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Troop 114

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Troop 114

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  1. Weekly Meeting Guide Troop 114

  2. Troop Meeting • Before the Meeting • Pre-Opening • Opening • Scout Instruction • Inspection • Patrol Corners • Game • Closing

  3. Before the Meeting • Scribe takes attendance and collects permission slips. • Treasurer, Scribe, designated Scout or adult collects money. • Prepare for the meeting.

  4. Pre-Opening • Starts at 7:00PM • Senior Patrol Leader moves the flags into position. This will signal the Patrol Leaders to get their patrols into position. • Patrol Leaders silently move their patrols into position. Use the scout sign until all are quiet and into position. No yelling “Signs Up” • Patrol Leaders announce patrol attendance to Senior Patrol Leader. “Cobras all present” or “Nick Gabriel missing from New Scout Patrol”. • Possible Patrol Report to the Troop. “All New Scouts have completed Tenderfoot Requirements” • Scribe to verify and announce final headcount. If permission slips are due, then he will also announce who will be attending the trip. • Senior Patrol Leader will call the troop to attention. “Troop Atten…tion”

  5. Opening • The Senior Patrol Leader will call up the patrol assigned to do opening & closing. • The patrol will come forward and stand in front of the troop. Patrol Leader will announce “Scout Salute”. • The Pledge of Allegiance is then recited. • Patrol Leader will announce “Two” • Patrol Leader will select one of his members to perform the scout oath/law etc.. • Scout will announce “Scout Sign”… recite oath/law … “Two”… Patrol will then move back into position. • Senior Patrol Leader will then put flags back.

  6. Scout Instruction • Pick a Monthly Theme. Communication, Backpacking, First-aid, etc.. • BE PREPARED • Show an Instructional Video • Words alone don’t work • Include Scouts from the Audience • A Scout is Taught, A Scout is Tested, A Scout Teaches • Demonstrations – Knot tying, Injured carry, lashings, compass, bandages. • Dramatizations – Axe safety, for example, may be shown in a Patrol skit of "Tenderfoot Willie Brings His Axe to Camp" - Willie, of course, being shown by his Patrol pals how to use his axe correctly after having handled it in the most dangerous manner.  Any number of first aid “dramas” is possible. • Discuss last trip. What went right, what would you change..

  7. Inspection • Use the Troop’s inspection sheets. • Completed sheets are returned to the Scribe.

  8. Patrol Corners Learn to identify the snakes native to your area Practice leaf identification with leaves or flash cards. Learn the Philmont grace or the Outdoor code. Create a poster for the troop. Buddy up for advancement coaching. Develop a patrol slogan or motto Investigate a merit badge using pamphlet and requirements Write a new skit and practice it Clean pots and utensils Build personal camp stools Show and tell of useful camping / backpacking gear Make fire starters Create a patrol cookbook Practice setting up a tent blindfolded Construct model rockets Practice techniques for hanging bear bags Practice techniques for moving and carrying sick and injured persons Practice various ways of setting up flies and tarps Perform maintenance on bicycles Listen to / Read Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech and discuss it with the Patrol. • Scout Instruction practice / utilization. • Menu Planning • Trip preparation • Check each members progress toward his next rank • Sign-off requirements • Start a new patrol flag / Enhance a current one • Make patrol neckerchief slides • Work on the Knot Board • Set patrol goals and objectives • Make trail mix for the next hike • Pack inspection • Develop a patrol menu file with recipes and food lists • Make model pioneering projects • Plan a patrol outing and submit to PLC for approval • Make individual first-aid kits • Have an adult help with the Totin’ Chip requirements. • Plan a patrol campfire for the next campout. • Work on a merit badge requirement • Practice orienteering a map and compass • Practice ceremonies • Plan equipment distribution for backpacking

  9. Game • Optional • Starts at 8:00 or later. • Search the Internet • Find New Stuff • Keep it Safe • Be Respectful

  10. Closing • SPL will call the closing patrol forward. • Two boys from the patrol will move the flags into position. • PL or Scout will then perform closing.. Two.. • SM Minute, Announcements, Circle • Assigned patrol will then move flags back. • Optional snacks and refreshments. • End of Meeting