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European Imperialism

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European Imperialism . European Imperialism in Africa. Old Imperialism v. New Imperialism . What makes them different? Compare European relations with Asia and Africa pre-1850s v. post 1850s. Motives. 1. Economics 2. Colonies = political greatness 3. Social Darwinism

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old imperialism v new imperialism
Old Imperialism v. New Imperialism

What makes them different? Compare European relations with Asia and Africa pre-1850s v. post 1850s


1. Economics

2. Colonies = political greatness

3. Social Darwinism

4. Technological and Military superiority

5. Domestic conflicts

gaining control of africa
Gaining Control of Africa
  • Beginnings
  • 1880 – Europe controlled only 10% of Africa
  • French in the North
  • English in the South
    • Afrikaaners (descendents of Dutch settlers) proclaim independence and take control of Southern Africa

The Berlin Conference 1884-1885

  • Background
    • King Leopold II of Belgium has his eye on central Africa
    • Britain, France, Germany, and Italy scramble for possessions
  • European powers call a conference to divide Africa
  • Still creates conflicts
queen victoria and england

Queen Victoria and England

A case study on Imperialism

the reign of victoria
The Reign of Victoria
  • R. 1837-1901
  • Longest reigning English monarch
  • Best know for her complete transformation of English politics, society, economy, military, and world status
    • Was the bridge between to the modern era of English history
domestic and foreign issues under victoria
Domestic and Foreign Issues under Victoria
  • Irish Potato Famine
  • Crimean War
  • Continual change between Labour and Conservative politics
  • The Issue of Ireland and home rule
imperialism under victoria
Imperialism under Victoria

Start of Control

1. Berlin Conference

Gain Southern Africa, mid east to north east, western port colony


2. The Boer War (1899-1902)

  • Fought between the British and the Dutch Settlers (Boers) in Southern Africa
  • Boers feared the encroaching British settlements
  • Boers received military equipment from Germany and win some battles
  • British call in reinforcements and take over the capital
  • From about 1900-1902, British and the Boers raided each others territories and put civilians into concentration camps
  • Treaty of Vereeniging – May 1902
omdurman 1898
Omdurman, 1898
  • 3. Omdurmam, 1898
  • British forces move along Nile River to continue building
  • Meet up with Muslim troops
  • Battle of Omdurman ensues
    • Fight both French and British troops
  • Victory for the British
  • Sets precedent for future conflicts

Begins with English politics starting with 1840s and Ireland

Focuses on the switch between conservative and liberal politics during from 1850s-1900

Focuses on the relationship of England and its African and Asian colonies

  • For the most part, resistance attempts are unsuccessful
    • French West Africa
    • German West Africa
  • Liberia and Ethiopia remained independent

Great Rebellion, 1857

china and japan
China and Japan

Boxer Rebellion

1871: Kick foreigners out


“Ireland is too great to be unconnected to us, and too near us to be dependent on a foreign state and too little to be independent ~ C.T. Grenville, 12.3.1784

“Ireland unfree shall never be at peace” ~ Irish rebels


Home Rule attempts: 1886, 1893, 1912

  • Irish attempts at Home Rule, 1916
    • Beginning of WWI
    • The Draft
easter uprising 1916
Easter Uprising, 1916

April 24-28, 1916









legacy of colonial rule
Legacy of Colonial Rule

Africa and India before

Africa and India now