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CDR Michael Van Gheem US Navy, Chief Engineer for the EA-18G Kevin Fogarty Boeing Chief Engineer Chris Falco NGC Chief Engineer. EA-18G. R. G. O. W. L. E. R. EA-18G Program Overview. ACAT 1D Program IOC: FY09 Replace Navy EA-6B Air Wing Inventory

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  1. CDR Michael Van Gheem US Navy, Chief Engineer for the EA-18G Kevin Fogarty Boeing Chief Engineer Chris Falco NGC Chief Engineer EA-18G R G O W L E R

  2. EA-18G Program Overview • ACAT 1D Program • IOC: FY09 • Replace Navy EA-6B Air Wing Inventory • 4th Variant in the F/A-18 Family of Aircraft • Planned Inventory: 85 • Key Characteristics: • High Commonality between E/F/G • Missionized Lot 30 F/A-18F • EA-6B ICAP III Functionality • ALQ-99 Tactical Jamming Pods • ALQ-218 V(2) Radar Receiver • ALQ-227V Communications Receiver • HARM & AIM-120C Weapons (90) (14) (14)

  3. Program Status • SDD Program >90% complete: meeting cost, schedule and performance requirements • All AEA systems with full software functionality are in flight test • Software functionality delivered 7 months ahead of schedule • Flight Test Ahead of schedule • Aeromechanical testing complete • Mission Systems testing ongoing • Second Operational Assessment complete • 5 Aircraft delivered and in flight test • EA-1 delivered Sep 06: one month early • EA-2 delivered Nov 06 • G-1 delivered Sep 07 • G-2 delivered Dec 07 • G-3 delivered Feb 08 • G-4 on schedule for May 08 delivery to NAS Whidbey • 8 LRIP I aircraft on contract for delivery in FY09 • LRIP II contract award for AEA Kits anticipated Jul 08 • OPEVAL on schedule for Sep 08 • 1st Squadron transition Jan 09 • On track for Sept 09 IOC; will replace all Navy EA-6B’s by 2013

  4. EA-18G Provides Significant Improved Capabilities The EA-18G Growler “Tomorrow’s premier AEA platform” • Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar for ES and EA • Digital Measurement Receiver in ALQ-218 (v)2 • Greater frequency coverage & power with new ALQ-227 Comm Countermeasures Set • Comm While Jam (INCANS) • Increased SA with data correlation • More weapons stations for more payload • Greater agility and self-defense • Greater reliability and lower maintenance costs • Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System ICAP III EA-6B “Today’s AEA platform”

  5. EA-18G & EA-6B Comparison

  6. EA-18G Airborne Electronic Attack (AEA) • ALQ-227(V)1 Communication Countermeasures Set (CCS) • Smaller and more capable than USQ-113 with expandable infrastructure • Transmit function through low-band ALQ-99 jammer pod • ALQ-218(V)2 RF Receiver System • Wideband receiver provides accurate emitter identification and location • Selective reactive jamming capability CCS antenna MATT antenna • INterference CANcellation System (INCANS) • Provides UHF communications capability during ALQ-99 jamming • Significant communication and situational awareness improvement Crew Vehicle Interface • Advanced Crew Station (ACS) • Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS) • Link 16 / Multifunction Information Distribution System (MIDS) • Digital Memory Device (DMD) Avionics Pallet • ALQ-218(V)2 • CCS Receiver • Electronic Attack Unit (EAU) Long Baseline Interferometer (LBI) antennas ALQ-218 (v)2 wingtip pods AIM-120C AESA radar AGM-88 • Multi-mission Advanced Tactical Terminal (MATT) • SATCOM receive capability for off-board sensor information • Provides access to Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS) • ALQ-99 Tactical Jamming Pods • Proven system is already in U.S. Navy inventory • Ongoing transmitter upgrade program

  7. A Wide Range of SEAD Capability Standoff Escort Time Critical Strike Support Self Escort Approved For Public Release, SPR-151.04 GP42584008.ppt

  8. EA-18G Combats Threats Across Full RF Spectrum AEA Long range surveillance Long range fire control Mid range surveillance Short range fire control Acquisition GCI AESA Comm Comm Comm EA-18G Terminal threat IFF GPS

  9. Block 1 Store Loadings Nine weapons stations provide significantlyenhanced store capacity and flexibility Approved For Public Release, SPR-151.04 ccSLG50035896-031.ppt

  10. Testing • Aero Mechanical Flight Test complete • Mission Systems Flight Test to complete June 2008 • OPEVAL scheduled to start September 2008 • Likely to start early

  11. Operational Testing • Two EA-18Gs participated in ME-phase exercises at Nellis AFB NV in November 2007 • EA-1, EA-2, G-2, G-3 scheduled to participatate in ME-phase exercises June 2008

  12. EA-18G Growler Show video here

  13. Delivery Schedule(Final Production Through Delivery) CY 2007 CY 2008 CY 2009 CY 2010 24 Sep Lot 30 (SDD) G1 15 Dec G2 26 Feb G3 30 May G4 18 Sep G5 24 Oct G6 25 Nov G7 Lot 31 (LRIP 1) G4 to NASWI 15 Jan G8 16 Feb G9 10 Mar G10 01 Apr G11 14 May G12 23 Sept G13 07 Oct G14 21 Oct G15 04 Nov G16 18 Nov G17 04 Dec G18 05 Jan G19 20 Jan G20 Lot 32 (LRIP 2) 03 Feb G21 17 Feb G22 02 Mar G23 23 Mar G24 06 Apr G25 19 Apr G26 03 May G27 14 May G28 28 May G29 25 June G30 09 Jul G31

  14. EA-18G “Growler” Fleet Transition Plan

  15. FLEET INTRODUCTION • NAS Whidbey Island, WA (CVWP) • FRS Delivery Ceremony (VAQ-129) 3 JUNE 2008 • IOC 2009 with VAQ-132 • Ten Navy CVW squadrons (5 aircraft each) by 2013 EA-18G is The Future of DOD AEA


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