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10/3 - 10/7 Fall Book Fair 10/4 – 10/7 Reading Quarter 1 Assessments PowerPoint Presentation
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10/3 - 10/7 Fall Book Fair 10/4 – 10/7 Reading Quarter 1 Assessments

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10/3 - 10/7 Fall Book Fair 10/4 – 10/7 Reading Quarter 1 Assessments
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10/3 - 10/7 Fall Book Fair 10/4 – 10/7 Reading Quarter 1 Assessments

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  1. SUDLERSVILLE ELEMENTARY A Title 1 School OCTOBER 2011 “Where Eagles SOAR!” www.qacps.k12.md.us/ses/WELCOME.HTM Principal’s News Dear Parents and Friends of SES,   With the school year just over a month old it may be instructive to share with you the SES staff-developed Mission Statement as well as our School Goals for 2011 – 2012. They are both reevaluated and revised each year and are designed to provide educators here with guidelines for the year. Please note that student achievement for all children is the ultimate goal; both the Mission Statement and School Goals help determine how we as educators – along with your assistance and collaboration – hope to achieve school-wide academic excellence and student success. Sudlersville Elementary Mission Statement The mission of Sudlersville Elementary is to educate and enlighten each of our students through and engaging curriculum and high expectations (for both behavior and achievement) by dedicated teachers and staff with support of parents and the extended community. Sudlersville Elementary School Goals Collect and display data to promote, measure, and ensure academic growth over time for all students. Sustain a positive partnership with parents, community, and staff in order to increase student achievement and attendance. Continue to build collaboration among all staff members and district resources to meet the needs of all students. Recognize and reward character and good citizenship to enhance student leadership in the Sudlersville Elementary School community. As always, thank you for helping your child and assisting him or her in reaching the goals shown above. The success of all students depends upon everyone – students, teachers and parents – continuing to work together. Your efforts are most appreciated. Sincerely, Lloyd W. Taylor, Ed.D. Principal Upcoming Events • 10/3 - 10/7 Fall Book Fair • 10/4 – 10/7 Reading • Quarter 1 Assessments • 10/4Lardarius Webb • 1:00 pm • 10/5 Book Fair ext. hours • 7:30 am – 8:00 pm • 10/6 Title 1 Dinner • 10/7 Outdoor Movie Night • 10/10 SVFH Fire • Prevention Assemblies • 9:00 & 10:15 am • 10/14 Hispanic Heritage • Day Festival • 10/17 AM Pre-K Pizza Hut • 10/18 1st Grade – Zoo • 2nd Grade – DC • PM Pre-K Pizza Hut • 10/19 ½ Day • Sailing Through the System • 6:30 pm • 10/20-21 NO SCHOOL • 10/25 Picture Retakes • 10/26 Sailing Through the • System 6:30 pm • 10/27 Kindergarten – • Wicked R Ranch • Campfire Reading & • Math Night

  2. SUDLERSVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A Title 1 School OCTOBER 2011 “Where Eagles SOAR!” www.qacps.k12.md.us/ses/WELCOME.HTM PreK News It is hard to believe that September is already over.  The children are doing a wonderful job following classroom rules and routines.  We have been reading a lot of books about going back to school.  In addition, we have been learning about color and shapes in class.  Please help your child identify and understand that colors and shapes can be found anywhere.  We will be learning about nursery rhymes this month.  Have your child select a nursery rhyme and help them practice the rhyme each day.  We will be celebrating Nursery Rhyme Day on Friday, October 28th.  If you have any questions please feel free to call.  Thanks again for your continued support! Kindergarten is off to a great start! October will be a busy month.  Each class will begin to have homework. The homework will be sent home in a monthly packet.  There will be homework for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. At the front of the packet, there is a newsletter that will have information about upcoming events and topics being covered in the classroom.  This homework is in addition to the reading homework that started on September 12.  If you need additional reading logs for your child, please contact his/her teacher. If you have any questions, contact your child's teacher.  Thank you for your support, Mrs. Beres, Mrs. Munson and Mrs. Nuse Grade 2 News Grade 1 News O – Oh boy! Fall is here already! C – Can you believe September is gone? Make sure your child dresses appropriately for the changing weather. Also, make sure to label jackets, lunchboxes and other belongings. T – The 2nd grade has been working very hard! Transitioning to Literacy Block each day has gone well and the students seem very comfortable with it. We’ve finished the first math unit (the basics) and have started on Unit 2 which will focus on addition and subtraction number stories. Our Social Studies Unit on Communities and geography is almost complete. The students enjoyed the walking trip of Sudlersville and may be working on building a community model in school. We are using the Write Traits writing program and are starting our second unit this month which focuses on organizing paragraphs. O - Onward to upcoming events: The book fair will be held during the second week of this month, SVFD