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Market Research. Collection and analysis of information from sections of the public in order to discover the level of demand for a type of product or service. Primary research. Prospective or existing customers are interviewed by organizations themselves. Secondary research.

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Market research

Market Research

Collection and analysis of information from sections of the public in order to discover the level of demand for a type of product or service

Primary research
Primary research

Prospective or existing customers are interviewed by organizations themselves

Secondary research
Secondary research

Examination of existing data that has already been published, usually by another organization.Cheaper but can yield inaccurate results

Research in advertising media
Research in advertising media

Two ways data can be used:

  • Specific to a company or product

  • More generalized manner

Research in public opinion
Research in public opinion

  • Analysis - reaction to proposed economic changes or legislation that they are planning

  • Public opinion poll

  • Cookies are placed on their computers to indicate that they have voted.

Interview methods
Interview methods

Interview methods

  • Computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI)

    • Interviewer and interviewee are together in the same room

      • interviewee answer questions put to them by the laptop

      • Interviewer asks questions as prompted by computer

Interview methods1
Interview methods

Computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI)

  • Interviewer in a call centre

    • Computer dials the phone number of selected interviewee

    • Personal interview, asking questions and recording answers

Interview methods2
Interview methods

  • Computer-aided web interviewing (CAWI)

    • Online data capture

    • Database

    • Customers log on to a particular site and answer series of questions online

    • Completing questionnaire or web form

    • Customers must have access to Internet+web browser

    • Multiple-choice response type

    • Questions can be altered based on the customer’s response.

  • Pop-ups - However, not as successful - pop-up blocking software

Research applications
Research Applications


  • research into causes of illnesses and diseases cures

  • Computer models

  • 3D models


Developing new drugs

  • Results of previous research are stored

  • computer cross-match previous research to results of new drug

  • computer monitors amounts of ingredients that are being used

  • researchers can vary amounts by very small differences (computer's very accurate)

  • Drug structures can also be altered


Genetic analysis

  • Use of supercomputers

  • Analysis can be performed by the use of parallel networks in a few minutes

  • Identifying genes present

  • Health records kept on database, info on genetic make-up of patients

    • Can be used to identify those patients at risk


  • Investigating the causes of these events and how improvements can be made

  • Supercomputers

    • Much larger memories and processing power than predecessors

    • Ability to simulate any type of scenario

Space research
Space Research

  • Simlulating future space shuttle launches

    • Improving crew safety and survivability

    • Effectiveness of parachutes has been modeled

    • Different arrangements of the shuttle system

    • Different methods of landing

  • Predicting impact of human activity on weather patterns

    • Modeling of various human activities that affect climate

      • Changing use of land (agricultural to urban, deforestation, etc.)

      • Greenhouse gasses

      • Air pollutants

      • Increasing risk of loss of species, reduction in forests

  • Designing safe space exploration vehicles

    • The actual flying of the vehicles


Promote research in science

  • Topics in probability and statistics

  • Research in modeling and numerical simulation

  • Modeling and simulation of diseases and medicines

  • Mathematical biology

  • Psychology

  • Computers: includes numerical analysis and scientific computing

  • weather-based simulation models: aims to predict the timing of pest and disease outbreaks


Research into areas of energy and sustainability are also carried out

  • Fusion power: high performance computing to study what is required to sustain nuclear fusion

  • Renewable energy: sources such as wind, water and hydrogen

  • Sustainable crops: approaches to reducing energy usage in production crops

  • The impact of agricultural land


  • Using ICT in lessons allow students to become more independent and to be responsible for their own learning

  • Carrying out own research in all subjects

  • Online tutorials

  • Interactive whiteboards

    • Used by teachers, allowing use of images, video, sound and hyperlinks

  • Web design

    • Used to promote scchools and provide information

    • Show pupil's work to parents

    • Communicate information to parents


  • Digital imaging

    • Use of specialized computer software to make drawings

    • Enjoyable and productive

  • Podcasting

    • Audio broadcasts

  • Blogging

    • developing ICT skills

    • Creative writing, report writing

Online applications
Online Applications

Have to employ web designers to design their websites

  • Using web authoring software packages

  • Build security into the website

Online banking
Online banking

  • When customers log on data is transmitted to bank's web server

  • When requests for data are made, they are passed on to the bank's Internet banking server

    • which then accesses the customer information database server

  • Connection from customer's PC to the web server is secure

    • Use of firewalls - prevent direct access from customer to customer info database

  • Web server acts as a 'go-between' between the customer and the personal data on the database

Online shopping
Online Shopping

  • Similar to online banking

    • need to have access to a web server

  • Shopping cart system - shopping cart software/shopping basket

    • used to create the representation of a shopping cart for customers to buy goods online

    • Can be part of the web hosting service and is integral to the web server software used

    • Also handles payment process

Online booking system
Online booking system

  • AKA Computer Reservation Systems (CRS)

  • Global Distribution Systems (GDS)

    • Capable of dealing with many airlines at the same time

  • Holidays

  • Train tickets

  • plane tickets

  • cinema tickets

  • theater tickets

  • appointments

Online booking systems
Online booking systems

  • Bookings can be made at any time

  • Time and cost are saved

    • with travelling to travel agent/hotel

  • concerns: security and fraud

  • Need to have access to a web server

    • contains details of all flights, hotels, car hire, etc

    • Also services integrater server - deals with request from user and search the relevant services required

Stock control
Stock Control

  • Automated systems

    • Stock controlled by computer

    • without actually allowing it to take over the process

  • When barcode is scanned,

    • System finds this barcode in the file using direct access

    • Reduces number in stock by one

    • computer compares no. in stock with re-order level

    • computer creates automatic order for re-order quantity using suppliers contact details

Just in time system
Just in time system

  • Goods are ordered so that they arrive at their distribution point as required

  • Company places order with supplier when they are on the verge of running out of stock

  • Order is placed so the goods will arrive at the company when they are required for manufacturing/selling

  • Benefits:

    • Avoids them having too much stock and unsold stock piling up

  • Disadvantage

    • May be unable to cope with sudden rise in demand