office of u s foreign disaster assistance n.
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Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance PowerPoint Presentation
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Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance

Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance

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Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance

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  1. Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance

  2. 1. Host country must ask for, or be willing to accept, USG assistance. • 2. The disaster is of such magnitude that it is beyond the host country’s ability to respond adequately. • 3. It is in the interest of the USG to provide assistance. OFDA’s Response Criteria IF THESE 3 CRITERIA ARE MET: The U.S. Ambassador issues a Disaster Declaration in SUPPORT of the host nation.

  3. USAID/OFDA is the USG lead for organizing and managing foreign disaster assistance Develops overall response strategy Provides on-scene management in support of U.S. Ambassador Provides USG funding to implementing partners Collects and analyzes information on the response Primary reporting source for the total USG response When necessary, USAID/OFDA requests support from other USG agencies (including DoD) in HA/DR. USAID/OFDA’s Role in a Disaster Response

  4. OFDA Response Options Funding: $ 50,000 Funding: Grants Humanitarian Commodities Personnel: Regional Advisors Personnel: Assessment Team Personnel: Disaster Assistance Response Team Personnel: RMT - Response Management Team (DC) Any Combination of Above Recommend nothing Most Common Most Common Large Events

  5. OFDA At Work: Global Presence USAID / OFDA HQ OFDA COCOM Advisor Regional Office TOTAL OFDA PERSONNEL = ~ 350 Stockpiles U.N. Rep Humanitarian Advisor

  6. Miami (30,000 sq ft) • Plastic Sheeting • Blankets • Collapsible Water Jugs • Water storage bladders • Hygiene Kits • Water treatment trailers • Rubber boats • Kitchen sets • Pisa (50,000 sq ft) • Plastic Sheeting • Blankets • Collapsible Water Jugs • Water storage bladders • Hygiene Kits • Water treatment trailers • Dubai (38,000 sq ft) • Plastic Sheeting • Blankets • Collapsible Water Jugs • Hygiene Kits • Water storage bladders • Water treatment trailers • Rubber boats • Armored Vehicles

  7. DOD and USAID Coordination During Disaster Response

  8. OSD Guidance: DOD Mission in Foreign Disaster Relief The U.S. military is not instrument of first resort humanitarian response but supports civilian relief agencies The U.S. military may be involved when: The military provides a unique service Civilian response capacity is overwhelmed Civilian authorities request assistance When the U.S. military does become involved: The military mission should be clearly defined The risks should be minimal Core DOD missions should not be affected

  9. USAID/OFDA generates or receives request for DoD support from humanitarian partner consignees (NGO, U.N. cluster, etc.) USAID/OFDA, with USG country team, validates and prioritizes requests Validated requests forwarded to DoD for review and execution Validating the Mission

  10. Requesting DOD Support For USG response, US Ambassador or COM validates emergency If req’d, HN requests assistance from international community (other nations, NGOs, IOs, regional response mechanisms, etc.) • HN requests/will accept USG aid • HN overwhelmed • In interest of USG DOD approves HA/DR AMB/COM issues disaster declaration cable Joint Staff tasks COCOM (CJCS EXORD) USAID/OFDA responds as LFA COCOM responds in support of USAID/OFDA Exception: COCOM can respond immediately to save lives if assets on hand (72 hr limit) If req’d, State or USAID requests DOD support and may provide $$$ (Via EXECSEC Memo request or letter/ interagency agreement) HN Responds Disaster Occurs 10

  11. OFDA Military Liaison Team • Military Liaison Team (MLT) • Based in Washington, DC • OFDA Advisors at Geographic Combatant Commands • SOUTHCOM • PACOM • EUCOM • AFRICOM • CENTCOM • MLT surge staff • Civ-Mil Advisors on DART or OFDA Field Offices Joint Humanitarian Operations Course (JHOC)

  12. Role of OFDA Civil Military Advisor • Provide input to military planning --- all phases, all levels, all orders (responses and exercises) • Recommend appropriate uses of military assets • Screen, validate, and prioritize requests for military support coming from UN/NGOs/IOs as well as other parts of DoD • Act as intermediary between the military and the UN/NGOs/IOs

  13. What is the Mission? Wholesalevs. Retail • Large capacity airlift • Airfield and port management • Off-loading and trans-loading • Moving supplies and people • Helicopter and air support • Engineering assessments • Security

  14. What is the Mission? Wholesale Vs. Retail • Food/commodities distribution • Camp management • Health/water and sanitation programs • Processing/ screening/tracing of displaced persons • Vaccinations

  15. RFA to MITAM Process: MOST COMMON SITUATION (When someone wants assistance from the US Military) Other Donors, UN Agency, or NGO not directly funded by the USG Host Nation Military USG Organization or Implementing Partner (UN, NGO, etc.) Host Nation Civilian Organizations Requests of an HA Nature Submit a RFA (USAID/OFDA or UN Form) Requests purely Mil-Mil in nature USAID/OFDA Response Team in-country Executes Mission, then reports back to USAID/OFDA Prioritizes and Validates RFAs Informs USAID/OFDA of the Execution Plan, then DIRLAUTH with the Requestor Daily MITAM issued by USAID/OFDA US Military HQ in-country

  16. USG Civ-Mil in the Pacific • Use of US military assets for relief operations in the Pacific has been infrequent due to proximity. • In the event of a rapid onset disaster, DoD can exercise 72hr Life & Limb Authority (During Exercises and Patrols) • Due to the increased focus on the Pacific, there will be a more sustained presence of DoD assets that can be utilized during major relief operations. • Outside of major responses, increased presence of DoD engagements in HADR during port visits and joint excercises. (Mil-Mil)