will be at school on the 10th to review fire safety, and we will be traveling to Washington DC on Tuesday, October 18th to visit the Natural History Museum. Please make sure to send in you permission slips and payment for that trip. B – Be sure and get to a volunteer workshop if you are interested in coming with us. We can take up to 9 parents per class. E – Everybody’s a winner when you do your best! Keep up the good work second grade! Don’t forget to read each and every night. R – Rotations have started during intervention time. This year the second grade teachers will each choose a topic or theme to focus on for a two week period. We will rotate through so that each class benefits from the enriching activities that each teacher is doing. Literacy Block-  Students are doing a terrific job of transitioning to their literacy teacher first thing in the morning!  *Please remember that your child needs to be reading 10-20 min, 4 times a week and turning in their reading log paper each Monday!Science -  We are enjoying learning about plants and animals.  We are also excited about our upcoming field trip to the Washington Zoo.(Oct.18th)Social Studies - We will be starting a new unit on Citizenship.Language Arts -  We are reviewing and learning new vocabulary.  We are using these vocabulary words in our writing this month.Math-  Our focus for the year will be to continue to work on addition and subtraction skills.  *Please remember to keep previously made math manipulatives in a safe place at home.  We will reuse these throughout the year.Thank you for your support!   Your First Grade Team Kindergarten News

  3. SUDLERSVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A Title 1 School OCTOBER 2011 “Where Eagles SOAR!” www.qacps.k12.md.us/ses/WELCOME.HTM Grade 3 News Grade 4 News Baby News: Welcome Christopher Rosendale IV.  Mrs. Rosendale had her handsome baby boy on September 26th.  Baby, mom, and dad are all home and doing well.  Welcome to Ms. Saunders- Ms. Saunders will be taking Mrs. Rosendale's place on the fourth grade team while Mrs. Rosendale enjoys time with healthy baby boy. Homework and agendas Reading Homework reminder: Students should be completing a reading comprehension activity based on a given story each night Monday through Thursday.  In addition to the reading comprehension students should also be reading 20 minutes four nights a week and completing a reading log for his/her Literacy Block teacher. Students may count their comprehension story as part of their 20 minutes of reading as long as the student is actively reading for 20 minutes.  Math Homework reminder:  Students should be completing one Math handout every night Monday through Thursday.  These Math handouts are given to the students in a packet at the beginning of each week.  We encourage students to do Math nightly to practice skills learned in class.  Also, if students work too far ahead in the weekly packet they may be attempting a skill that hasn't been taught yet. Monthly Book Report: As a whole, the 4th grade teachers were extremely impressed with the September Book Reports.  WAY TO GO STUDENTS!!  The October book report is on a Non-Fiction text.  Students will be asked to select a non-fiction text of their choice from home, the school library, or community library and read the entire text.  Again, this reading can be combined with your 20 minutes of nightly reading.  Once they have finished reading their non-fiction text the students will be required to write 10 question and answer cards based on the book and 10 vocabulary and definition cards from the text.  A rubric was sent home with your child on Thursday September 29, 2011. OCTOBER BOOK REPORT DUE ON Wednesday October 26, 2011 Sultana Field Trip Our first field trip was a big success.  Thank you to all the wonderful chaperones who helped make this a smooth sail. We hope your students came home excited and full of new information about bay life, water salinity, and life on the boat. We are looking forward to another field trip closer to the Holiday Break and will send out information late in November. Thank you to our wonderful SES PTA, who donated $300 to the 4th grade for future field trips, our next field trip should be minimal in cost. Outstanding October Third Grade News Happy fall! It has been a great first month of school! Thanks to all who attended the “back to school” night in September~ it was great to meet you! October will be a busy month at S.E.S! Third grade students continue to have weekly homework as well as reading literacy logs. The homework is due on Friday, and the reading logs are due on Monday. The literacy block teachers would like to see 100% school wide participation. Please continue to check your child’s agenda daily for homework and important announcements. Reading instruction continues to be integrated in Social Studies and Science. In Unit 2 of math, the students are learning to regroup with addition and subtraction problems.  Please help us by making sure your child knows his/her basic addition facts by heart.  Many students benefit from practicing these quick facts at home. Thank you. Writing is taught on a daily basis, utilizing the “Write Traits” program. The introduction of “BCR’s” in Reading and Math has also been occurring in each class. As always, thank you for your continued support and please feel free to contact us at school with any questions you may have. Have a spook-tacular month!

