Young women s leadership academy
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Young Women’s Leadership Academy. UPDATE. November 19, 2013. Background. Georgia Miller and several other community leaders met with district leadership to discuss creating a single gender girls school in Wilmington based on a model.

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Young women s leadership academy

Young Women’s Leadership Academy


November 19, 2013


  • Georgia Miller and several other community leaders met with district leadership to discuss creating a single gender girls school in Wilmington based on a model

that has been successful in New York and other states.

Key milestones to date
Key Milestones to Date

  • NHCS leadership and Young Women’s representatives met during the summer to discuss the school concept.

  • Board of Education members met with YWL proponents to discuss the concept.

  • The idea was presented to the Board.

  • Board members visited schools in NYC.

  • A draft MOU was prepared for discussion purposes.

  • A facility meeting was held to discuss possible school sites.

Discussion items
Discussion Items

  • Costs

  • Facilities

  • Timeline

  • Roles for each organization


  • Any new school brings with it cost to both partners. YWL has raised considerable private funds to help make the school a reality.

  • The district would have costs associated with opening a new school.

  • There would be ongoing operational costs and one-time capital cost.

One time capital costs
One-Time Capital Costs

  • Technology Start-up $75,000

  • Kitchen Equipment $90,000

  • Furniture $130,000

  • Facility Upgrades $877,000

  • Facility upgrades could be less depending on the site selected.

The planning year not including capital expenses
The Planning Year (Not including capital expenses)

  • YWL would cover most of the cost related to this year.

    • Principal Salary: $92,000 (salary and benefits)

    • This would be a combination of YWL and state funds.

  • NHCS would provide the following:

    • Office Space (The district would provide an office space for the planning year.)

    • Clerical Support: Estimated at $12,750 (3 months of support)

    • Supplies: Up to $10,000

    • Total: $22,750

Year 1
Year 1

  • Begin with 6th grade - 75 students.

  • There would be some cost that would be covered by state allotments.

  • Some costs would have to be covered by local revenue above our current funding levels.

Year 1 continued
Year 1 (continued)

  • YWL would provide support to the students and help with the curriculum.

  • NHCS would have to cover the following costs:

    • 6 teachers: Three state funded and three locally funded

    • Building operational funds (Local)

    • Clerical support (Local)

    • EC Teacher (local)

    • Guidance Counselor (Local)

    • Transportation (Local)

Year 2
Year 2

Cost Items:

  • Additional grade added with 75 more students.

  • Six additional teachers:

    • three locally funded

    • three state funded.

  • Additional Transportation costs.

  • Technology assistant added.

  • Additional custodian.

Year 3
Year 3

Cost Items:

  • Additional 75 students added and the school grows to eighth grade, creating a complete middle school.

  • Additional six teachers will be added with a combination of state and local funds.

  • YWL will provide a career/college counselor through their grant funding.

  • Transportation costs will increase with the additional students.

One time costs
One-Time Costs

  • There are a number of one-time costs associated with opening a school. While a part of these are fixed costs, the selection of site will have a significant impact on final cost.

  • One time costs:

    • Textbooks

    • Furniture

    • Technology

    • Building renovations

    • Food Service set-up

Facility issues
Facility Issues

  • There are two possible locations for the school utilizing NHCS facilities.

  • Each site has its own positives and negatives.

  • There is still the possibility of a private site.

Two nhcs sites
Two NHCS Sites


  • Pros:

    • Larger than JC Roe

    • Less renovation cost needed

    • Community is familiar with the school

    • Building is in excellent condition

  • Cons:

    • Cannot accommodate beyond 9th grade

    • Limited acreage

    • Would require relocating existing programs (Mosley PLC & Pathways)

JC Roe

  • Pros:

    • Large land area with room to grow

    • Located near Brigade Boys and Girls Club

    • No school programs to relocate

  • Cons:

    • High renovation cost

    • Building cannot accommodate more than three grades

    • Close to industrial area/shipyard