prime 4 unit 9 n.
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Prime 4 – unit 9. Indirect Speech with Modals. Luiz Guilherme said, “I’ll interview Lula at 6 o’clock.”. What did Luiz Guilherme say? He said he would interview Lula at 6’oclock. “Suelma may have traveled,” said Luciana. What did Luciana say?

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prime 4 unit 9

Prime 4 – unit 9

Indirect Speech with Modals

luiz guilherme said i ll interview lula at 6 o clock
Luiz Guilherme said, “I’ll interview Lula at 6 o’clock.”
  • What did Luiz Guilherme say?
  • He said he would

interview Lula at 6’oclock.

suelma may have traveled said luciana
“Suelma may have traveled,” saidLuciana.
  • What did Luciana say?

She said Suelma might have traveled.

kaline said marcel can play the guitar beautifully
Kaline said, “Marcel can play the guitar beautifully.”
  • What did Kaline say?

She said Marcel could play the guitar beautifully.

carla said suelma might come to class today
Carla said, “Suelma might come to class today.”
  • What did Carla say?

She said Suelma might come to class today.

suelma might have gone to paris daniel said
“Suelma might have gone to Paris,” Daniel said.
  • What did Daniel say?

Daniel said Suelma might have gone to Paris.

you should visit the resource center the teacher said
“You should visit the resource center,”the teacher said.
  • What did the teacher say?
  • The teacher said we should visit the RC.
don t forget
Don’t forget!

Modals that BACKSHIFT

Will - would

“I’ll go to Rio. She said she would go to Rio.

Can - could

“Jerry can play the guitar.” She said he could play the guitar.

May - might

“ I may buy a new car.” She said she might buy a new car.

Must – had to

“You must speak English.” The teacher said we had to speak English.

Have to – had to

“ You have to clean up your room.” Dad said I had to clean up my room.


Modals that don’t BACKSHIFT

Should – Should

“You should read books in English.”

The teacher said we should read books in English.

Might – might

“He might call tonight.”

He said he might call tonight.