  4. SUDLERSVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A Title 1 School OCTOBER 2011 “Where Eagles SOAR!” www.qacps.k12.md.us/ses/WELCOME.HTM Reading Math Matters Grade 5 News Grade 5 welcomes fall with studies of nature, Native Americans, the Earth, and a variety of characters in reading.  In reading classes we are focusing on improving reading skills by working in instructional groups specifically designed to meet the needs of each student for one hour per day.  We will be reading a variety of genres and applying our "Big 10" state curriculum standards including: drawing conclusions, main idea, making inferences, paraphrasing poetry, theme, mood, tone, and summarizing to name a few.  Student achievements will be reviewed quarterly and an appropriate reading placement will be provided to them to further their learning.  Please help us in our new endeavor by encouraging your child to read at home for at least 20 minutes four times a week.  Be on the look out for the school logo eagle folder with a reading log that we ask you sign to verify your child is reading. In addition to our reading topics we will continue to study Native Americans followed by explorers in social studies and study our Earth and its surface in science. We will then move on to study Earth in space. In math, we review geometry and begin a unit on division. We hope parents will continue to support learning efforts with nightly reading time, homework discussion, and fact practice for math. Thank you for all that you do for our students.  The "Literacy Blocks" are going very well!   We appreciate all the parents who are supporting  their children in reading at home. Remember, that all students in grades 1-5 are expected to read 4 nights a week for a minimum of 20 minutes per night and write the required response on their log sheets. Children may read anything to fulfill their 20 minutes. (newspaper article, cereal boxes, menus, books, magazines, soccer skill directions, etc.)  They may read several things for their 20 minutes, but only need to respond to one on their log sheet with a written response.   Children in Pre-K and K may be read to.  Some children in 1st grade may need to be read to also.Please remember: 1. The "Reading Log Sheet"  should remain in your child's "Reading" folder and return to school each day. 2. Parents - Please sign the log sheet each of the four days.3. Be sure to write the amount of time the child read. (A minimum of 20 minutes)4. Please help your child to write a "Complete Sentence or sentences" for their response.  Help them to use appropriate capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. We are looking forward to rewarding  many SES students for their efforts in meeting their reading goal for the 1st quarter.  We would love to have 100%. Working together we can help all of our students to make progress in reading and become successful readers and writers. Barbara ThurberReading Specialist This fall, try adding a little math to your day. At home, parents and children can count everyday items and learn the numbers. Card games with number values, such as “War” where children name and compare values can help develop the concept of numeration. Games where children roll a dice and progress forward a number of spaces can also build this counting and number sense. Money (with its one dollar bills and ten dollar bills) can be used to represent an amount. Families can look in advertisements and catalogs, and then make the amount of money needed to purchase an item, or discuss why a certain amount of money may or may not be enough to purchase the item. Older children (grades 3-5) are asked to extend their number skills to include larger whole numbers, decimals and fractions. Many opportunities at home use these types of numbers. Lengths, measurements for cooking, money amount and bill paying can be used and discussed to develop numeration skills. Numeration includes counting and writing numbers, as well as identifying equivalent forms of numbers. Trading pennies for an equivalent amount of money, such as 10 pennies for a dime, can build understanding of numbers. When sorting change at home, involve your child and build their math skills. Show them that MATH MATTERS!

