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KKL ATID - Young Leadership

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KKL ATID - Young Leadership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World Marketing Conference 2012. KKL ATID - Young Leadership. KKL - Atid: General Background. Ideological support :.

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kkl atid young leadership

World Marketing Conference 2012

KKL ATID - Young Leadership


KKL - Atid: General Background

Ideological support :

Understanding that the environment and ecology are current issues that attract to young people, we want to create in Argentina a new working group of young adults committed to KKL:

30 – 40 years old

Take into account that there are

several organizations working

with university students from 18 to 30 years old (WUJS, Hagshama, Hillel…)

Approximately at the age of 30 years old starts a productive stage in the life of a person.


KKL - Atid: General Background


  • To consolidate a young leadership involved in carrying out innovative and modern projects.
  • To ¨capture¨ to our Green Organization a Jewish young population identified with the values of environmental care, ecology, preservation of the planet, etc.
  • To ¨refresh¨ the image of KKL in our country as a dynamic institution, that brings together to younger generations.
  • Also, to provide a framework of belonging to young Jewish people to develop projects that link them with their roots.

KKL - Atid: General Background


The KKL Atid is an open and inclusive group

KKL Atid's potential is infinite, since it depends on each of the potentials of its members.


KKL - Atid: Traditional tools

Providing them the right tools,

they may feel a double satisfaction:

For their personal development and,

for the consequences that their

actions bring to other people.

That creates sense of belonging to the institution

and with our people.


KKL – Atid: New tools

Moderntools of communication, to serve to our goals:

  • KKL Atid´s blog:
  • KKL´ Facebook group:

have a child, plant a tree and make a blog


KKL - Atid: Current work

We are working on the recruitment of the:

Working nucleo

To help them to find their personal link to KKL

To commit them to the KKL task

To train them on the role of KKL


KKL - Atid: Continuos training

Training for Lay Leaders:

  • Continuous training based on three pillars:



KKL´s task worldwide

and specially in Israel

  • Professional conferences on topics of ecology and environment.

KKL - Atid: Activities

Annual activities for young – adults population:

  • Annual event, that operates as a project for fundraising and development of the data base (Opening event).
  • Smaller activities every 2 months, such as:
  • Conferences with environmental specialists on topics of interest.
  • Training on fundraising.
  • Roundtables on movies or general interest articles.
  • After offices

KKL - Atid: Activities

Opening Event:

It is planned according to the interests and characteristics of the group, in order to introduce its anual project, spread out the message of KKL and appeal new young people to join.


KKL - Atid: Impact

  • The event impacts in our community and links the KKL with the young people, refreshing its image.
  • There emerges a new database of young people who receive information about KKL activities.
  • From the study of this population, the working nucleo searchs for projects that identifies them, according to the actions of the KKL.
  • The goal is to attract new lay leaders for the working nucleo and / or potential donors.
a vision of future
A vision of future
  • Involve young people traveling to Israel on educational programs through a KKL experience.

They are the transmitters and the future leaders!

Bekeff - Hadracha

Birthright - Argentina

investing in the future
Investing in the future
  • Initially, if we want to implement this project we have to invest.
  • Consumers will become producers!

KKL - Atid:

The young people of KKL ATID will be our future leaders


תודה רבה על תשומת הלב!

Let´s work for Jewish Continuity!!!

Thanks for your attention!