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TROOP PLACEMENT Offline Troop Catalog Demo PowerPoint Presentation
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TROOP PLACEMENT Offline Troop Catalog Demo

TROOP PLACEMENT Offline Troop Catalog Demo

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TROOP PLACEMENT Offline Troop Catalog Demo

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  1. TROOP PLACEMENTOffline Troop Catalog Demo

  2. Agenda for Offline Troop Catalog Webinar Overview of what we’ll cover Preview of offline troop catalog Preview of draft MOU Q & A

  3. Access Database Set-up • Participating Service Units will complete an Excel worksheet with the database fields found in the Access Database • Member Services will upload the information to Access

  4. TROOP PLACEMENTOffline Troop Catalog Demo

  5. Join Girl Scouts • Parents contact GS NorCal using the following means: • Completing the Join GS Interest form on our website at • Calling the Join GS phone line at 1-800-447-4475 extension 3091

  6. Search, Match, Inform • Member Services will search the Offline Troop Catalog for available troops, using the criteria most critical to the parent. • Member Services will enter the prospective GS information in Access • If there is a match: • Member Services notifies Leader via email or phone depending on Leader’s preference • Member Services notifies parent via an email that contains the preferred contact information for the leader and membership registration instructions

  7. If there is not a match: • Member Services sends standard “Thank you for your interest and looking for volunteers” email to parent • Member Services enters prospect in Personify Contact Tracking with Troop Catalog troop preference information for membership staff follow up. • Member Services will follow up with membership staff using the CT505 report

  8. Draft MOU

  9. Q & A • When a recruitment happens (from a pilot service unit), will those girls be added to this system? Yes. • This system is assuming that each leader will upload whether their troop has current openings each year? No. We will not pilot the offline troop catalog with existing troops yet. It is for new troops only. • What happens when the number of desired girls is reached? How is it removed from the catalog? The Member Services staff removes the troops once they reach capacity, which is why it’s essential that no one else is “filling” these spots. • Will staff receive copy of email to parent/leader if a match occurs? Yes, Member Services staff will notify the appropriate Membership staff when a placement is made. • Will this be like tracking in Personify for staff? Yes, Member Services will notify Membership staff when a match is not made and follow up is needed.

  10. Q & A • Our area is not school-based. If we do not have a goal for specific new troops, are we not able to use the pilot program? Yes, you can still use the offline troop catalog, but you have to specify where, how many girls, and what age levels you are recruiting for to be included in the catalog. • What is the timing of the pilot project? We’d like to get agreement from the service units who wish to participate in the pilot project by mid-August, help create the recruitment campaign and plan of action by the end of August, and upload it into the offline troop catalog by the beginning of September and ready to go live in September, and to be used until Salesforce is in place in Spring 2015. • What are next steps? Service units may schedule follow up calls with Terri Hague to clarify any remaining questions, and/or notify Terri Hague of the willingness to sign on to participate as well as to decline the invitation. Terri will provide the MOU for all parties to sign, and schedule time for Membership staff to complete the plan of action and Excel upload in partnership with service unit volunteers. Member Services will upload the catalog into the Access database and work with both service unit volunteers and Membership staff to test the catalog prior to going live.

  11. Thank you for your time, attention, and service to Girl Scouts. Questions go to Terri Hague at