tips for Airplane Trips:
  • Find out who has not flown before
  • Charter an airline bus
  • Review airport security procedures
  • Check in together to get grouped seats
  • Pair nervous fliers with seasoned ones
hotel tips
Hotel Tips:
  • Make sure hotel is student-friendly
  • Keep all students in same part of hotel as you
  • Have a separate room from students
  • Make sure there is security
  • Have a set curfew
  • Check on them before you sleep
  • Tape them into their rooms
  • Make sure they come to the door for wake-up call
gallery and museum tips
Gallery and Museum Tips:
  • Have an assignment for them to do
  • Discuss gallery and museum protocols
  • Move in groups
  • Book a guide, or get the audio guide
  • Give students gallery/museum maps
  • Have set meeting times and places
student travel logistics
Student Travel Logistics:
  • Have detailed itineraries to deter lateness
  • Fill their time as much as possible
  • Build in shopping and fun time
  • Give students a packing list
  • Have students bring bank cards instead of travelers’ cheques
  • When walking keep students between chaperones
  • Count them constantly
  • No less than four in a group when they “explore”
student travel logistics cont d
Student Travel Logistics, cont’d:
  • Have all student info on you at all times
  • Keep a second batch of student meds on you and know their allergies
  • Give them a currency exchange chart for foreign countries
  • Encourage them to try new foods
  • Have students keep a travel journal and sketchbook
  • Don’t be afraid to send them home early at their parents’ expense!
  • Have a phone pyramid in case of emergency
  • Have a party to swap photos after the trip!
for more information
For More Information:

EF Tours –

Explorica –

Check with local bus companies for group excursions and rates