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Troop 755

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Troop 755

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  1. Troop 755 2010 Satisfaction Survey November 7, 2010

  2. Executive Summary • Sample Size: 74 • By and large our parents are very happy with Troop 755 and feel the overall Scout program here is outstanding. • A key contributor to the quality of our program is the strong adult participation we have. • No major areas of concern were identified in the survey – need to be careful to not to over-emphasize the negative. • A few areas of improvement were identified mostly in the area of trying to focus the program more on the core values of Scouting – i.e. being boy-led, more focus on skills development and leadership, and perhaps a bit more structure.

  3. Overall Satisfaction with Troop 755 Key Themes • Strong adult commitment is what makes this Troop great. • We are blessed to have a troop like ours in Northville. • Exceeds all expectations. • Areas of Improvement: • More focus on the Mission of Scouting • More focus on being boy-led and using the Patrol Method. • More traditional and perhaps less costly events and activities.

  4. Quantity of Campouts Key Themes • More outdoor skill campouts with traditional activities (e.g. campfires, hiking, pioneering, etc.) • More campouts held locally. • Some concern for the cost of campouts that may inhibit participation. • Healthier cracker barrels.

  5. Quality of Campouts Key Themes • The Troop’s camping program is one of our key strengths – high quality and wide variety. • More focus on outdoor skills and merit badges would be a positive change. • More physical activities. • Align Scoutcraft at weekly meetings with upcoming campouts.

  6. Troop Safety Key Themes • Because of adult commitment to the Troop our safety record is outstanding. • Although a minor concern, the troop should make sure the younger boys are safe and perhaps could use more supervision and guidance. • Preparation for High Adventure trips is excellent.

  7. Scout-Led Troop Key Themes • Significant opinion that our Troop could be more boy-led. • Too much “behind the scenes” adult leadership. • Very strong adult commitment is seen as an overall positive but may affect being boy-led. • More emphasis on older boys teaching younger boys. • More emphasis on the Patrol Method.

  8. Youth Leadership Development Key Themes • Patrol Leaders could provide more leadership. • Need to create more opportunities to a wider group of boys – pushing a bit if necessary. • Similar to “boy-led” this is an area our Troop can do more. • More opportunities for boys who may not have strong leadership qualities.

  9. Skills Instruction Key Themes • Advancement may be too rapid in some cases. • More focus on Scout Skills. • More standardized and rigorous Boards of Review. • With the large number of committed adult volunteers perhaps we could have more individualized instruction. • Overall instruction is very good – but Scouts get out of it what they put into it.

  10. Opportunity to Reach Eagle Key Themes • This is a key strength of Troop 755 and something that attracts new Scouts. • The infrastructure and support for reaching Eagle is outstanding. • Some boys may be getting to Eagle too quickly. • Might be useful to involve parents when boys turn 16 in order to set expectations.

  11. Communications Key Themes • The Troop website and weekly e-blast newsletter are very helpful. • Additional suggestions: • Merit badge schedule • Troop budget and fundraising results • Details and insights on what happens at meetings and campouts. • Make sure communication at meetings is replicated on website.

  12. Cost of Program Key Themes • Overall the Troop is very cost competitive but some events seem to be too pricey. • Scouts should be more involved in fundraising and have more equity in the cost aspects of being a Scout. • More fundraising could help defray the cost of participating. Frustration with popcorn. • A Scout is Thrifty

  13. Summary Strengths • Safety • Quality of Campouts • Skills Instruction • Eagle Program • Communications Areas of Improvement • Being a Boy-Led Troop • Youth Leadership Development • Cost of Program

  14. Thank You for Participating