ohio a brief look at ohio s history n.
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Ohio: A Brief look at Ohio’s History PowerPoint Presentation
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Ohio: A Brief look at Ohio’s History

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Ohio: A Brief look at Ohio’s History - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ohio: A Brief look at Ohio’s History . Presentation by: Mallory Hampton ED417-02 Professor: Ronald G. Helms . Unit: Ohio History. Grade Level: 2 nd This is a multi-day lesson covering the state of Ohio: history and state symbols will be covered in this lesson unit

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Ohio: A Brief look at Ohio’s History

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ohio a brief look at ohio s history

Ohio:A Brief look at Ohio’s History

Presentation by: Mallory Hampton


Professor: Ronald G. Helms

unit ohio history
Unit: Ohio History
  • Grade Level: 2nd
  • This is a multi-day lesson covering the state of Ohio: history and state symbols will be covered in this lesson unit
  • At the end of the week, we will have an Ohio party, taking pictures with our creations we have made.
  • Students will be able to identify Past Presidents from the state of Ohio
  • Students will work on their writing skills
  • Students will gain knowledge of the state animal, bird, flower and flag
  • Students will be able to identify Ohio on a map
activity 1 where is ohio
Activity 1Where is Ohio?
  • Materials needed:
    • Map of the United States.
    • Individual map for each student
    • Colored pencils
where is ohio
Where is Ohio?
  • Students will find Ohio on a map. They will color it on their map at their desks.
  • Students will label Ohio and its surrounding states. (Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.)
  • Students will also label the capital (Columbus) and the Ohio river
activity 2 our state flag
Activity 2Our State Flag
  • Materials:
    • Picture of state flag
    • State Flag coloring page
    • Current Us Flag
    • Scissors
our state flag
Our State Flag
  • Students will look at the US flag
  • Students will then look at Ohio’s state flag
  • Students will make comparisons between the two flags (color, number of stars, number of lines, etc.)
  • Students will color their own Ohio state Flag
  • Students will cut out their flag to be displayed on the wall

The O in the center of the flag stand for…you guessed it. OHIO!

There are 17 stars on the Ohio State flag because Ohio is the 17th state

activity 3 our state bird
Activity 3Our State Bird
  • Materials
    • Pictures of Cardinals
    • Cardinal coloring page
    • Red colored pencil
    • Questions for guest speaker
our state bird
Our State Bird
  • Students will talk about the state bird, the Cardinal.
  • Students will color their picture of the cardinal with their red colored pencil
  • Guest Speaker will come in from the Ohio Bird Conservatory Initiative to talk with the students. They will bring in real cardinals to show the students
  • They will have pre-planned questions to ask the speaker.
  • After the speaker leaves, students will write about what they learned about Cardinals and a thank you note to the speaker.
activity 4 our state flower
Activity 4Our State Flower
  • Materials:
    • Red Carnations (one for each student)
    • Pictures of Red carnations
    • Coloring page of red carnation
    • Red colored pencil or markers
    • Red construction paper
    • Green wire (for making flower stem)
    • Glue
    • Scissors
our state flower
Our State Flower
  • Teacher will give brief mini-lesson on the history of the state flower (adopted in 1904 in honor of President McKinley.)
  • Students will create their own red carnation!
  • Students will color the coloring page or draw their own Red Carnation
  • Students will then cut out their flower and glue it to a piece of green wire to create a flower.
activity 5 ohio presidents
Activity 5Ohio Presidents
  • Materials:
    • History Book
    • Pictures of Presidents
    • Index Cards (8 for each student)
    • “Who am I?” Trivia cards
    • Timeline (one for each student)
    • Computer if necessary
    • Glue
    • Scissors
ohio presidents
Ohio Presidents
  • *This is a 2-3 day lesson*
  • Lesson begins by students creating a list of the presidents from Ohio: William Henry Harrison, Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, William H. Taft, Warren G. Harding. (Students can use their text book or the computer to look up this information.)
  • Students will then construct a timeline putting the presidents in order. They will list their name and their presidential number.


William Henry Harrison- Ulysses S. Grant-Rutherford B. Hayes-James A. Garfield-Benjamin Harrison- William McKinley-William H. Taft-Warren G. Harding

ohio presidents cont
Ohio Presidents Cont.

Warren G. Harding

  • Students will then play Guess the President with “Who am I?” cards (teacher will read the cards to the class.)
    • Ex: “I was the 29th president. I was the first president after WWI. Who am i?)
    • Students will compete in teams. They may use their books or other resources to find the answers.
    • Game will continue until every president has been used more than once.
ohio presidents cont1
Ohio Presidents Cont.
  • The next activity will be completed the next day. (day 2)
  • Students will make index cards with facts about each president and their picture
  • Students will cut out picture of each president and glue them on individual index cards.
  • Students will then use their text books or other resources to find facts about each president. They will write these facts on the back of the index card.
ohio presidents cont2
Ohio Presidents Cont.
  • This activity will be completed on day 2 if time. If not, this will be completed on day 3.
  • Students will choose one of the eight Ohio Presidents.
  • They will then write a letter to the president of their choice, asking them questions about their time in office, how the country is at that time period, their hopes for the future, etc. Students will be allowed to work in pairs if they choose to.
  • The letter should be a formal letter, including a proper heading and signature at the bottom.
end of the week party
End of the Week Party!
  • At the end of the week, we will celebrate our Ohio History by having a Party!
  • Students are to dress up as one of the 8 presidents we have talked about.
  • Teacher will take pictures of students in their costumes with their flags and carnations they have made.
  • Students will be allowed to share their letters they wrote the day before. As a class, we will discuss what we think the presidents’ responses would have been.
party continued
Party Continued
  • There will also be an oral quiz with each student.
  • Each student will be asked to identify the state bird, capital, flower and key components of the state flag. (number of stars, the O in the middle, etc.)
websites used in creating this lesson unit
Websites Used in Creating this Lesson Unit

Ohio’s Flag:


Ohio’s State Bird:




Flag Worksheet


Ohio Information


Presidents Picture