Massachusetts youth soccer club directors of coaching
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Massachusetts Youth Soccer Club Directors of Coaching. Mike Singleton---Director of Coaching Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association. Why have a Director of Coaching?. Player development in Massachusetts is lagging behind other states

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Massachusetts youth soccer club directors of coaching

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Club Directors of Coaching

Mike Singleton---Director of Coaching

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association

Why have a director of coaching
Why have a Director of Coaching?

  • Player development in Massachusetts is lagging behind other states

  • Running clubs is becoming a full-time job for volunteers and many clubs are struggling to do everything that needs to be done – players are struggling because of this

  • Beginning coaches need help

  • Board members lives can be easier!

Why does mass youth soccer recommend hiring a doc
Why does Mass Youth Soccer recommend hiring a DOC?

  • Player and coach development is our utmost priority

  • DOC’s are found in all other states and we are behind the times (VA, GA, TX, CA, FL, AL, HI, WI, DE, CT, ME, NE, IN, IL, OR, WA)

  • It can help improve coaching education at both recreational and travel levels

What is the role of a doc
What is the role of a DOC?

  • Design a set of coaches selection criteria and hire all the team coaches

  • Assist the Coaching Committee in designing a Coaches Code of Conduct

  • Train and monitor the team coaches and help them plan and implement practice sessions

  • Design and administer a continuing education program for the team coaches

  • Conduct age specific coaches clinics

  • Design coaching manuals for the team coaches

  • Bring in experts such as state, regional, and national staff coaches, to present clinics

What is the role of a doc1
What is the role of a DOC?

  • Act as the technical liaison between the club and the State DOC

  • Create a suitable library of books, videos and articles for all the team coaches to access

  • Create long and short-term seasonal plans for the club and provide guidance to team coaches in designing their own team’s seasonal plans

  • Design and administer the team tryouts

  • Design the playing format for the in-house recreational programs, specifying the number of players on the field, the duration of games, the number of games, the size of fields, etc.

  • Design the training priorities for each age group and level

What is the role of a doc2
What is the role of a DOC?

  • Assist in the design of a Code of Conduct for the players and for the parents

  • Help the club create a policy for team travel that will address supervision requirements and logistical and behavioral issues while traveling to tournaments away from home

  • Educate the players and the parents about the playing opportunities beyond the club level, such as the ODP, and encourage the best players to try out for ODP

  • Design a player evaluation/feedback process and form that instructs the team coaches as to how and when to provide feedback to the players

  • Design a Player Development Manual for the club

What is the role of a doc3
What is the role of a DOC?

  • Organize supplementary age and level appropriate skill clinics for the players

  • Bring in experts in the sports sciences, such as a soccer fitness expert, a medical expert, a sport psychologist, and a nutritionist, to make presentations and to assist in the overall program design

  • Identify the most talented players in the club and alert the State and Regional Coaches for possible inclusion in State and Regional Teams

  • Assist in the design and implementation of a parent education program that would include parent meetings, parent handbooks, handouts, and occasional seminars

What is the role of a doc4
What is the role of a DOC?

  • Report to the Coaching Committee and assist the committee in all its duties

  • Report to the Club Board and attend the board meetings

  • Promote the club within the community and help with public relations

  • Create, evaluate and summarize game reports to track team development over seasons and years

  • Make all final decisions on player placement, players playing up, and movement within teams from the club

  • Assist the club with the technical coaching aspects of a Risk Management Policy

What is the role of a doc5
What is the role of a DOC?

  • Organize and run summer and/or school vacation camps for the club that remain consistent with the club developmental philosophy

  • Oversee all travel tournament selections

  • Bring in Referee Instructors to educate the coaches and the parents on the rules of the game

  • Select and coach the Recreational All-Star team, if you have one

  • Create a college recruiting information program and educate the players and parents on college playing opportunities

  • Represent the club at State, Regional, and National coaching seminars and workshops

How can we afford a doc
How can we afford a DOC?


  • U6 day---(Wed. 10am, 6 weeks) $70 10 $700 per season

  • U6 day---(Wed. 1pm, 6 weeks) $70 10 $700 per season

  • U7 technical clinic (7 weeks) $85 12 $1,020 per season

  • U8 technical clinic (7 weeks) $85 12 $1,020 per season

  • U10 technical clinic (7 weeks) $85 25 $2,040 per season

    (minus $250 for 2nd coach)

How can we afford a doc1
How can we afford a DOC?

