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Connor Haukom Industries™

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Connor Haukom Industries™. By: Connor Haukom. What Do we do?.

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what do we do
What Do we do?
  • We are a non-profit organization that makes donations to other non-profits around the world. We like contributing to many other non-profit organizations, but we make a lot of donations to The Hunger Project. Our organization holds many fundraisers at different times of the year. Some examples of a fundraiser would be a picnic, swim, auction, golf tourney, etc.
we need your help
We Need Your Help!
  • Space and staffing:we only have 2 staff in a basement
  • Stand out from other organization
  • Bring in more donations
  • Be more time efficient
  • When a person calls in sick our staff becomes even smaller.
  • Our space isn’t big enough to expand.
  • Our few employees don’t have enough workspace.
  • Our workplace is outdated. Need new technology.
  • There is nowhere for employees to eat, so they take 1 and a half hours to go out and eat.
  • Hire 30 employees and rent a floor of the Bremer Tower: 30 employees at $7.25 an hour. For two months employees would cost about $104,000 for the new employees. Also a months rent at the Bremer Tower would cost about $5,000.
  • Hire 10 employees and rent an office building: 10 employees at $8.00 an hour. For two months employees would cost about $38.400 for the new employees. Also a months rent of an office building would cost about $2,500.
  • Hire 2 employees and purchase a portable office: 2 employees at $9.00 an hour. For two months employees would cost about $8,640 for the new employees. Also a portable office would cost $4,000 one time fee.
  • Could keep the same: 2 employees in a small basement at $10.00 an hour. For two months employees would cost
  • The best fit for our company would be the second option.
  • 30 employees to many, 2 is not enough.
  • With new work space, work will be more efficient.
  • Rent the office building.
  • Hire the new staff at part time for a while.
  • Get our spacing situated in the new building.
  • The second option would cost about $43,400 initially for the two months.
  • IN 60 DAYS WE WILL….
  • More efficient
  • Bring in more business
  • Be one of the best non-profit organization

With your help we can continue to donate to the other non-profits out there. We like helping everyone and that is why we choose to donate to more than one non-profit. With your help we would like to continue donating to the other non-profits at a bigger rate, with bigger donations.