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To Spray or Not to Spray? PowerPoint Presentation
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To Spray or Not to Spray?

To Spray or Not to Spray?

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To Spray or Not to Spray?

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  1. To Spray or • Not to Spray? • The painted apple moth • (p.a.m)

  2. What is the Painted Apple Moth? • The Painted Apple Moth (P.A.M) is a moth that is native to Australia that was found in Auckland, New Zealand in 1999. The Painted Apple Moth is a pest in New Zealand because P.A.M eats our native bush and forestry. P.A.M was thought to have come to New Zealand on a shipping container. The Painted Apple Moth is now multiplying and there are too many of these irritating pests. Therefore some people would like to aerial spray them. “MMMMM YUMMY!”

  3. AERIAL SPRAYING ISSUES There are also health issues to do with the aerial spraying. People have been getting very ill since the spraying started. They have been experiencing asthma, headaches, nausea, diarrhoea and bleeding noses. Aerial spraying is not working and the spray zone has increased by 9400 hectares since they first sprayed. The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries say that P.A.M is a huge threat to our environment but how do they know? Have they done any testing! I don’t feel so good! No one has been told what is inside the spray, but they do know that it contains Benzoic acid. Benzoic acid is safe to eat but is it safe to breath in?

  4. OTHER SOLUTIONS! • Tree clearance. I know this may seem silly because the trees are native trees but there are other places too grow them and you can replant them. • Pheromone Traps, which trap all of the male moths. • Using a bounty system • Or trying to spend more on biosecurity to stop the pest when it enters. There are also many other ways but these were the more obvious solutions. BUT SOME DO NOT AGREE WITH US!

  5. MY OPINION I strongly believe that spraying the Painted Apple Moth is absolutely pointless! Do the people that want to spray P.A.M have no consideration for the communities health at all?! Over 100 people are forced to evacuate their own home each time M.A.F spray. Shouldn’t people have a right to stay in THEIR own homes without being treated like a caterpillar?! Why spray when there are other solutions to this issue?

  6. Other Opinions Aaria , 12 years of age says “ I believe P.A.M should be sprayed because I hate the thought of my great great grandchildren never being able to see a Kauri or Pohutikawa tree. But someone who strongly disagrees with Aaria is Tamara Hayler , 12 years old. Here is what she had to say: M.A.F and the Political industry need to come together and come up with a more healthy, affordable way to kill them! They need to think before they spray!”

  7. Just Remember: No good ever came from this spray! Would you like it if they sprayed YOU!?