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The Yohkoh Galileo Project

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The Yohkoh Galileo Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Yohkoh Galileo Project. --- International Coordination Meeting Nobeyama, Japan 10-11 July 2002. Back when some of us were a little less gray. - courtesy Minoru Oda. Party, Jan. 1987. EOF, Nov. 1991. Group, Nov. 1991. Two Interesting Vu-graphs - courtesy of Jack Harvey.

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the yohkoh galileo project

The Yohkoh Galileo Project


International Coordination Meeting

Nobeyama, Japan

10-11 July 2002

the yohkoh galileo project1
The Yohkoh Galileo Project

The Japan/US/UK Yohkoh mission has been an

unprecedented scientific success. It is the goal

of the Yohkoh Galileo Project to create an archive

of Yohkoh data, processed results, and calibration

and analysis information of sufficient quality so as

to make these results useful for science and

scientists in perpetuity. Experts should no longer

be required to guide others in the use of the data.

nasa response to yohkoh galileo project

NASA Response to YohkohGalileo Project

In early 2002, after it was certain that Yohkoh could not

be recovered, the MSU and LMSAL teams (with

support and cooperation of the MSSL team) wrote

a so-called “white paper” entitled

Plan for Yohkoh/SXT Mission Completion

L. Acton, J. Lemen 15-Mar-02

On the basis of this proposal NASA has agreed to permit

use of already authorized Yohkoh/SXT funds for this

archival work -- to be completed by 30 September 2003.

permanent yohkoh archive leading questions
Permanent Yohkoh ArchiveLeading questions
  • Form and content of observational data?
  • Form and content of documentation?
  • Additional/improved interface & access software?
  • Unfinished calibrations?
  • Other data products (e.g., flare lists, soft x-ray spectral irradiance, etc.)
yohkoh data products

Yohkoh Data Products

Level 0

Reformatted raw Yohkoh data.

Level 1

Instrumental or (BCS) photon units.

All calibrations and corrections applied.

FITS format with exhaustive header info.

No additional data base required to use these

data products.

Level 2

E.g., SXT composite images, movies, flare list.

final documentation
Final Documentation
  • Existing documents, e.g.,
    • Pre-launch papers in Solar Physics
    • Yohkoh Analysis Guide
    • 3. SXT Experiment Interface Agreement
  • Yohkoh Archive User’s Guide
    • Deals primarily with use of Level 1 & 2 data
  • HTML-based tools for access and analysis
  • The Yohkoh Legacy book
the yohkoh legacy book
The Yohkoh Legacy Book

The objective of this book is to create a permanent record of:

1. A selection of Yohkoh science.

2. Everything needed to understand and analyze the data.

The book should explain how the digital signals are related to incoming photons, what corrections have been applied, and the experimental uncertainty of the result.

example partial list of sxt tasks
Example: Partial List of SXT Tasks
  • SXT response calibration & data correction
    • Yohkoh pointing correction and verification
    • SXT CCD gain calibration
    • Stray light correction
    • Changes in SXT spectral sensitivity
    • Correction for vignetting and scattered x-rays
  • Data preparation and products
  • Documentation
  • Cross calibration with GOES 12 Soft X-ray Imager