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Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

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Shrewsbury Youth Soccer Spring ‘07 U5 – U8 Coaches Kickoff Meeting April 4, 2007 Agenda SYS U6 – U8 Details Referees Cancellation/Rescheduling U5 – U8 Coaching Ideas and Assistance Q&A Age Group Coordinators Board Roster

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shrewsbury youth soccer

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

Spring ‘07

U5 – U8 Coaches

Kickoff Meeting

April 4, 2007

  • SYS
  • U6 – U8 Details
  • Referees
  • Cancellation/Rescheduling
  • U5 – U8 Coaching Ideas and Assistance
  • Q&A
  • Age Group Coordinators

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

board roster
Board Roster
  • President (vacating 7/1/07) Dick Bertrand
  • President (starting 7/1/07) Ron Weeden
  • Vice President Bob Birney
  • Secretary Bob Garvey
  • Treasurer Mike Rezuke
  • Registrar Bob Platz
  • Referee Assignor Mindy McKenzie-Hebert
  • Equipment Manager Ken Ouellette
  • Player/Coach Development (U10+) Roy Pedersen
  • Player/Coach Development (Mini) Ron Weeden
  • Field Manager Open

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

board roster4
Board Roster
  • U-5 Coordinator John Curtis
  • U-6 Coordinator Ron Weeden
  • U-7 Coordinator Jim Egan
  • U-8 Coordinator Jim McKay
  • Boys U10 Coordinator Lisa Morgera
  • Girls U10 Coordinator Christine Dunphy
  • Boys U-12 Coordinator Jimmy Riley
  • Girls U-12 Coord. Ray Orciuch
  • Senior Boys Coordinator Andrea Burns
  • Senior Girls Coordinator Allen Jarrell
  • Fund Raising Coordinator Brenda Rollins
  • MAYS Representative Bob Reichheld
  • Assabet Representative Greg Balukonis
  • Website Manager Open

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

  • 8 Games
  • Season starts April 14th
  • Play both Saturdays during vacation
  • No games on Memorial day weekend
  • Season ends June 9th

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

teams spring 2007
Teams – Spring 2007

U5 – 14 (3v3)

U6 – 14 (3v3)

U7 – 10 (4v4)

U8 – 8 (6v6)

U10 – 15(6v6)

U12 –11 (8v8)

U14 – 8(11v11)

U18 - 2(11v11)


Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

FIELDS are Not OpenMaybe…April 9thMove goals for practice!Field closing posted 3pm weekdays7am Saturday10am Sunday

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

field set up
Field Set Up

Saturday April 7th - Noon

Municipal Field (across from Paton School)

Need 8 volunteers with 2 trucks

Check Field website for field opening status!!!

Will be posted next to Municipal Field block

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

game fields
Game Fields
  • U5 and U6 – Municipal – 10 fields
  • U7 - Foundation Right – 4 fields
  • U8 - Glavin 6 -Practice: Floral St. School

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

map of glavin
Map of Glavin









Lake Street










Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

municipal field
Municipal Field

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

coach s responsibilities
Coach’s Responsibilities
  • Work through Age Group coordinator
  • Set example for SYS
    • Zero tolerance
  • Keep score differential under 6
  • Make certain every player is picked up before you go home

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

  • SYS will provide
    • Trophies
    • Medals
  • All other trophies are prohibited

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

cori forms
CORI Forms
  • Coaches Corner
  • CORI Checks tab on left
  • Online form
    • Verify that you are current

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer



Shrewsbury Youth Soccer


Ken Ouellette

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer


What should you have?

  • At least 3 appropriate size soccer balls.
  • 15 to 20 orange discs.
  • Practice vests.
  • Medical kits.
  • Game Ball

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

  • Players
    • NO Jewelry, Casts, Hair Beads, or Splints !!!
    • Knee/Elbow Pads must have protective padding
    • Shin guards are a must!!
    • Cleats are highly recommended

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer


Who do I contact?

  • Age group coordinator
  • Equipment Manager - Ken Ouellette

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

shrewsbury youth soccer referee program

Shrewsbury Youth SoccerReferee Program

Mindy McKenzie-Hebert

508-736-7723 CELL

  • U8 – Yes
  • U7 – Some games
  • All other games to be refereed by coaches or parents
  • No coaches on the field for U7 or U8 “helping” players

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

process for rescheduling home games

Process for Rescheduling Home Games

Tom Zavasky

Rescheduling Coordinator

process for rescheduling home games23

Process for Rescheduling Home Games

Any games that are POSTPONED

or require rescheduling for any reason

Rainouts will be posted at least 2 hours before

first game time on the SYS web site

If YOU cancel a game – U7 or U8, let AGC know so they can inform Referee Coordinator

process for rescheduling home games24

Process for Rescheduling Home Games

U5 & U6 – Work out reschedule with other coach

U7/U8 – Work out reschedule with other coach if you do not want a referee

U8 or U7 if you want a referee – Use Coaches Clinic link for rescheduling games

Games must be rescheduled during one of the teams practices if you do not use rescheduling link…remember to ask other coach if you share a practice field (U7)

coach and player development
Coach and Player Development

Ron Weeden

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

coach and player development26
Coach and Player Development

Please review the SYS website for information

Check out new links and downloadable coach’s manual

~ review practice plans for ideas

~ e-mail me with any ideas or questions!

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

usa vs europe
USA vs. Europe
  • European youth soccer players are more comfortable with the ball than their American counterparts
  • Why????
  • Because they get more touches!!!!

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer


In 90 minutes,practice consists of approximately:

15 minutes: Running/stretching without the ball - 0 touches 

15 minutes: Running around the field with a partner and passing the ball - 150 touches

20 minutes: Shooting drill / 2 lines toward a big goal - 125 touches 

20 minutes: Shooting / Crossing drill...1 player  crossing, 2 players attacking goal - 100 touches 

 20 minutes: 7 vs 7 scrimmage - 50 touches 

Total number of touches in 90 minutes = 425 touches

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer


In 90 minutes,practice consists of approximately:

15 minutes: Individual fast foot work warm up - 900 touches 

15 minutes: Fast foot work with passive defender - 500 touches 

20 minutes: 1 vs 1 competition - 400 touches

20 minutes: 2 vs 2 competition - 200 touches

20 minutes: 3 vs 3 competition - 100 touches

Total number of touches in 90 minutes = 2,100

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

usa vs europe30
USA vs. Europe
  • Assuming 2 practices X 18 weeks
  • USA – 15,300 per year
  • Europe – 75,600 per year
  • Youth Soccer Career – 500,000 more by Europe
  • Take a step back and not worry about drills and just play games of 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 and 5 vs 5 at practice with little instruction
  • Small sided competitions unintentionally/naturally teach the game to the players with little input from coaches.

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer


Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

  • Lines at practice
  • One player dominating game or practice
  • Running up the score
  • Yelling at other coach or referee
  • Coaching like the players are in high school
  • Talking/Teaching or doing one thing for too long
  • Not having practice scripted

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

  • Come to practice prepared and on time
  • Promote “touches” with the ball
  • Promote small sided practice
  • Create fair opportunities for all of your and the other team’s players
  • Let the kids play with minimal coaching
  • Have fun and create a fun environment!

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer

in summary
In Summary


U5,U6, U7, & U8 Breakout Sessions

Cori Forms

Letters Home – Complete tonight!



Shrewsbury Youth Soccer