  5. SUDLERSVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A Title 1 School OCTOBER 2011 “Where Eagles SOAR!” www.qacps.k12.md.us/ses/WELCOME.HTM Hispanic Heritage October 14 will be a special day for all S.E.S. students! On Friday, October 14, S.E.S. students will join the entire school community in a celebration of National Hispanic Month, which occurs every year from September 15 to October 15. This year will be the seventh year for our traditional SES Hispanic Month Celebration. Parents, teachers, and students are organizing Latino displays and snacks that will be shared with everyone at lunchtime on October 14. Between 10:30 am and 12:45 pm, every teacher will bring his or her class to see the displays and sample some snacks that are being presented by our Hispanic families and friends. There will be cultural tables to show Hispanic culture, such as traditional dance and festivals, and a display about our S.E.S. sister school in La Guadalupe, Mexico. There will also be displays for Latino countries represented by students in our school who have families in Guatemala, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Members of the organizing committee are Kim Adams-McGown, Isabel Gomez, Maria Andujar, Angie Soto, Lynne Ewing, Mary Leventhal, Lucia Calloway, Helen Riddle, and Elaine Butler. Sudlersville Middle School’s teacher, Mrs. Riddle, and her Spanish students are preparing displays to share at the event, too. Partnering for Youth After School Program started Project A to Z on September 26th. We are so happy to see new and familiar faces enjoying all the fun activities we have planned. Thank you parents for allowing us to spend time with your children. It will be a great year at PFY! Judy Center News! We are so excited to be here at SES! So, who are we? We are a collaboration of many community agencies working together to empower parents as they prepare their young children for school. We will be working to support the Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers, children and their families (please visit the main office to pick up a Judy Center brochure for a more detailed description of what we have to offer). We met many of you at the Pre-K and Kindergarten conferences. We hope you and your child enjoyed the giveaway books and information. Included in that info was a newsletter entitled, “Helping Children Learn”. They are filled with great information and activities to enhance your child’s development as well as parenting tips. Your child will receive one each month. You also should have received a Parent Survey. Please be sure to complete the survey and return to your child’s teacher. Children’s social and emotional development plays an extremely important role in your child’s ability to learn. We have introduced a new social skills curriculum as part of your child’s daily routine. Ask your child if “Tucker the Turtle” lives in their classroom. “Tucker” helps teach self-control. Watch for the flyer announcing the dates of the parent training we will be offering in November. The Judy Center Support Office Staff Media News Congratulations to the 115 summer readers that attended the popsicle party on Friday, September 16th. There were 35 students that completed a book project. Those students received a gift certificate to the school store. Thank you to all the students that participated in the summer reading program. All students should be bringing their library books home to be read. Please encourage them to take care of it and to return it on time. If books are damaged when returned, you will be asked to pay a fee to replace it. Please come in and visit the library at any time. READERS ARE LEADERS!!!! Mrs. Embert

  6. SUDLERSVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A Title 1 School OCTOBER 2011 “Where Eagles SOAR!” www.qacps.k12.md.us/ses/WELCOME.HTM Hospitality Box Tops / Labels A warm thank you to the PTA members who helped with or contributed to the Staff Welcome Back Luncheon in August.  We have a great group of parent members and their generosity is very much appreciated! SES Bus Driver Appreciation Day is Monday, October 17.  We will be providing each driver a Breakfast to Go.  