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McElroy Mechanical & Environmental Services

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McElroy Mechanical & Environmental Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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McElroy Mechanical & Environmental Services. Presents CCTV Inspection A high-tech solution for the inspection of and/or viewing of entire sections of existing pipe from the inside of the pipe…. CCTV Inspection.

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McElroy Mechanical & Environmental Services


CCTV Inspection

A high-tech solution for the inspection of and/or viewing of entire sections of existing pipe from the inside of the pipe…

cctv inspection
CCTV Inspection

CCTV Inspection is the best method to actually view every single foot of existing pipe without having to dig up the pipe or harm the pipe in any way.

The CCTV Camera is lowered into the pipe at a manhole and is self-propelled…the camera will literally “crawl” through existing pipe from manhole to manhole and has an almost 360 Degree field of view.

The Camera can literally show all defects in almost any size pipe.

If the “crawler” cannot fit into the pipe, we have “push” cameras that can.

stages of cctv inspection
Stages of CCTV Inspection
  • Unless the pipe is brand new, we are usually required to do some line Cleaning to allow for the camera to crawl through “clean” pipe.
  • Once the section of pipe has been jetted and vacuumed, the CCTV camera can move freely through the pipe to show all defects.
hydro cleaning
Hydro Cleaning
  • Jet/Vac Crew thoroughly cleans pipeline before TV Crew begins inspection
cctv inspection6
CCTV Inspection
  • CCTV Crew locates service connections and records needed data to assess the quality of pipes
cctv inspection8
CCTV Inspection

CCTV Trailer Inside View

manhole inspection and rehabilitation services
Manhole Inspection and Rehabilitation Services

McElroy also offers complete manhole inspection services. We can inspect and provide a detailed report setting forth any problems with any manhole including seeping walls, bad inverts, etc.

McElroy also offers full manhole rehabilitation services

cctv inspection13
CCTV Inspection

CCTV Inspection can be used for locating emergency collapses, holes, or breaks in existing pipes.

CCTV is especially useful for pre-construction and post-construction inspections when replacing old pipe especially when our pipe-bursting method is used.


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