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Exam 3 - Chps. 7-9

Exam 3 - Chps. 7-9. Plastics Liquid Fuel Rockets Television. Edward Lloyd Archibald Cochrane James Watt Murdock Winsor Macintosh W. H. Perkins. Haber/Bosch Henri Moissan Fritz Klatte Christian Shoenbein Leo Baekeland Wallace Carothers. Plastics - Names. Dutch Fluyt

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Exam 3 - Chps. 7-9

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  1. Exam 3 - Chps. 7-9 • Plastics • Liquid Fuel Rockets • Television

  2. Edward Lloyd Archibald Cochrane James Watt Murdock Winsor Macintosh W. H. Perkins Haber/Bosch Henri Moissan Fritz Klatte Christian Shoenbein Leo Baekeland Wallace Carothers Plastics - Names

  3. Dutch Fluyt Coffeehouse banking Wood Tar & Pitch Coal Tar Coal Gas Municipal coal gas Waterproof garments Malaria Aniline Dyes German Chem. Ind. Calcium carbide Acetylene Thermoplastics Thermoset plastics Synthetic polymers Plastics Connections

  4. Charles the Bold Napoleon Nicholas Appert John Gorrie Von Linde Joule - Thomson Jules Violle James Dewar Jules Verne Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Robert Goddard Herman Oberth Werner von Braun Liquid Fuel Rocket - Names

  5. The Pike Square Increased troop size Battle of Marengo Soc. For Encouragement of Ind. Food Preservation Refrigeration Frozen Food Refrigerants Adiabatic Flask Liquid Oxygen Liquid Hydrogen WW II The V2 Rocket Liquid Fuel Rocket Connections

  6. Gemma Frisius Leondard Diggs Henry the VIII Christopher Saxton John Ogilby George Wade Thomas Drummond Floris Nollet Michael Faraday Zenobie Gramme C. Shoenbein John W. Hyatt Franz von Uchatius Muybridge Edison Vladimir Zworykin Television Names

  7. Cannon Telemetry Henry VIII’s divorce Surveying & mapping Surveying Ireland Limelight Electrical generators Arc light Nitrocellulose Celluloid film Moving pictures Incandescent light Motion picture projector Photoelectric effect Iconoscope Television Connections

  8. Nitrocellulose Acetylene P/T = const. V2 Arc lamp Limelight Analine dyes Photoelectric effect Heat = T x Quantity “Soho Stink” Electrical generator Cinchona Light & electrons Bayer, BASF, Hoechst Theodolitus Thermosets & plastics Know These

  9. What you should know • Differentiate Dutch Fluyt & Galleon, p191 • Bill of credit, 193 • Coffeehouse banking • Connection between insurance and boat hulls, 194-195 • How tar and pitch was produced, 195

  10. What you should know • What is “soho stink.” 198 • How did coal gas change life in Europe, 200 • How Macintosh made waterproof fabric. • Why, the British let slip their lead in color chemistry to Germany, p 206 • Where natural sodium nitrate came from.

  11. What you should know • What triggered Germany to synthesis Sodium nitrate, NaNO3 (s) and how was it made? 208 • Connection between wheat crises, artificial diamonds and fertilizer. 209 • How was acetylene made and why did it have a short life as a lamp fuel.209-210

  12. What you should know • What is a polymer? • Differentiate between natural and synthetic polymers • Differentiate between thermoplastics and thermoset plastics

  13. What you should know • What uses did nobility put borrowed money, 220-221 • Causes for increased troop size,220-6 • Appert’s method of food preservation & its importance to Napoleon. • How did Napoleon get France back into financial shape after Battle of Morango.

  14. What you should know • Why must can food be sealed and why they can be spoiled by Botulinum. • Trigger for Gorrie’s cooling system. • The principal behind Gorrie’s refrigerator. • The components of a Dewar flask.

  15. What you should know • The connection between refrigeration and liquid fuel rockets. • Difference between liquid and solid fuel rockets. • Liquid fuels in the space shuttle. • How do XIPS rockets work • Differentiate between heat and temperature. Lecture notes.

  16. What you should know • Connections to map making from cannons, Henry VIII, wars and taxes. • Connection between cannons and mathematics. • Architectural changes caused by the cannon.

  17. What you should know • How limelight was discovered and how it works & where it found use. • Connection between limelight, electricity & electrical generators. • What type of light was eventually chosen for light houses & how did the light work? • Connection between valence electrons and light.

  18. What you should know • Explain the photoelectric effect. • Thomas Edison's contribution to technology and business. Burke and Readings. • How TV works.

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