If you are able to donate or help pass out items on the morning of October 17th please call Andrea Forstell, 410-758-4069 by Sunday, October 9th. Box Tops/ Campbell Labels/ Coke Rewards/ Food Lion/ Target Over the summer we purchased with some of our Campbell Labels and Coke Reward points, colored construction paper and glue sticks for the teachers. We were able to get Art Supplies as well for Our Art Room Teachers. Box Tops - last year we turned in over 24,000 points = $2,400.00 Campbell Labels - last year we turned in over 34,870 points Target Rewards - last year we received a check for about $90.00 This year we are giving Monthly rewards to the classroom that collects the most Box Tops and Campbell Label Points. That means YES ONE Classroom could win 2 rewards in ONE Month! Each Student in that winning class will receive a $1.00 School Store Gift Certificate. At the end of the school year, the Classroom with the MOST Total Points Collected will WIN a Lunch Treat! Happy Collecting . . . look in your newsletters for Totals on how the Classes are doing. One month we will put in Box Tops and the next month will be Campbell Labels total points. Remember to Sign up on the following Web Site to support SES. www.boxtops4education.com – register & get extra points and coupons www.labelsforeducation.com – register & get coupons and learn which store are giving out extra bonus points www.mycokesrewards.com – enter codes from caps & boxes yourself www.foodlionmvprewards.com – register your MVP card www.target.com Click on Red Card, then card benefits, then take charge of education Something NEW for Campbell Labels and along with ACME & Safeway Super Markets…. Go to www.elabelsaddup.com register your Super Saver Cards and every time you shop and buy those participating products the points automatically go to the SESaccount. No more tapes to collect and turn in!! Remember the more we can collect . . the more SES gets! SO spread the word…. Lets see which class/classes will be our Lucky Winners come June! Cultural Arts The Sudlersville Elementary School PTA was fortunate enough to receive a grant from the Queen Anne’s County Arts Council to help fund this year’s assemblies.  Molly Moores, A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Nov. 30, 2011 Jon Spelman, Tall Tales – Feb. 1, 2012 Ball in the House  - May 8, 2012 We hope that you enjoy the assemblies!

  7. SUDLERSVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A Title 1 School OCTOBER 2011 “Where Eagles SOAR!” www.qacps.k12.md.us/ses/WELCOME.HTM Health Room SES Soars Eagle Squad The Queen Anne’s County Health Department once again will be administering Flumist to elementary students grades K through 5th. Consent forms must be completed and returned in order for your child to receive the vaccine. The first dose is scheduled for September 28, 2011. Students who have not previously been vaccinated with the influenza vaccine are required to receive a 2nd dose at least a month apart. The Health Dept. plans to return to administer the Flumist to those students who need their 2nd dose. No date has been scheduled as of yet for the 2nd dose.   Those of you who wish to receive the Seasonal Flu vaccine may check out the Queen Anne’s Co. Health Dept. website at: www.qahealth.org , or call the office at: 410-758-0720 for clinic locations, dates, and times. With “Flu Season” near here are some guidelines to follow regarding student illnesses: Students must be “fever free for 24 hours without the aid of fever reducing medication”, in order to return to school. If your child receives an antibiotic for strep throat, pink eye, or another contagious illness, they must take the medication for 24 hours before returning to school. Also, your child should not return to school for 24 hours after having diarrhea and or vomiting. These guidelines are in place to protect all students and staff. Thank you for your support. • Sudlersville Elementary School SOARS. • IN THE HALLS • What does that look like? • We are walking on the right hand side and keeping our hands and feet to ourselves, for safety. • What does that sounds like? • We are silent in the halls and wave or smile at people we know. • Did you know that each week, Dr. Taylor selects a primary and upper class that has shown the BEST SOARing behavior in the hallways for the EAGLE Award? • IN THE CAFETERIA • What does that look like? • We are seated and stay at our places unless we ask permission. • We wait in line and treat each other with respect. • We raise our hands. • What does that sounds like? • We talk at a low volume and only talk to those at our table. • Did you know that the SES Eagle School Store is open every Friday in the cafeteria? • ON THE BUS • What does it look like? • We are in our seats. • We are facing front. • We