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Writing – Punctuation and Spelling

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Writing – Punctuation and Spelling - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Writing – Punctuation and Spelling. Punctuation and Spelling. Skill focus: to use correct and appropriate punctuation. Accurate spelling of challenging and difficult words. What is punctuation?.

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punctuation and spelling
Punctuation and Spelling

Skill focus:to use correct and appropriate punctuation. Accurate spelling of challenging and difficult words.

what is punctuation
What is punctuation?

This includes the use of capital letters to begin sentences and for names; apostrophes for contractions; commas in lists; quotation marks for speech; capital letters and commas used within quotation marks; new line for each speaker.

skill 1 punctuation in speech
Skill 1 Punctuation in speech


  • Jenny said, “Look! I know how to use my yo-yo.” Jim replied, “That's great, Jenny. I'm proud of you!”
  • Notice... the use of full stops and commas...the exclamation mark includes a full stop. (So does?)
ok your turn write
Ok your turn...write
  • Write the sentences below with correct punctuation...120 seconds...go!
  • Jenny said I dont feel well whats wrong her mother said
well done check
Well done...check

Jenny said,“I don’t feel well.”“What’s wrong?” her mother said.

skill 2 correct use of commas
Skill 2 Correct use of commas

Insert commas to change the meaning of this statement…firstly make the woman the “nothing” and secondly the man…write this statement twice in your book.

Woman without her man is nothing

good work
Good work...
  • Woman, without her man, is nothing
  • Woman, without her, man is nothing
your turn reading from eats shoots leaves by lynn truss
Your turn...reading from “Eats, Shoots & Leaves” by Lynn Truss

A panda walks into the library. He eats a sandwich, the draws his bow and shoots two arrows.

“Why did you do that?” asks the librarian as the panda walks toward the exit.

The panda shows her a badly punctuated book. “I’m a panda,” he says, “That’s what it says we do.”

The librarian looks at the page:



Large black-and-white

bearlike mammal,

native to China.

Eats, shoots and leaves.

skill 3 practice punctuation
Skill 3 Practice punctuation
  • You have a worksheet with a paragraph containing lots of incorrect punctuation...there are 20 errors!
  • Go! 3 minutes...
  • From the Vocabulary list find 5 words you think you do not know how to spell...

With a partner, speak out loud each of the five words to your partner. Ask your partner to repeat the word back to you.

Go, you have 120 seconds for this activity...

  • Ok... Now write the 5 words in your book.
  • And now spell out loud, to your partner, each of the five words...
  • Then listen for your partner to spell out your five words...
  • Then swap and repeat