EventCost PlayersRevenue

  • Feb. vacation camp (10 hrs) $125 30 $3,750 per year

    (minus $800 gym and 2nd coach)

  • April vacation camp (10 hrs) $100 30 $3,000 per year

    (minus $300 for 2nd coach)

  • Summer Camps (15 hrs/wk $125 80 total $10,000 per year 2 weeks) (minus $2200 in costs)

  • Total revenue created for DOC yearly salary = $23,910

Salary considerations
Salary Considerations

  • National rates for DOCs : $35,000 - $80,000

  • Reasonable rate for MA: $40,000 - $50,000 (include insurance, 503(b), disability)

  • Part-time rate: $20,000 - $25,000

    • Recommend this be full year job

    • If DOC on fields every weeknight and Saturday in Fall and Spring, need time to make curriculums etc.

Generation of salary funds
Generation of Salary Funds

  • Clinics, camps, player fees are good sources

  • Fundraising events are not good sources (be careful with tournaments)

  • Summer Camps allow profit sharing

    • This allows club to raise revenue for fields, goals, financial need cases

How to find a doc
How to find a DOC?

  • State is happy to serve as clearinghouse for resumes

  • We will post positions on our website and send out notification in FreeKick and Baystater

  • You should post on your club’s website

  • If you want to conduct a national search, post information at

Examples of national postings
Examples of National Postings

  • DIRECTOR OF COACHING - NK United (Kentucky)Greater Cincinnati's largest select soccer club, NKUnited, is currently seeking a Director of Coaching to work with our 1500 player select club. This is once in a lifetime opportunity for the right individual to have a tremendous impact on the future of soccer in our area. Interested parties can submit an application to before December 31st. A detailed job description may be viewed at

  • DIRECTOR OF COACHING AND PLAYER DEVELOPMENT (DCPD) – West Omaha Soccer Club (WOSC) and West Omaha Gladiator Soccer Club (WOG)WOSC and WOG (affiliated clubs) in Omaha, NE seek a qualified individual to fill the role of DCPD. WOSC focuses on recreational/developmental teams and players while WOG is for competitive/select teams and players. There are approximately 1,400 players and 125 teams in the two clubs. Applicants should be extremely well organized and possess a USSF A or B license, or an NSCAA Premier or Advanced National diploma. For more information on the clubs, visit and  For a detailed job description including compensation information, e-mail Mark Berner at Send letters of introduction, resumes and salary requirements to Mark Berner at the e-mail address noted, or to 3516 So. 94th Avenue, Omaha, NE 68124

Doc search considerations
DOC Search Considerations

  • Remember you are hiring a person, not a resume

  • Person should be focused on player and club development not personal glory

  • Many athletic resumes contain lies

    • State will verify resumes and claims

    • State will help verify references

    • State will serve on hiring committee if you wish

Qualifications of a doc
Qualifications of a DOC

  • Possess a USSF ‘A’ or ‘B’ License, or equivalent (NSCAA Premier or National Advanced license). Foreign licensure should be considered as well. Verify all licensure

  • Possess the USSF National Youth License. This course goes over specific soccer and developmental issues for each age group from U-6 to U-12

  • Have earned a minimum of a bachelor degree, preferably in the education or child development field

  • Possess strong practical coaching experience at the youth level

Qualifications of a doc1
Qualifications of a DOC

  • Demonstrate ability to relate to and communicate with young players of all levels, from recreational to top select

  • Possess strong practical playing ability at the professional, semi-professional and/or college varsity level

  • Possess strong interpersonal skills, solid written and oral communication skills, listening skills, and computer skills

  • Possess proven ability to influence adults and articulate concepts to large audiences

  • Demonstrate leadership qualities

  • Possess experience in instruction of coaching courses to adults

Qualifications of a doc2
Qualifications of a DOC

  • Possess integrity and follow morally and ethically sound standards

  • Possess organizational and administrative skills with good time management

  • Have a dynamic personality with innovative ideas and strong motivational skills

  • Possess a player development philosophy that is in line with the club’s mission

  • Be responsible and have a mature personality

  • Committed to working a non-traditional schedule of afternoons, evenings, and weekends

Club responsibilities
Club Responsibilities

  • Make sure board is fully behind hiring a DOC

  • Have a job description and funding completed before hiring(state will provide examples)

  • Make sure you have soccer knowledgeable people on hiring committee (state will be happy to help this committee)

  • Have priorities set for incoming DOC to focus efforts upon in first months

Club responsibilities1
Club Responsibilities

  • Provide regular feedback to DOC in first months (state is happy to serve as ad hoc board member for first months to help smooth transition)

  • Do not bog down DOC with administrative duties (i.e. lining fields, cutting fields, scheduling referees, directing tournaments etc. etc.)

  • Decide if DOC should coach a team before hiring

Summary and questions
Summary and Questions

  • Hiring a DOC should help players, coaches, parents, and board members

  • We need to improve our youth development in the state as we are lagging behind other states

  • The Massachusetts Youth Soccer State Staff will help in any way we can………….just ask 