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EDUC 105. Chapter One Becoming a Teacher. Chapter 1: Becoming a Teacher A major objective of this textbook is to introduce you to classroom teaching as a teaer, not as a student. Being a teacher is different from being a student.

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educ 105

EDUC 105

Chapter One

Becoming a Teacher

Chapter 1: Becoming a TeacherA major objective of this textbook is to introduce you to classroom teaching as a teaer, not as a student.
  • Being a teacher is different from being a student.
  • Teaching requires special personal and professional characteristics.
what you will learn
  • Teaching is a complex profession involving both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Teachers sometimes suffer from stress and burnout.
  • Demand for new classroom teachers is continuing to expand because of the maturity of those in the profession and the increasing numbers of students.
  • Although there are many different types of teacher preparation programs in this country, all programs are concerned with academic, professional, and practical preparation.
  • Effective teachers are those who are able to incorporate their personal and professional characteristics in the classroom.
becoming a teacher the first day of teaching
Becoming a Teacher: The First Day of Teaching
  • Lauries Ferriri’s first day in Carson Junior High
Who becomes a Teacher?
  • Why do you want to become a teacher?Class activity******
motivations for teaching
Motivations for teaching
  • Some beginning teachers are non-traditional students who have been in the workplace for several years.
  • Some are mothers/fathers who worked and waited for their kids to group up.
  • Others retired from another job (military).
  • Schwarz and Labrets (1998) report that entry level teachers are excited about the job, interested in working with children, and want to share their love of subject matter/knowledge.
  • Their primary motivation is to help others.
Still others have personal motives (they want to control others, see themselves as missionaries)Others become teachers because they feel the teachers they had were inadequate.
teaching as a career
Teaching as a career
  • What are some of the rewards of teaching?
  • What motivates you to go through the years of school to become a teacher?
  • Intrinsic rewards
  • Extrinsic rewards
what is teaching
What is Teaching?
  • Teaching is a profession in which you interact daily with children, their parents, and society.
  • Teaching is more than delivering a curriculum or subject matter.Teaching includes the personal histories each of us brings into our classes.Teaching as a SkillTeaching as an Art FormA happy Medium
The Need for Teachers
  • Increasing number of studentsMaturity of teachers
Teacher Preparation Programs There are over 1000 teacher preparation programs in the country.The requirements vary by state.
Preparing to be a teacher You will take both academic and professional courses.Undergraduate Education Experiences
  • Classroom observations
  • Classroom Internships
  • Student Teaching
Who is an Effective Teacher?Personal Characteristics
  • an extrovert
  • enjoy working with students
  • accessible
  • flexible
  • problem solverslearners
Professional Characteristics
  • good managers
  • flexible
  • knowledgeable in subject matter
Effective Teacher Characteristics
  • Tend to be good managers
  • have high expectations of their students and themselves
  • believe in their own effectiveness
  • vary teaching strategies
  • handle discipline through prevention
  • are warm and caring
  • are democratic in their approach
  • are task-oriented
  • are concerned with perceptual meanings over facts and events
  • are comfortable interacting with students
  • have a strong grasp of subject matter
  • are readily assessable to students outside of class
  • tailor their teaching to student needs
  • are reflective practioners, open to new learning theories and classroom techniques
  • are highly flexible, enthusiastic and imaginative