are holding our belongings safely. •  What does it sounds like? • We are talking quietly with people near us. • Did you know that bus drivers give SOAR awards, just like the school personnel do? • We at SES hope you will encourage your child to SOAR everywhere! SES EAGLE SQUAD MARCHES INTO NEW SCHOOL YEAR On Friday, September 30, tryouts were held for the new S.E.S. Eagle Squad members. Thirty students in Grades 3, 4, and 5 competed in the gym. After submitting their application forms, each of the students had to be recommended by a classroom teacher. Students demonstrated their athletic capability and teamwork ability in front of the judges. Judges were Coach Cox, Mrs. Webster, Mr. Harrison, and Mr. Leventhal. The candidates’ performance was excellent, so the judges had a difficult time selecting the 2011-2012 squad. The twelve students chosen to be on the squad are Madison Bailey, Chloe Begley, Neidy Roblero, Nicholas Short, Jacob Elborn, Joshua Mussetter, Audrey Karbaum, Jordan Dozier, Shelby Connolly, Brook Garcia, Armando Macario Galan, and Austin Weigley. Three alternates were also chosen. They Joanna Escalante, Robert Sites, and Kiara Hohrein. Eagle Squad is managed by Mrs. Leventhal and the drill team instructor is Mr. Leventhal. Students meet every Friday after school until 4 pm. They perform for assembly openings and special events. The S.E.S. Eagle Squad is the only elementary drill team in Maryland.

  8. OCTOBER 3rd - 7th • Monday 7:30am - 2:30pm • Tuesday 7:30am -3:00pm • Wednesday 7:30am - 8:00pm • Friends and Family Activities 6-8pm • Thursday 7:30am - 2:30pm • Friday 7:30am - 2:30pm Located in the school cafeteria • Dear Parents and Families, • A Scholastic Book Fair is coming to our school from October 3 – 7. It’s a great opportunity for students to find books that really interest them. We know kids read more books when they get to choose their own. The more kids read, the more their reading skills improve. • You are invited to be a part of our Book Fair Family Event. It’s taking place Wednesday from 6:00 – 8:00pm. You can shop for books for your entire family! If for some reason you can’t make it or you want to continue shopping from an expanded selection, you can now visit the Fair online – www.scholastic.com/schoolbookfairs. • The online Fair: • is available for an extended time and all orders ship FREE to school • provides a chance for you and your child to create and send wish lists to invite friends and family to participate in the Book Fair • offers an expanded book selection for all ages—from preschool to adult • All in-school and online Book Fair purchases benefit our school. Thanks for helping get more kids reading, kids reading more. • See you at the Book Fair!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SEPTEMBER STUDENTS OF THE MONTH! Guidance Parent Involvement Thanks to all who completed and returned the Parent Surveys. The winners of the ice cream parties for most returned surveys are Mrs. Bennett’s class and Mrs. Dean’s class. The input will be reviewed and used to update the draft Parent Involvement Plan and Family Compact. Please remember that you must stop in the front office and sign-in when entering the building. Also, be sure you have completed and submitted the required forms for volunteering at school. The Pizza Party Kick Off for the Watch D.O.G.S. program was a “smashing success” to quote Dr. Taylor. We had 96 dads and 122 students attend with 33 dads who stepped up and signed up. A huge “Thank You” goes out to all staff and parents who helped make this such a success! Also “Thank You” to Mr. Lance Richardson, our Queen Anne’s County States Attorney for delivering such an inspirational speech. Check out the “Wall of Fame” on my bulletin board in the coming weeks for pictures of our Watch D.O.G.S. Elaine Butler, Parent Coordinator x267 Dear Parents/Guardians, In October, I will be scheduling lunch groups with students.  Students are chosen based on need.  Teachers can refer as well as parents.  Groups I have done in the past include; changing families, focus, social skills, anger management and friendship group to name just a few.  Children can only attend group with a letter of invitation signed by their parent.  If you see a need for your child to be in a group or if you have any concerns with your child's social or emotional health, please don't hesitate to give me a call. I have greatly enjoyed these past few weeks of seeing old friends and making new ones! Mrs. Webster