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Typhoon Ondoy PowerPoint Presentation
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Typhoon Ondoy

Typhoon Ondoy

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Typhoon Ondoy

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  1. Typhoon Ondoy

  2. September 26- Saturday We went to mall of Asia at 10:00 AM for skating On the way home, the roads looked like a river! We had to turn back because the water was high. I was really terrified!

  3. September 27- Sunday I got home at 8 am and on tv I saw how terrible the roads were and how it affected the people in other parts of Manila. My family went to the supermarket to buy food for the flood victims.

  4. September 28- Monday We started packing sandwiches and lunch. Veeno and I made 400 sandwiches and friends came over to help.

  5. September 28- Monday We finished late so mum and her friends were the ones who went to Manggahan Floodway and Marikina Riverbanks and gave out all the goods.

  6. September 29- Tuesday After school we made more than 1000 sandwiches and 500 packed lunches and we sent it to San Juan flood victims.

  7. September 30- Wednesday My friends and their families came over to help pack more food. We also sorted out our old clothes to give away.

  8. September 30- Wednesday After packing, we went to a school in Marikina. On the way to the school, I passed by houses that were full of mud all the way to the roof. Couches, clothes, cars and even toys were everywhere and they were all muddy and broken.

  9. September 30- Wednesday I didn’t think it was going to be really bad but in the school I saw lots of families that were all muddy and babies had no place to sleep—they were in chairs. It was very crowded.

  10. September 30- Wednesday We gave some sandwiches, packed lunches, water, boiled eggs, biscuits, juice, clothes for the families and chocolates for the children, too.

  11. People were in a hurry to get in line just to have food. It was really very sad.

  12. They do not even have water to clean themselves. The water is brought to them in a tank and it’s really not enough because 500 families or about 3,600 people had to share it.

  13. I realised that I am really very lucky that we weren’t affected by the flood. There are still many people who need help so we are still packing some more goods. Maybe you can help by giving your old clothes and packing some food too.