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Recruitment vs. Talent Acquisition PowerPoint Presentation
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Recruitment vs. Talent Acquisition

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Recruitment vs. Talent Acquisition
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Recruitment vs. Talent Acquisition

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  2. TASOLUTIONS.IN/HR THE LINE OF DIFFERENCE For a layman there is no difference between Recruitment and Talent Acquisition. However, there is a thin line that is deviating these two relatedterms. Recruitment is the search for asuitablecandidate to fillingthevacant position in an organization. Something that the Recruitment Agencies in Mumbaido. Talent Acquisition is acquiring talent i.e, acquiring people withskills

  3. TASOLUTIONS.IN/HR RECRUITMENT It is the core function in Human Resource. Broadly, it is an overall process of attracting candidates from a herd of talent pool, selecting the appropriate ones for interview (involving different steps according to company) and finally appointing or offering the position to the one who is most perfect for the position. T&A Solutions can be referred to as one ofthebest job consultants in thisregard.

  4. TASOLUTIONS.IN/HR TALENT ACQUISITION The managers involved in the process look for talent and further consider them a crucial part for the development of the organization. Broadly, talent acquisition about searchingforthe candidate, inviting for an interview, assessing the candidate(s), background check and finally selecting the candidate for the position.

  5. TASOLUTIONS.IN/HR HOW DO THEY DIFFER? PROCEDURE/PLANNING Talent Acquisition requires a proven strategy or understanding of the position tobefilled. It is more of understandingtheskills required keeping in mind the future development of the company. They also look for soft skills. However, recruitment looks to the immediate requirement of thecompany.

  6. TASOLUTIONS.IN/HR DIVIDING The team of Talent Acquisition in Human Resource of an organization will understand different departments of the company differently. It will focus on the skills, experience and competency of every individual working there. However, recruitment is often limited to the part of hiring a candidate. The after process id followed up by talent acquisitionteam.

  7. TASOLUTIONS.IN/HR COMPANYIMAGE You must have noticed in the recent years how companies irrespective of its size are focused into building its image not only among its clients or customers but among job seekers or employees too. A positive brand name ignites the urge to work in a particular company. This you would generally not find in or within recruitmentdirectly.

  8. TASOLUTIONS.IN/HR MANAGING THETALENT Recruitment process involves follow up of potential candidates unless they join the company. You can find the Placement Consultant in Delhi doing this. The same happens with talent acquisition, only the fact is in talent acquisition, you keep track of the potential candidate even if he/she is not able or willing to join immediately. Talent Acquisition is more of understanding thisgap.

  9. TASOLUTIONS.IN/HR ANALYSIS This part is important to keep track of your hard work whether things are going smoothly the way you wanted them to. A checklist or analysis will tell the gap lying within. The Talent Acquisition team will come up with gap (if any) lying among any employee and will work upon developing them to meet the organization goals. Whereas recruitment doesn’t go thatfar.

  10. THANKYOU T&ASolutions Your recruitmentspecialist