Cold weather
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COLD WEATHER!. Arctic. Greenland. North Pole. Canada. South Pole. Antarctica. Antarctica. Today, our temperature is…. Can you guess what it is in Antarctica?. In Antarctica, the highest temperature is in the Summer and is about -25 degrees Celsius. Temperatures. Temperatures.

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Cold weather



North Pole


South Pole


Cold weather

Today, our temperature is….

Can you guess what it is in Antarctica?

In Antarctica, the highest temperature is in the

Summer and is about -25 degrees Celsius.



In Antarctica, the lowest temperature is in the

Winter and is about -65 degrees Celsius.

It is the coldest place on earth!

Cold weather

Cold weather

The Frozen Desert...


The thickest ice in Antarctica is 4,776 meters.

Cold weather

The sun does shine in the Summer in Antarctica but

there is no sun at all in Winter. It is completely dark!

Cold weather

It can’t rain in Antarctica because it is too cold!The rain water freezes and it snows instead.However, it does not snow that often in Antarctica. There is less than 4 cm per year.

Windy antarctica

  • Winds can reach 200 miles per hour.

  • In the car we only go up to 70 miles per hour.

  • The strong winds can cause BLIZZARDS!

  • This is when the snow on the ground is picked up by the

  • strong winds and blown along the ground.

  • People can die if they go out in the storms!

  • A blizzard can last a week!

Cold weather

Clouds and skies

  • The Antarctic has amazing skies and clouds.

  • There is no pollution and no buildings or trees getting in the way!

Cold weather

People cannot live in Antarctica like they do in England. It is much too cold!It is home to only 4,000 people who are there to research the environment. They travel by snow mobile or by air and camp in pyramid tents or small huts.

Cold weather

Anybody in Antarctica must wear LOTS OF LAYERS OF CLOTHING TO KEEP WARM!

They must wear special HATS, SOCKS, SCARFS, BOOTS and MITTENS too!

They must also eat lots to keep up their energy!

Cold weather

Doctor Doctor! TO KEEP WARM!

FROST BITE: When parts of the body partially freeze.

SNOW BLINDNESS: This happens if you spend too long

looking at the bright white snow or ice.

HYPOTHERMIA: When you get too cold!!!

Cold weather


They can survive

because they have

about 6 cm of blubber.

Anti-freeze fish!

They have special

blood they stops the

fish from freezing.

Cold weather

Penguins TO KEEP WARM!

They have lots of fat and feathers to

keep warm but even the penguins have

to leave in the Winter.


Like the seals, they have thick

layers of fat and blubber!

Not many plants either only a few kinds of plants can survive
Not many plants either! TO KEEP WARM!Only a few kinds of plants can survive!